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Used Diehl SL 52 Straight Line Rip Saw
Used Diehl SL 52 Straight Line Rip Saw. Main Motor: 15 HP, 208/416v, 3ph Main Table: 78" x 64" Throat Capacity: 25" Feed Motor: 2 HP (Approx) Feed Rates: 65, 95, 105, 125, 150, 175, & 195 FPM M
Scroll Saw 18" VS w/MblBs Dlta
Scroll Saw 18" Variable Speed w/Mobile Base Delta Model: 40-601 [Delta] S/N: 87G33019 1Ph 115Volt 18" Variable Speed w/Mobile Base
Boring Machine 13spdl BT Delta
Boring Machine 13 spindle Bench Top Delta Model: 32-325 [Delta] S/N: 05K114922 3/4Hp; 1Ph; 115Volt
Radial Arm 10" 11/5.5a Delta
Radial Arm 10" 11/5.5a Delta Model: 33-990 [Delta] S/N: 86J41563 11/5.5amp; 1ph; 115/230volt
Boring Machine Hinge Blum
Boring Machine Hinge Blum Model: M51N1053-USMI [Blum] S/N: CG02628 7.3Amp; 1Ph; 220Volt
Sander B/D 6"x48"x12"C/S Delta
Sander Belt/Disc 6" x 48" x 12" Closed Stand Delta Model: 31-730 [Delta] S/N: 91L72303 Closed Stand w/Mobile Base 1-1/2Hp; 1Ph; 115/230Volt
Panel Saw 3.25hp 50"x5'-SSC
Panel Saw 3.25hp 50" x 5' - SSC Model: C4 [Safety Speed] S/N: 52958 3-1/4Hp; 1Ph; 120Volt
12" W x 35" H x 18" D Angle Plate, #8608P
no description provided
GRR-Rppr McroDl TprJig McroJig
GRR-Rppr MicroDial Taper Jig MicroJig Model: TJ-5000 [MicroJig]
Dado 8"x46t 5d Neg - Amana
Dado 8" x 46 tooth 5 degrees Negative - Amana Model: 658040 [Amana]
GRR-Rppr Advanced MicroJig
GRR-Rppr Advanced MicroJig Model: GR200 [MicroJig]
Vise Leg Hardware w/Solo Bnchc
Vise Leg Hardware w/Solo Model: Classic/Solo [] Leg Vise Hardware w/Solo Crisscross Hardware
Bench for Woodworking
Bench for Woodworking Sjoberg
Osc Spindle Sander BT Delta
Oscillating Spindle Sander Bench Top Delta Model: SA350 [Delta] S/N: 040480J6083 w/5 Table Inserts: 3/4", 1", 1-1/2", 2", 3" Drums 1/4hp, 1ph, 120volt
USED JET MODEL JOVS-10 OSCILLATING SPINDLE SANDER, YEAR 2014, STOCK NO. 10623 Specifications: Oscillations per minute: 75 Oscillation stroke: 1-1/2" Spindle speed: 1,725 RPM Table size: 24" x 24"
Greenlee 182 double spindle shaper
Greenlee 182 double spindle shaper 5 hp motor each 440 volt 3 phase, spindles on 30" centers apposing rotation table 84" X 42" Excellent condition came out of a pattern shaop
Band Saw 14" C/S Laguna
Band Saw 14" Closed Stand Laguna Model: MBAND144200 [Laguna] S/N: YHV02981 w/Fence, Mobile Base, Miter Gauge, 7 Extra Blades 12.8amp; 1ph; 230volt
Ornamental Mill 6' w/Rtr Legcy
Ornamental Mill 6' w/Router Legacy Model: 1500ESX Rtr 7518 [Legacy] .6amp; 90volt
Lathe 16/42 Steel Bed 1-1/2hp
Lathe 16/42 Steel Bed 1-1/2hp Model: 46-745 [Delta] S/N: 03B16261 1-1/2hp; 3ph; 230volts w/Converter
Pocket Hole Mach BT PorterCbl
Pocket Hole Machine Bench Top Porter Cable Model: 552 [Porter Cable] S/N: 020631 13amp; 1ph; 120volt
Planer 20" 5/3 JWP208-Jet
Planer 20" 5/3 JWP208-Jet Model: 708584 [Jet] S/N: 9121017 5hp; 3ph; 230/460volt
Band Saw 10" O/S 1/2hp Jet
Band Saw 10" Open Stand 1/2hp Jet Model: 714000 [Jet] S/N: N/A 1/2hp; 1ph; 115volt
Cab Saw 10x50 3/1 RT Delta
Cabinet Saw 10x50 3/1 Right Tilt Delta Model: 34-802 [Delta] S/N: 92L97020 10" Saw w/50" Biesemeyer Fence, 10 Extra Inserts; Biesemeyer Riving Knife 3hp; 1ph; 230volt
Band Saw 14" O/S 1/2hp Delta
Band Saw 14" Open Stand 1/2hp Delta Model: 28-245 [Delta] S/N: 91H44120 w/Carter Roller Bearing Guide System, Light, & Rockler Table w/Fence 1/2hp; 1ph; 115volt
Scroll Saw 20" VS DW
Scroll Saw 20" Variable Speed Dewalt Model: DW788 [Dewalt] S/N: 201523-CJ67212 Variable Speed 1.3amp; 1ph; 120volt
POWERMATIC 37" WIDE BELT SANDER MODEL WB-37,2014, 6" max thicknes
POWERMATIC 37" WIDE BELT SANDER MODEL WB-37, YEAR 2014, STOCK NO. 10626 Specifications: Maximum board width: 37" Maximum board thickness: 6" Minimum board length: 12" Minimum borard thickness: 1
DeWalt Radial arm saw, older Cast Iron
Used working 3 phase, can be rewound to singe phase, add a phase converter, or freq drive to run on single phase electricity.
CNC 3Axis Machine,Pod & Rail
CNC 3Axis Machine, Pod & Rail Model: Author500 [Morbidelli] S/N: AL4631 Needs Work
CNC 3Axis Machine,Pod & Rail
CNC 3Axis Machine, Pod & Rail Model: Author500 [Morbidelli] S/N: AL4554 Includes Machining Center, Vacuum Pump, Transformer 3Ph; 400Volt
POWERMATIC DDS-237 10HP 3PH 230/460V Drum Sander 1791321
CALL FOR AVAILABILITY FEATURES: This is a production class Dual Drum Sander that is loaded with features. A 10HP motor drives the dual steel drums, which have a hard durometer rubber coating to ensure a flat, mar
POWERMATIC 3520C Wood Lathe 2HP 1PH 220V 1353001
CALL FOR AVAILABILITY FEATURES: The Powermatic 3520C is the fourth evolution of the time honored lathe with many new and improved features. The 3520C has retained all the features of the prior models such as the
POWERMATIC PM2020 2HP 220V Short Bed Lathe 1792020
CALL FOR AVAILABILITY FEATURES: The features you love on the 3520B lathe are now available in a smaller footprint. The PM2020 lathe is perfect for turners short on space, or projects where a short bed is convenie
Lathe 12"x40" w/MblBs-Delta
Lathe 12"x40" w/Mobile Base-Delta Model: 46-200 [Delta] S/N: DS1623 11 Chisels, Spur Drive; Live Center; & 6" Tool Rest 1/4Hp; 1Ph; 110/220Volt
Miter Stop Outside Cutoff Biesemeyer
Miter Stop Outside Cutoff Biesemeyer Model: 78-990 [Biesemeyer]
JET JWP-13BT Helical Style Bench Top Planer 722130
CALL FOR AVAILABILITY FEATURES: The New JET 13” Benchtop planer delivers the power and efficiency that woodworkers demand in the shop. The JET 13" Planer produces a smooth and consistent cut surface thanks to it
  • Table width: 9.8"
  • Table length: 13"
        MAXFLO DOWNDRAFT TABLE MODEL:DT-36,  SN: 1210-15701-01,  MFG: 2010   SPECIFICATIONS: AIRFLOW ................................. 4500 CFM DOWN DRAFT VELOCITY ..................... 250 FP
    Used DMC Unisand 2000 43" Two Head Orbital Sander
    Used DMC Unisand 2000 43" Two Head Orbital Sander. Cleaning Brush Air knife/panel cleaner Vacuum bed Variable speed Feed SN SA 005168 460V, 3 PH, 53 amps 2004 year
    1999 Komo VR 508 Mach One CNC Router
    Specifications: Control ......................................................................... Fanuc 210i-M Table Size................................................................................ 5’ x 8’ Spindle
    Boring Machine 13spdl Delta
    Boring Machine 13spdl Delta Model: 32-325 [Delta] S/N: 98D96551 w/11 5mm Bits 3/4Hp; 1Ph; 115Volt
    Boring Machine Mini Press Blum
    Boring Machine Mini Press Blum Model: 2010 Mini Press [Blum] S/N: JJ00109 w/3 Templates; 35mm & 8mm Bits 2.7Amp; 3Ph; 220Volt
    Panel Saw 3.25hp 50"x10'-SSC
    Panel Saw 3.25hp 50"x10'-SSC Model: H4 [Safety Speed] S/N: J82 13Amp; 1Ph; 120Volt
    Bestlink| 7 HP | Dimensions 63" x 30" x 70" |
    Type Hydraulic Capacity 40 Tons Stroke 8" Table 14" x 21" HP 7 Weight 1800 lbs Dimensions 63" x 30" x 70"
    Fence Table Saw Biesemeyer
    Model: [Biesemeyer] 3-1/2 Wide x 2-1/2 High x 42" Long
    Fence Table Saw Biesemeyer
    Model: [Biesemeyer] 3-1/2 Wide x 2-1/2 High x 42" Long
    Sand-Rite balloon sander
    1HP 1PH 110V two balloons 3x7 and 6x7
    SandPro down draft table
    32x60 *case of filters $115.00 *case of pre-filters $55.00
    Laguna 5FT sliding table saw
    10" blade, 5HP 1PH 220V
    Powermatic mortiser
    3/4HP 1PH 115/230V
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