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Wide Blt Sndr 25" Jet
Wide Belt Sander 25" Jet Model: 708411B JWB25P [Jet] S/N: 8124279 15hp, 3ph, 230/460volt 1-1/2hp; 3ph; 230/460volt
Sander B/D 6"x48"x12" C/S Jet
Sander Belt/Disc 6"x48"x12" Closed Stand Jet Model: 708599K [Jet] S/N: 00502580 Belt Disc Sander w/Closed Stand 1-1/2hp 1ph; 120volt
Band Saw 18" 3/1 w/Mbl Bs Jet
Band Saw 18" 3/1 w/Mobile Base Jet Model: 710751 JWBS-18X-3 [Jet] S/N: 0604620 w/Mobile Base & Fence 3hp; 1ph; 240volt
Clamp Prll Frm Blk Kit/BnchDog
Clamp Parallel Framing Block Kit/BenchDog Model: 70401/70402 [Jet] Parallel Framing Block Kit (4) w/Parallel Clamp Bench Dog Pack (4)
Clamp Parallel 24" Jet
Clamp Parallel 24" Jet Model: 70424 [Jet] KBody Clamp 24"
Clamp Parallel 98" Jet
Clamp Parallel 98" Jet Model: 70498 [Jet] KBody Clamp 98"
Clamp Parallel 40" Jet (1)
Clamp Parallel 40" Jet Model: 70440 [Jet] PRICED EACH
Planer/Jointer Combo 12" HH
Planer/Jointer Combo 12" HH Model: 708476 JJP-12HH [Jet] S/N: 2011050092 Helical head; 12" w/Mobile Base 3hp, 1ph, 230volt
Air Cleaner AFS1000B -Jet
Air Cleaner AFS1000B -Jet Model: 708620B [Jet] S/N: 15790388 1000 cfm 1/5hp, 1ph, 120volt
JET JWP-13BT Helical Style Bench Top Planer 722130
CALL FOR AVAILABILITY FEATURES: The New JET 13” Benchtop planer delivers the power and efficiency that woodworkers demand in the shop. The JET 13" Planer produces a smooth and consistent cut surface thanks to it
  • Table width: 9.8"
  • Table length: 13"
    Band Saw Vert 10"x18"-Jet
    Band Saw Vertical 10"x18" - Jet Model: 414418 VBS-18MW [Jet] S/N: 17012132 18" Melal/Wood Band Saw 1.5hp, 1ph, 115/230volt
    Jointer 6" C/S LB w/Mbl Bs-Jet
    Jointer 6" C/S LB w/Mbl Bs-Jet; Model: JJ-6CSX 708457DXK (Jet) w/Mobile Base & Spiral Head 1hp, 1ph, 115/230volt
    Vise Bench 7"  Record & Jet
    Vise Bench 7" Record & Jet
    Shaper 3hp WSS-3-1-Jet
    Shaper 3hp WSS-3-1-Jet; Model: 708517 WSS-3-1 [Jet]; S/N: N/A; w/1/2", 3/4". 1" Spindle; (15) Extra Cutters; 3hp, 1ph, 115/230volt
    JET JWDS-2244OSC Oscillating Drum Sander 723544OSCK
    CALL FOR AVAILABILITY AND BEST PRICING! FEATURES: The newly re-engineered 2244 Oscillating Drum Sander from JET produces an unbeatable sanding finish, with its exclusive variable speed oscillating drum moving from le
    Lathe Mini 10"x14" Jet
    Lathe Mini 10"x14" Jet; Model: 708351 [Jet]; S/N: 7110169; w/Face Plate, Tool Rest, Live Center, Two Chisels, & Drill Chuck; 1/2hp, 1ph, 115volt
    JWS22CS-102 Spanner Wrench
    Spanner Wrench for (708320) Jet Shaper
    Collet w/nut 1/2" for (708320) Jet Shaper
    Collet w/nut 1/4" for (708320) Jet Shaper
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