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Plane Low Angle Jack
Plane Low Angle Jack Model: L-N 62 [Lie-Nielsen] Low Angle Jack Plane; 2-1/2" x 14" New
Plane Block Rabbet 1.75"x6.25"
Plane Block Rabbet 1.75" x 6.25" Model: L-N 60-1/2R [Lie-Nielsen] Rabbet Block Plane; 1-3/4" x 6-1/4" New
Plane Block Various
Plane Block Various Model: Low Angle [Stanley, Anant, Various]
Plane Smoothing & Bench
Plane Smoothing & Bench Model: #4 & #4-1/2 [Stanley, Sargent, Millers Falls, Dunlap]
Plane Bench Various
Plane Bench Various Model: #3 [Union, Millers Falls, Stanley, Sargent, Dunlap]
Plane Various Bench & Jack
Plane Various Bench & Jack Model: #5 & #5-1/2 [Bailey, Sargent, Millers Falls, Various]
Plane Various Spill,Bllns,Blck
Plane Various Spill, Bullnose, Block, Etc Model: 15P1501,4-01,33,05P8201; 07P1507;05P8101;05P8001;78 [Millers Falls; Veritas; Sargent] Spill; Bullnose Block; Block; Router; Small Edge Rounding; Mini Edge; Mini Shoulder
Plane Bench, Jack, Block, Etc
Plane Bench, Jack, Block, Etc Model: 5 & Etc Various [Bedrock, Record, & Various]
Plane Various SmlBlk;Blk;Smth
Plane Various Small Block; Block; Smooth Model: 103 [Lie Nielsen]; 249P [Garantie]; 9 [Millers Falls] Small Block 1-1/4"x5-1/4"; Block 1-1/2"x5-7/8"; Smooth 2"x9" Like New
Plane Various ScrpRbbtBlkMini
Plane Various Scraping/Rabbett/Block/Miniature Low Angle Block Model: 212; 60-1/2; 60-1/2; Mini [Lie Nielsen & Veritas] Scraping 1-3/8"x5-3/8"; Rabbet 1-3/4"x6-1/4"; Block 1/2"x2-5/16"
Plane Shoulder 5/8"x5-3/4"
Plane Shoulder 5/8" x 5-3/4" Model: 410 [Clifton(Sheffield) Tooling LTD] Shoulder Rebate; 5/8" x 5-3/4" Like New
Plane Block Premium Iron w/Nck
Plane Block Premium Iron w/Nickel Model: NX60 [Veritas] Premium Iron w/Nickel; 1-1/2" x 6-1/2" Like New
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