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Conveyor Belt Safety

As with any electrical and mechanical device, safety should be a major concern. There are many moving parts to a conveyor belt, and anyone who works near or around this type of machine should be well-educated in the safety regulations, and why they are not only important, but also necessary. Climbing, sitting, riding or walking […]

An Excavator Brake Down

A very specialized vehicle that is used in the construction and industrial industries are called excavators.  Also referred to as a 360 (short for 360 degree excavator) or a digger, the underside of the particular vehicle typically has tracks or wheels that allow the excavator to be mobile.  Also consisting of a topside cab, a […]

Bridge Cranes

Bridge cranes are part of the many cranes available in the world. Bridge cranes were given their name because they require not less than two horizontal beams for locomotion. How a bridge Crane Functions The bridge supports a pulley system and a trolley. The bridge cranes are used in places where a lot of weight […]

Radial Arm Saw – A Versatile Cutting Tool

This type of machining tool has both the capability of cutting and ripping various types of lumber. That notwithstanding, the radial arm saw is even more versatile as it has other vast applications in overhead routing, drum sanding and surface planing. This type of saw requires professionalism in handling tasks because it is potentially dangerous. […]

5 Things You Never Knew About Steel

Steel is an alloy of iron, but also comprises of about 1% of carbon. Some steel also comprises traces of other elements such as manganese. Whereas iron is soft and corrodes easily, steel is hard and rust resistant. Because of these qualities, steel is used to make everything from automobiles, skyscraper girders and appliances to […]

Styles of Automatic Screw Machines

Don’t be fooled by the name, automatic screw machines – or the less formal ‘screw machine’ – are essentially lathes used to machine parts for industry or sale.  Automatic screw machines don’t screw things in (as a drill or screwdriver would), and while they are capable of threading material, that is not their sole function. […]

The Purpose Behind Vibratory Feeders

vibratory bowl feeder

If you have ever poured sand through a funnel and need to tap it gently to allow the sand to flow continuously, then you have personally experienced the basic concept of a vibratory feeder. Although vibratory feeders come in a variety of sizes to accommodate a particular industry, the basic working principle is the same. […]

Tube and Pipe Beveling and Chamfering Machine Manufacturer Review

pipe beveling

Pipe or tube beveling is a process that allows an angle to be formed between the edge of an end of a pipe or tube and a plane that is perpendicular to the pipe surface. MSI Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. MSI was established in 1992 to provide well-designed, easy to use, reliable machinery. The engineering department […]

Flame, Plasma and Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer Reviews

flame & plasma cutters

Flame, plasma and laser cutting machines are used in the welding and cutting of steel products. Following, you will find some of the top manufacturers featured here on Machine Sales, and an overview of each: ESAB CUTTING SYSTEMS The ESAM company was founded in 1904 when Oscar Kjellberg invented the coated welding electrode. Today, ESAB […]

Beginner’s Guide to CNC Machinery

Horizontal CNC Milling Machinery

Imagine that you are running a machine tool, be it milling or a lathe, but you are not in direct control. Someone else has the levers, dials and buttons. All you have to do is simply tell him or her what to do and it is done. This is because this “Operator” is far more […]

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