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Italpresse "SP/1-A" Through-Feed Case Clamp
When maximum efficiency and output are needed, the Italpresse SP/1-A Automatic Case Clamp is available for assembly of cabinetry using dowel construction. The clamp is fully automatic requiring no input from the opera
Italpresse "STL" Heavy Duty Hydraulic Clamp for Laminated Beams
The Italpresse “STL” series are made with the utmost care to ensure bonding without compromise. In particular, all the references and support surfaces are machined with CNC tool machines to allow to the accuracy and para
Italpresse "GB/13" Automatic Edge-Gluing Press Line
The Italpresse GB/13 Automatic Edge-Gluing Press Line can be configured in different ways. The line is composed by a basic group made by a loading table, a press, and an unloading table. In addition to such basic u
Italpresse Cold Press Lines
Italpresse cold press lines are used for many different applications, such as: Laminating with HPL, veneer or other overlays over chipboard, MDF, plywood or lumber panels. Engineered flooring production Metal panels
Italpresse "PM/DE" Hydraulic Cold Press
The Italpresse PM/DE Hydraulic Cold Press is designed to allow pressing panels from 3' x 8' to 5' x 10' with all cylinders active. The PM/DE is available in platen sizes: 1300 x 2400 MM 1300 x 3000
Italpresse "XL" Hydraulic Hot Press
Computerized digital controls and a high efficiency heating system make laminating elegantly simple with the Italpresse XL Hydraulic Hot Press. Multi-daylight opening sizes range from 4' x 8' to 5' x 12
Italpresse "Estrema MX" 3-D Thermofoil Lamination Press
Laminating cabinet and fixture components with PVC and Kydex decorative films is easy and cost effective with the Italpresse ESTREMA 3-D Laminating Press. The robustly engineered ESTREMA uses positive air pressure and v
Italpresse "Magnum" Through-Feed Multi-Daylight Hot Press Line
The basic configuration of the Magnum Through-Feed Multi-Daylight Hot Press Line is comprised of: - Multi-level loading device - Automatic multiple press - Multi-level unloading device The configuration can be co
Italpresse "Mark/C" Through-Feed Hot Press for Lean Manufacturing
The Italpresse Mark/C through-feed hot press features a unique combination of a load scanning system and an axis control system for the cylinder stroke that allows complete random loading of the press from load to load w
Italpresse "Universal" Hydraulic Door and Window Frame Clamp
Max. clamping dimensions: 3,000 x 1,700 mm (118" x 67") Min. clamping dimensions (without center mullion clamp): 250 x 340 mm (9.8" x 13.8") Vertical cylinder stroke: 800 mm (31.5") Max. ve
Italpresse "Matrix" 3-D Thermofoil Lamination Press
Italpresse introduces their new professional grade MATRIX 3-D Thermofoil Press. The MATRIX features digital scanning of the panels, and Italpresse's unique "relieving bed" technology that completely elimin
Italpresse "Nuovo Program" Door and Window Frame Clamp
Max. clamping dimensions: 3,000 x 1,700 mm (118" x 67") Min. clamping dimensions: 250 x 340 mm (9.8" x 13.8") Vertical cylinder stroke: 800 mm (31.5") Max. vertical clamping pressure: 10.5
Italpresse "Formatic/209-P" Press for Veneering Raised Panels
The FORMATIC fluid membrane press is designed to 3-D laminate wood veneers to raised panel inserts used in fabrication of cabinet and passage doors. This machine can laminate on average 500 to 600 inserts in an 8-hour wo
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