Tube & Pipe Bending Machine From Unison Is Optimized For Speed

Tube and Pipe Machines

Tube & Pipe Machine Tools
Tube & Pipe Machine Tools

Tube and pipe bending machines have provided a way for manufacturers to efficiently form parts. This type of machinery is used to form furniture, instruments, vehicle components and more.

The quality of parts created from pipe and tube has improved greatly due to modern technology. One concern that remains for mass production plants has been the speed of the output of completed parts. More so, improving output speed without sacrificing quality.

Recently, Horn Machine Tools released a pipe and tube bending machine with improvements which greatly improve part production speed. Unison is the brand name under Horn Machine Tools in which the all electric bending machine line is manufactured under.

Tube Bending Machinery: Improved Mechanical Design

This new pipe bending machine tool is electric powered and available in multiple models. The machine is available for tube and pipe diameters from 5/8” to 8.5”.

The most major improvement is software which is mainly responsible for the reduction in pipe or tube bending times. This software has been known to reduce the amount of time it takes to bend complicated or semi complicated patterns by as much as 40%. In fact, making several bends in one application is no problem for this pipe bending machine tool.

Another major aspect which improves bending times is an improved gearing mechanism. Changes have been made to the auxiliary axes of the machine including optimization of their size and shape. A reduction to their mass and inertia has allowed them to be driven at a higher rate of speed by applying more torque. This allows them to accelerate and decelerate at more efficient rates which allows bending to be performed faster without increasing machine cost.

Other Pipe Bending Machinery from Unison

Unison has become a trusted name in electric tube and pipe bending machine tools. In fact, they recently received an order for the worlds largest all electric tube and pipe bending machine. The order was placed by a company who produces aircraft carriers for the U.S Navy.

The CNC machine tools will be capable of bending up to 8 inch tubular stock. Custom software will be created to operate the machines movements to allow for the complexity and size of their material bending needs.

The new machine will also include a unique laser guided measuring system. This system automatically takes measurements and makes corrections. It compensates for the metals natural ability to spring back after being bent and makes the proper corrections to ensure the accuracy of the finished product.

This new bending machinery is scheduled for completion by the end of the year.

Electric vs. Hydraulic Tube and Pipe Machinery

Hydraulic tube and pipe machinery has historically been used in production facilities. However, there are some advantages of electric powered pipe bending machines tool over hydraulic powered tube benders.

First of all, they are simple to operate. They can be automatically configured over a network using parts data saved on the database. They are also very quiet as compared to hydraulic machine tools.

Automatic parts measuring and compensation is another major benefit not offered by hydraulic tube and pipe machines. The automation of bending processes using the computer numerical controls and stored presets eliminates operator error and ensures product quality.

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