The Single File Spiral Incline Conveyor Machine

Spiral Incline Conveyor Friction Top Plastic Belting

Belt conveyors for food product production lines come in a variety of styles for specific production purposes. Over time improvements are made to this type of transportation machine offering more versatility, smoother running operations, and decreased maintenance requirements.
Recently, a new spiral incline single file conveyor was created for the specific purpose of transporting bags of chips at an incline in single file using friction top plastic belting. It turns out that this new conveyor machinery has more practical applications than just foodstuff production.

The new conveyor can transport delicate products uphill at a high rate of speed and requires minimal maintenance. The friction top belt system offers additional gripping ability that virtually eliminates slippage of packages which prevents the inclined conveyor from getting backed up.
This ensures that the delicate packages are transported with ease while still maintaining a fast, continuous flow of products.

Single File Spiral Incline Conveyor Design

This amazing conveyor machine tool was created by the leading conveyor system company, Multi-Conveyor, L.L.C. It was created to overcome some of the common issues facing production facilities that produce food products and other products with soft or delicate packaging.

Aside from the amazing friction top belting system, the smooth surface of the conveyor belt is made of a wear resistant rubber that is sturdy and acts as a cushion for products being dropped onto the conveyor machine.

Another important feature of the spiral incline conveyor is the way the belting controls and stabilizes lightweight packages to eliminate shifting. This keeps packages or bags flowing inline at a high rate of speed.

Single File Spiral Incline Conveyor Advantages

The main advantages of this newly introduced conveyor system are in the elimination of product slippage – especially on an inclined slope, and very low maintenance requirements.
This FDA approved foodstuff production line can be used for a variety of food packaging applications, but has also been found to be useful for personal care products, household products, and more.

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