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Machine tools cover a large variety of different machinery used in the fabrication and testing of metal parts. Functions of various tools include shaping, bending, forming, folding, cutting, shearing, boring or machining of metal parts or raw material.

Machine tool operations are accomplished using any combination of electric, hydraulic or pneumatic power. They can be operated mechanically or electronically using a numerical control; the most advanced of these controls is the Computer Numerical Control (CNC).

There are 19908 new and used Machine Tools for sale on Machine Sales.

Browse Machine Tool for Sale Categories

Assembly Machines (15)
Assembly machines are used to assemble parts.
Automatic Chuckers (7)
Automatic chuckers are designed for drilling, boring and tapping of steel and other metals.
Automatic Screw Machines (106)
Heavy duty lathes with multiple automatic metal cutting tools that work together. Available with up to 8 spindles.
Balancing (23)
Vertical and horizontal electronic balancing equipment that typically use force to detect both static and dynamic imbalance.
Bar Machinery (98)
Automatic turning machines that use bars and spindles to continuously cut parts, feed stock into machines, load, turn or peel round, square or hexagonal bar stock.
Bending & Forming Machines (104)
Manual and automatic metal bending and forming machines used to make parts.
Borers & Boring Mills (547)
Boring mills use cutting tools, spindles and lathes to bore or enlarge an existing hole in a variety of metals of various sizes and shapes.
Brakes & Folding Machines (956)
Hand brakes, hydraulic steel brakes and hydraulic metal bending and folding machines used to bend metals.
Broaches (24)
Broaching machines use cutting, bending and moulding tools combined with cooling systems to make a variety of metal parts.
Casting / Foundry Machinery (25)
Automatic and manual metal casting equipment used to melt metals like copper, silver, steel etc. and form them into billets, slab or wire.
Chip Systems / Coolant (31)
Chip conveyors used to remove metal debris and coolant filtration systems used to filter and recycle coolant in heavy equipment such as metal casters.
Cleaning, Plating, Polishing, Finishing (332)
Equipment for cleaning, polishing, plating and finishing a variety of finished metal parts. Includes sand blasters, tumblers, burnishers and washers/dryers.
Coil Processing & Handling (706)
Manual and motorized machine tools used to feed and guide metal wire, tubing and strip into machines. Includes coil cradles, straighteners, feeders, carriers and recoilers.
Corrugated & Sheet Metal (82)
Metal equipment for sale used to form, crimp, bend and cut sheet metal; includes machine mufflers.
Cut-off / Lasers / Flame / Plasma / Waterjet (339)
Automatic and manual sheet metal and metal tube cutting & straightening equipment that use lasers, flame, plasma and/or water jets to cut metal.
Drills & Tapping Machinery (666)
Automatic and manual machine tools used to drill holes, enlarge drilled holes to a specific diameter and create screw threads in metal parts.
Electrical Discharge Machines - EDM (118)
Electronic instruments that allow you to program specific parameters for the detailed engraving of parts and dies. Wire threading and cutting EDM included.
Fastener Equipment (202)
Fastening equipment is used to create screws, nuts, bolts etc. Includes threaders, slot formers and nut formers.
Forging / Swaging / Pointing Machinery (246)
Machines used in die creation, metal part forming and intricate detail engraving.
Furnaces & Ovens (382)
Metal furnaces and ovens are used to heat metal billets, dies and parts to alter hardness to prepare them for the next step in production, or to cure them to final hardness.
Gear & Gear Cutting Machinery (502)
Metal gear cutting, grinding, deburring, placement, sharpening, shaping and testing machinery.
Grinders & Grinding Machines (1842)
Grinders used for a wide variety of metal grinding applications including automotive, and intricate parts, tools, holes and bearing grinding.
Honing & Lapping Machines (102)
Automatic and manual vertical and horizontal metal edging tool used for cleaning up, sharpening and polishing of steel edges.
Keyseaters (22)
Keyseaters are hydraulic or manual metal cutting tools designed to create slots in matching parts so they fit into each other perfectly.
  Lathes & Turning Centers (2320)
Leveling (55)
Equipment used to ensure the flatness and straightness of metal parts using a series of rollers, lasers, and/or pressure plates.
Machining Centers - CNC (1072)
Production quality CNC machining centers including automated bending, cutting, lathe and hole punching to form parts.
Manuals (Metalworking) (0)
Instruction manuals, DVD’s and books for sale related to metal equipment.
Marking & Etching Machines (40)
Marking and etching machines are designed for automatic and manual etching, engraving, scribing and marking of steel parts.
Millers & Milling Machines (938)
Metal rollers, mills and planers with adjustable features to break down metal bars and strip to a specific thickness and/or width.
Miscellaneous (105)
Miscellaneous extruding, arsenal, fabrication, engine block production, steel processing and other fabrication equipment.
Presses & Stamping Machines (1750)
Hydraulic, mechanical and manual metal presses, die presses, screw presses and metal stamping machines that use compressive force to stamp or press parts and dies.
Punches & Punching Machines (553)
Punching equipment used to cut various size and shape holes in metal for part creation including manual, laser, plasma, turret metal punches, nibblers, shears, notchers and trimmers.
Riveters (32)
Automated and manual riveters including rotating riveters that are used to fasten two pieces of metal or metal parts together in the production process.
Robotics (18)
Robots and other automated computer controlled machinery and software that can often be operated remotely.
Rolling Mills & Ring Formers (449)
Mills designed for rebar, rod, wire and other metal product manufacturing that requires barrel roll milling or ring forming.
Rolls (429)
Rolls used for metal bending, curving, forging, laminating and corrugating of metal parts.
Rotary Transfer Machines (9)
Rotary transfer machines are used to transfer parts from one station to the next.
Saws (923)
Shears & Shearing Equipment (621)
Manual and hydraulic machine tool shears with a smooth, flat blade used for cutting plates, bars, billets, strip and wire. Includes high speed and hydraulic power shears.
Stock Feeding (77)
High speed mechanical and air powered material feeders designed to feed production materials and parts into machines.
Straighteners (104)
Light and heavy metal equipment used to straighten metal bars, strips and tube.
Tables (328)
Metal work tables for holding materials. Tables include CNC, drill, cross slide, rotary, welding and floor tables.
Tooling, Parts, Accessories (392)
Cutting, drilling, measuring, cleaning, rolling, machining and milling tools. As well as spindles, wheels, taps, dies, holders, wiring and other tool accessories.
Tube & Pipe Machinery (538)
Metal tube and pipe bending & forming machinery and testers.
Welders & Welding Equipment (764)
Metal joining and cutting tools that use a variety of energy sources such as flame, electricity, laser, friction and ultrasound; includes arc, spot, laser, tig, wire feed and portable welders.
Wire Machinery (731)
Wire straighteners, benders, coilers, spoolers and cablers. Includes wire forming and wire cleaning tools.
Work Holding (183)
Clamps, chucks, vises, collets, jaws, fixtures and magnetic instruments designed to hold items in place for precision machining.

Overview of Machine Tools

As far as precision machine tool cutting processes are concerned, the most commonly used method involves use of a toothed metal blade or flat shear blade. Other cutting options include the use of powerful waterjets, flames, plasma or lasers - which can cut materials with very little material waste.

While each machine tool has specific functions and capabilities, some offer a large variety of functions. For example, CNC machining centers use multiple different cutting, carving, drilling, boring tools, etc. to perform multiple user-defined machining operations.

Other machine tool functions include heating, cooling, melting and welding. Some fabricated parts need to be heated in an oven before or after other machining functions to achieve the desired hardness. Metals that are too hard can cause damage to the machine or make the material brittle, while metals that are too soft can bend too easily and cause incorrect alterations in the parts.
Machine Tools
Melting, forging and casting machines are important as all metal parts begin from raw material and would not exist otherwise. A high concentration of heat is used to melt metal, which is then formed into billets or bars and marks the beginning of the production process.

Electronic discharge machines (EDM’s) are also an important class of machine that functions using high voltage electric discharge (sparks). They use a series of rapid electric discharges to remove any material and form parts according to operator specifications.

Perhaps the most advanced of all machine tools would be robotics. Robotics are completely automated machinery in which parts, like robotic arms can move on their own to perform specific functions. This provides an automated fabrication environment in which a single operator can control many different complex machine tool functions precisely and accurately with ease.

Machine tools are commonly used in the production of automotive parts, building components, coins, electronics and many other industries. Even hardware such as bolts, nuts, screws and machining tools can be created using other machine tools.