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12 new & used Festool woodworking equipment items for sale
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Dust Xtrctr CT33E w/Boom Fstl
Dust Xtrctr CT33E w/Boom Festool Model: CT33E 454936 [Festool] S/N: 00007720 w/Boom Arm & 6 Extra Bags 1200Watt; 1Ph; 120Volt
Domino Joinr St DF500QPlus Fst
Domino Joiner Set DF500QPlus Festool Model: 574258 TN493795 [Festool] S/N: 10316801 Machine w/Systainer; Assorted Domino Kit w/5 Cutters [493301] 420Watt; 1Ph; 120Volt
Sander 5"R/O ETS 125 EQ Fstl
Sander 5" Random/Orbital ETS 125 EQ Festool Model: 571610 TN493528 [Festool] S/N: 10364659 w/Systainer; Extra Sandpaper; Dust Bag 200Watt; 1Ph; 120Volt
Sander Detail DX93E Fstl
Sander Detail DX93E Festool Model: 567783 TN489921 [Festool] S/N: 10438107 93 x 93 w/Systainer; Extra Sandpaper 150Watt; 1Ph; 120Volt
Sander Detail DTS400EQ Fst
Sander Detail DTS400EQ Festool Model: 567825 TN493519 [Festool] S/N: 10889725 100 x 150 w/Systainer; Dust Bag; Extra Sandpaper 200Watt; 1Ph; 120Volt
Sander 6"R/O ETS 150/5 Fstl
Sander 6" Random/Orbital ETS 150/5 Festool Model: 571541 TN492029 [Festool] S/N: 11321996 w/Systainer; Dust Bag; Extra Sandpaper 310Watt; 1Ph; 120Volt
Sander 6"R/O Dual-mode Fstl
Sander 6" Random/Orbital Dual-mode Festool Model: 571594 TN493975 [Festool] S/N: 10721506 w/Systainer & Extra Sandpaper 720Watt; 1Ph; 120Volt
Dust Xtrctr CT33E w/Cyclon Fst
Dust Xtrctr CT33E w/Cyclone Festool Model: CT33E 454936 [Festool] S/N: 10119853 w/Cyclone Attachment & 6 Extra Bags 1200Watt; 1Ph; 120Volt
Miter Saw 10" Cmpd Sld DB Fstl
Miter Saw 10" Compound Sliding Dual Bevel Festool Model: 495649 Kapex [Festool] S/N: 10419748 10" Sliding Miter Saw w/Laser; Dual Bevel; Compound 13Amp; 1Ph; 120Volt
Laminat Trim Router Kit Fstl
Laminate Trim Router Kit Festool Model: 574368 [Festool] S/N: 10081198 720W; 1Ph; 120Volt
Sander Drywall &Vacm Fstl
Sander Drywall & Vacuum Festool Model: 571579/498714 [Festool] S/N: 40092270/40022444 Drywall Sander & Vacuum w/Boom Arm LHS225EQ & CT36EAC 550W; 1Ph; 120Volt/ 8.3Amp; 1Ph; 120Volt
Router Table Grd/Fthrbrd Fstl
Router Table Guard/Featherboard Festool [Festool] Router Table Guard/Feather Board for Festool Router Table & Fence
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