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15 new & used boring mill accessory or part items for sale
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Voltage Transformer/Regulator
Fully automatic servo motor-type A.C. voltage transformer and regulator, 3000 watts. It will convert your 220-240 volts 1 phase electricity to 110-120 volts to use the Milwaukee magnetic drill press in countries where 12
Milwaukee Magnetic Drill Press with 3/4 inch chuck
$1595. if purchased with a line boring setup. ($1695 separately • Approved by Milwaukee Tool Company engineers for use with the Q150 line boring Adapter Base. • Uses 120 volts electricity (see below for optional $21
Tools for Cutting I.D. Retaining Ring Grooves
this kit is custom made to order and comes with a spring, 2 set screw tool positioning collars and 2 extra long cobalt steel cutters ground to match the width of your inside retaining ring groove. A crude but low cost wa
Facing-Sanding Tool
Use to sand and face the damaged boss around a hole. Includes aluminum sanding disc that screws into our Q150 boring shaft and is designed to spin at 350 RPM. This kit also includes 6 adhesive coarse sanding discs for me
Honing Tool
Attaches to your Mag Drill chuck or any other portable drill. 2 to 7 inch range. Comes with 220 Grit honing stones premounted for super smooth finishing work if you are a perfectionist. We also include a set of 100 Grit
8 inch Capacity Boring Adapter Kit
• Cutting Tool Adaptor Collar mounts on Q150 boring shaft as shown in the photo to hold the cutter out far enough to rebore holes up to 8 inch diameter. • Also includes 2 extra large diameter centering cones to fit hole
Precision Dial Indicator Bore Gage
• Measues 2.0" - 6.0" with 11 anvils • 0.0005" Graduation indicator. • 6 inch probe depth • For measuring hole diameters, tapers, and roundness. • Self centering. • Comes with AGD Group II dial indica
Cutting Tool Micro-Adjuster
A very accurate way to adjust your cutter height. Clamps to the carbide carbide cutting tool shank and very accurately adjusts the position. Can be used on either end of the cutter. Works for setting the cutter for borin
Cutting Tool Dial Indicator and magnetic mounting bracket
Another easy way to accurately adjust your cutter height to within .001" on the radius. Includes a Dial Indicator with .001 inch increments, a flat pusher disc and a magnetic mounting bracket with multiple threaded
Cutting Tool Positioner
Easy way to accurately adjust your cutter height to within .001" on the radius. It also holds the cutter while you tighten the set screw. Clamps to the cutting tool and adjusts the position. Works for adjusting the
Boring Bar mounted Snap Gauge Set to measure holes
The most accurate, reliable and easy way to measure the holes but also our most expensive. These hole size measuring gauges fit inside the boring bar into the 1/2" square cutting tool ports. These tools are used to
Threaded Measuring and Centering Tool Set
square cutting tool ports. We include all the different lengths of threaded extensions with rounded ends you will need for holes 1.75" to 8". These tools are used to measure the bored hole without removing the
Telescoping Bore Gage Set
• 6 piece Telescoping Gauge Set. Measures up to 6 inch (150mm) diameter holes. Use the knurled end to lock the setting, then measure accross the ends with the digital caliper included with your line boring equipment. Sel
Q88A 7/8" x 29" Boring Bar Kit for use with Q150 equipment
For reboring small holes using the Q150 system. Works from 1" to 1.5 inch diameter with holes spaced up to 16" apart, possibly more depending how you set it up. This set includes flanged insert bushings, center
Replacement Cutting Tools
• Brazed AL8 carbide boring cutter 1/2" square: $12. Our most popular. Just sawcut to length to fit in hole. • Cobalt steel boring-finishing cutter 1/2" square: $12. Needs sharpening often. Good for boring h
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