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Miscellaneous equipment consists of all types of machinery that can be used in multiple industries as well as any industry specific equipment not already listed elsewhere. Some of these industries include: medical, chemical, printing, stone, clay, glass and environmental

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Musical Instruments
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Overview Of Miscellaneous Equipment

Testing, inspection and measuring machine tools can be used in almost every industry. Testing, inspection and measuring equipment is one of the most important aspects in metal working and manufacturing. You’ll find these types of tools along with measuring and leveling tools also listed under miscellaneous equipment.

Recycling, scrap & waste equipment can be an industry all of its own. These machines can be used in all industries to properly dispose of, or recycle waste materials. These machines include bailers, shredders and wastewater treatment systems.

Environmental equipment is an important category of machine tools that should be recognized by all industrial facilities. Again, it can be an industry of its own. Environmental machines are used in waste management facilities and water treatment facilitate as well as in existing industrial plants. Air pollution equipment is especially important for plants that emit harmful gasses as a by-product.
Miscellaneous Equipment
Generators, motors and engines include electrical machinery for machine operation, plant operation and portable power needs. AC / DC conversion power supplies and both AC and DC motors are included in miscellaneous equipment as well.

Paper processing machinery is another important industry, which requires a variety of machinery to create paper, cardboard and more. Other machinery used in paper industries includes printing, copying and designing machines. Recycling machine tools are also important in the paper processing industry both for using recycled materials and for recycling of waste products.

Plastic and rubber equipment is used to make a variety of everyday products. Plastic and rubber processing plants require machines specific to their needs such as extruding, injection molding or plastic production lines. Due to the potential pollutants and waste byproducts generated by this industry, environmental and recycling machinery is extremely important.