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Blanchard #11AD-20, 20" Vertical Spindle Rotary Surface Grinder - $RFQ

Item Number: #00084533
Blanchard #11AD-20, 20&quot; Vertical Spindle Rotary Surface Grinder

Blanchard #11AD-20, 20" Vertical Spindle Rotary Surface Grinder
Stock Code:  16159
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Surface Rotary Grinders Vert. Spdl

Year of Manufacture:  1981
Manufacturer:  Blanchard
Model:  11AD-20
Condition: Used
Blanchard #11AD-20, 20" Vertical Spindle Rotary Surface Grinder, Allen Bradley Compactlogix PLC, Re-Manufactured W/ Warranty
Blanchard #11AD-20, 20" Vertical Spindle Rotary Surface Grinder, Allen Bradley Compactlogix PLC, Re-Manufactured W/ Warranty

Tag Number: 16159
Machine Type: Grinding Machines
UMCC: G8100
Manufacturer: Blanchard
Model: 11AD-20
Year: 1981
Serial Number: B810749
Description: Blanchard #11AD-20, 20" Vertical Spindle Rotary Surface Grinder, Allen Bradley Compactlogix PLC, Re-Manufactured W/ Warranty

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Overall Specifications

Dry base design, coolant pump and tank not included
11" Grinding Wheel Diameter
20" Magnetic Chuck Diameter
21" Swing Inside Water Guards
12" Vertical range
500 Lbs. Maximum Unbalanced Weight Load on Chuck
15 HP Main Spindle Drive
Minimum Specifications of servo drive :
AC Servo Type Table Feed System
.001-.100 IPM Course Down Feed Rates
.100 IPM Rapid Jog rate
20 IPM Rapid Travers rate
15-75RPM Variable Table Rotation Speeds
.1-10 Minutes Spark Out Timer
7'-9"" Height
7'-7"" Length
4'-6"" Width
8,000 Pounds Weight Approximately
460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle Electrical Systems
Re-manufactured Blanchard Model 11A-20 All Electric, Vertical Spindle Rotary Table Surface Grinder
Basic Machine:
22" diameter swing inside water guards by 12" high over 20" diameter
magnetic chuck with new segments. (The grinder can grind to the center of a 22"
diameter part utilizing "step grinding" techniques.
Base and Ways:
Double wall rigid seel, annealed weldmentcoolant chute exiting on left side of operators position . Replaceable, rectangular, precision ground steel
ways mounted on base. Full-length steel way covers
provide protection from grinding sludge.
Table Body:
Heavy, double wall, ribbed design, cast of close grain iron, carries
chuck. Rotation drive is through heat-treated spiral bevel gears. Table ways are precision hand scraped. Low friction, non-metallic, table bearing extends life of chuck bearing and reduces
start-up power requirement.
Magnetic Chuck:
Blanchard one-piece steel magnetic chuck, 20" diameter, with
concentric pole spacing and center hole. Magnetic chuck uses direct
current only, 115 volts DC, supplied by variable DC power supply. The DC power
supply, with remote control. provides the feature of infinitely variable magnetic
chucking holding power (0 to 60%) and full power (100%).
Precision flat circular bearing runs submerged in oil in table body. Unbalanced workload up to
500 pounds can be carried on magnetic chuck.
Table Traverse:
By rack mounted on underside of table body, with pinion, through a
worm gear reduction box and direct-coupled high torque reversing motor. An electric
brake on the motor provides positive stop.
Chuck Rotation:
Infinitely variable chuck rotation speed from 6 to 24 revolutions
per minute. Chuck rotation is driven by a 5 HP motor controlled from the operator's
panel. Speed may be changed during the grinding cycle without interrupting the
grinding cycle.
Wheel Head:
A ribbed iron casting is the housing for the main spindle motor and
encloses and aligns the oversized spindle bearings. The 15 HP main spindle motor
consists of a commercial stator built into the head and a commercial rotor built on a
large Blanchard spindle with special ventilation. The anti-friction spindle bearings
are pre-loaded to remove radial clearance and backlash. Large
head ways are fitted with three tapered gibs running the full length of the head ways.
A manually operated wheel dresser is mounted to the head and provides a means of
artificial wheel wear under control of the operator. A wheel guard is standard
Grinding Wheel Equipment:
Cortland Style Segment Wheel Holder. Wheel holder uses four segments per set.
The heavy rigid box section column has precision vertical ways. A large
diameter feed screw is mounted between the ways to move the gibbed way wheel
head. This design provides as nearly as possible a "one-piece" construction. There
is no intermediate plate and no loose joints to allow vibration between the head and
Three Point Column Support:
The Blanchard column contacts the base at three
widely spaced points to provide quick, accurate, adjustment of the grinding spindle
relative to the magnetic chuck. Three heavy bushings are threaded into the column
with calibrated washers to facilitate adjustmen
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