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24" x 47" - 87" BIRMINGHAM® Hydraulic Surface Grinders - $RFQ

Item Number: #00069604
24&quot; x 47&quot; - 87&quot; BIRMINGHAM&#174; Hydraulic Surface Grinders

24" x 47" - 87" BIRMINGHAM® Hydraulic Surface Grinders
Stock Code:  SG60120AHD
Price: $RFQ

Surface Recip. Table Grinders Horiz. Spdl

Manufacturer:  Birmingham
Model:  SG60120AHD
Condition: New


Precision Hydraulic Surface Grinders
COLUMN: Enlarged, double wall, strongly ribbed column, especially suitable for precision grinding.
SPINDLE: Enlarged spindle unit is supported by preloaded precision ball bearing, free DF maintenance
SLIDEWAYS: Vertical, cross (double vees) and longitudinal slideways are coated with Turcite-B provides stable movement and durable accuracy
AUTOMATIC LUBRICATION SYSTEM: All slideways and screws are fully oiled by automatic lubrications system to eliminate wears on slideways and screws
CROSS FEED: Auto intermittent cross feed powered by AC Servo motor and controller
AHD: With auto down feed powered by hydrualic and controlled by Simens PLC
AHR: With rapid elevating AC motor for wheel head rapid up/down
HYDRAULIC TABLE: Table speed range 5~25m/min. The speed could be
adjust variable
CONTROL PANEL: Well designed control panel make operating easy and friendly.

Coolant tank
Wheel dresser base (without diamond pen)
Flange and wheel extractor
Standard grinding wheel
Balancing arbor
Balancing stand
Working lamp
Leveling wedge and foundation bolt
Luxurious electro magnetic chuck controller
PLC auto grinding controller (only for AHD model)

Table Size:
24" x 47" (SG60120AHR/AHD)
24" x 63" (SG60160AHR/AHD)
24" x 87" (SG60220AHR/AHD)

Max. grinding (Lon. x Tran):
24" x 47" (SG60120AHR/AHD)
24" x 63" (SG60160AHR/AHD)
24" x 87" (SG60220AHR/AHD)

Max. distance from table to spindle center: —

Standard magnetic chuck size:
24" x 39" x 1" (SG60120AHR/AHD)
24" x 31.5" x 2" (SG60160AHR/AHD)
24" x 39" x 2" (SG60220AHR/AHD)

Table longitudinal movement speed (in/min): 197~984

Wheelhead cross movement:
Auto feed (in/t): 0.02~0.8
Rapid Speed (in/min): 49
Auto feed of handwheel (in/div): 0.0008

Wheelhead Vertical movement:
Auto feed (in/t): -/0.0002, 0.0004, 0.0006, 0.0008, 0.0012, 0.0016 (Only for AHD Model)
Rapid Speed (in/min): 9
Auto feed of handwheel (in/div): 0.0008

Grinding wheel:
Speed (rpm): 1450 (50Hz), 1740 (60Hz)
Size (OD x W x ID): 14 x (0.8~2) x 5

Spindle motor: 7.5 Kw

Max. Loading capacity (including magnetic chuck):
2,138.48 lbs. (970 kg) (SG60120AHR/AHD)
2,711.68 lbs. (1,230 kg) (SG60160AHR/AHD)
3,725.8 lbs. (1,690 kg) (SG60220AHR/AHD)

Total rated power:
— (SG60120AHR/AHD)
14 Kw (SG60160AHR/AHD)
— (SG60220AHR/AHD)

14,330 lbs. (6,500 kg) (SG60120AHR/AHD)
15,432.36 lbs. (7,000 kg) (SG60160AHR/AHD)
17,636.98 lbs. (8,000 kg) (SG60220AHR/AHD)

Dimension of package:
186" x 90" x 88" (SG60120AHR/AHD)
220" x 90" x 80" (SG60160AHR/AHD)
236" x 90" x 80" (SG60220AHR/AHD)

Electro magnetic chuck
Manual parallel wheel dresser
Coolant tank with magnetic separator
Coolant tank with paper filter
Coolant tank with paper filter and magnetic separator

SG60120AHR: 24" x 47"
SG60120AHD: 24" x 47"
SG60160AHR: 24" x 63"
SG60160AHD: 24" x 63"
SG60220AHR: 24" x 87"
SG60220AHD: 24" x 87"

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Data is provided by the manufacturer.


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This machine is listed for sale by Sierra Victor Industries located in Port Orange, Florida

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Sierra Victor Industries
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