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BAILEIGH MH-19 Power Hammer Machine - $RFQ

Item Number: #00035239
BAILEIGH MH-19 Power Hammer Machine

BAILEIGH MH-19 Power Hammer Machine
Price: $RFQ

Stamping Hammers

Manufacturer:  Baileigh
Model:  MH-19
Condition: New

• Can be used for aggressive shrinking and planishing, in which many different tooling profiles can be used. This setup works similar to a YODER Machine by using a leaf spring setup to "Throw the die" causing a dead blow hammering effect.
• Can also be used for short stroke shaping, flanging. Tooling designs and profiles are endless.This setup works similar to a PULLMAX Machine by disconnecting the leaf spring and making the top lever a "rigid link" now there is no "give" between the die heads.
• In the "RIGID" mode, tooling similar to an ECKHOLD/PULLMAX could be installed like mechanical shrinking, stretching dies, flanging dies, louvers, etc..
• Stroke lengths can be adjusted "on the fly" without changing the final stroke position of the die, the stroke will change in only the up direction to bottom most position of the stroke will remain the same no matter what the stroke is set to. This is accomplished by the stroke toggle mechanism. By changing the pivot point of one of the links, the stroke can be varied. Can be adjusted in any mode while running. Stroke range is from .175" up to .550"
• An eccentric adjuster is used to adjust the upper stroke mechanism up or down, this would be used to get the correct distance between tools as well as setting the down force. Can be adjusted in any mode while running.
• The machine's speed is varied via foot pedal and the maximum speed limit can also be set. The foot control allows the user to "feather" the beats. Currently the machine will produce up to 1500 beats per minute, with infinite adjustability down to 0 bpm by means of the potentiometer foot pedal.
• The DC servo option has a very definite control as the commands to the motor are instantaneous. In the servo mode the machine can be set up to deliver a single hit or blow and return to the upper most position. Perfect for slow operation requiring lots of power at slow speeds.
• Includes english wheel option with an 8 inch top roll, and 4 two inch bottom rolls with different profiles.

Tooling Available:
English Wheel
Universal Tool Holders
Thumbnail Shrink Dies
1/4" Beading Dies
Thumbnail Shrink Dies
Lower Radius Die
Mechanical Shrink Dies
Mechanical Stretch Dies
Lower Radius Die

Throat depth: 19"
Motor: 2 HP, 220 Volts, 1 phase, 60 Hz
Beats Per Minute: 0 to 1500
Stroke: .175 to .550"
Height adjustment: 2"
Quick change tooling
Variable speed foot pedal
Made in USA

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This machine is listed for sale by American Machine Tools Company located in Chicago, Illinois

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American Machine Tools Company
  5864 N Northwest Hwy
IL 60631
United States
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