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Item Number: #00111752

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Robots - Industrial

Year of Manufacture:  2013
Manufacturer:  Cloos
Model:  QIROXC
Condition: Used


New 2013


QIROX welding robot QRC 350-E Max. load: 15kg working space Ø 4500mm 1 with control V6 Advanced 7 Connecting cable Qirox Controller pluggable QRC/H Additional price per meter Teach pendant with touchscreen with LED-backlight 8,4" Connecting cable PHG as fiber optics 8m integrated welding interface welding-software Digital in- and outputs 16 serial interface CAN-Bus Keyboard USB-interfaces 2 Expandable up to 16 external axis bus installation space for peripheral equipment 1 roof cooling unit Top Therm 3383 1000W 1 Prepared for interface Qineo / Quinto II 1 central voltage supply Qirox Controller Advanced for a robot and a power source 1 flash drive 2GB ≥ V05 1 Buffering 24V 1 MANAX station 1 max. 2 axis 1 MANAX station 2 max. 2 axis 1 Robot accessories single wire / balancer upright/


1 touch sensor Qineo 60V touch sensor gas nozzle


1 point editor in robot control 1 Software language English Base Frame 1 Base frame for compact systems upright robot QR-WP-DH-… Networking 1 computer coupling QIROX Controller (first robot) wiring between robot and PC is carried out by the customer or at cost 1 CAROLA EDI incl. point editor without hardware (PC) network card, wiring between Rotrol and PC is carried out by the customer (One time license for up to 8 robots) Off line programming 1 RoboPlan complete version net 1 user USB 1 RoboPlan option macros f. course and orientation 1 RoboPlan option gravity position 1 RoboPlan system modeling for compact and similar systems


1 Qineo Pulse A 450A CAN without operating module 1 Operating module Master 5m RPU 1 Wall holder 1 Cable Qirox -Qineo CAN Bus 8m 2 earth cable 1 Cable assembly CAW600-5,0H 5m between wire drive unit and power source 1 Wire drive unit QWD-A,SZ/WA/DFW/WEC/CDD for Qineo 1 Torch cable BSP CAW 3,5H-SZ 2 Welding Technology Included

Qineo QWD-A-SZ/ QWD-AR-SZ 1 torch bracket for MRW cpl. with collision sensor 10° 1 MRW 500-35°-78/273 robot welding torch 1 connecting flange 1 setting jig for MR


1 DH-TS-10kN Two-station positioner with horizontal station changeover and two work piece positioners with vertical turning and swiveling movement technical data: faceplate load: 10 kN Max. nominal torque in Nm: 1700Nm Max. swiveling moment in Nm: 20500Nm mass moment of inertia: 1200kgm² free turning radius: 700-1000mm face plate diameter 600mm face plate height: 1000mm Max. turning speed: 90°/sec 3 Robot Peripheral Equipment N/A 4 Positioner Included

Max. tilting speed: 60°/sec turning range: +/-360° tilting range: 370°

2 Slip ring for faceplate of DH-TS-10kn including: 10 connections for I/O per slip ring 2 connections for Profi bus Air – one way Wiring from control cabinet to slip ring 24 Volt power supply Additional I/O board with 16 I/O

Torch cleaning unit 1 CMR 7C torch cleaning unit 1 Connecting cable CMR-Rotrol 1 cleaning cutter for MRW 500 1 corner bracket for robot base Wire barrel accessories 1 Plexiglas cover only in connection with CLOOS barrel wire with connecting piece R3/8" 5 liner f. wire guiding type 13/8 1m 5 protective hose f. wire guiding type blue /18 1m 2 connection nipple f. wire guiding for liner 13/

Technical description:

The CLOOS QRC 350-E welding robot is a robust industrial robot in articulated arm construction. The articulated arm principle where all axes have a large indexing range give the welding robot greater dexterity as well as a large hemispherical working range. The robot arm provides rigidity with a slim and compact design. With the high dynamics and backlash-free transmission of power to the axes, it ensures accuracy, speed and repeatability for excellent path welding. The rigid construction of QRC 350-E is evident in that no extra equipment such as a stabilizer, air compensating cylinder or counterweights is required to increase dynamics. The brakes which are integrated in the motor operate according to the closed circuit principle and prevent dangerous movement of the axes, even when a power failure occurs.

Advantages and Benefits for the user:

 Robust construction

 Optimum dynamics with a high accuracy

 Slim and compact design

 Digital AC-drive technology

 Absolute path measuring system

 Large hemispherical working range


→ long service life and long intervals between maintenance work

→ a repeatability of less than 1/10 mm ensures exact working quality

→ easy integration of mechanics into production lines due to the low floor space required and the low weight

→ optimum accessibility of the work piece

→ high dynamics guarantee excellent path accuracy even with high travel speeds

→ easy integration with sensors guarantee optimum quality despite work piece tolerances

→ enclosed cable guides, therefore no damages caused by external influences

→ excellent productivity due to short acceleration and delay times and

high-speed spatial movements of the robot

→ flexible use of the robot due to the articulated arm construction providing greater dexterity irrespective of mounting position

Technical data of robot mechanics:

Configuration: revolving joints

Number of axes: 7

Load capacity: 15 kg

Drive: one digitally controlled AC servo motor per axis

Path measuring system: digital, absolute (resolver)

Repeatability:  ± 0,1 mm

Working range: hemispherical

 approx. 4600 mm


Floor space: 500 x 515 mm

Weight: 345 kg

Rotating angle of axes:

Axis 1 340 º

Axis 2 215 º

Axis 3 290 º

Axis 4 358 º

Axis 5 270 º

Axis 6 600 º

Max. speed of axes:

Axis 1 151 º/s

Axis 2 151 º/s

Axis 3 176 º/s

Axis 4 290 º/s

Axis 5 338 º/s

Axis 6 410 º/s

Technical description of the ROTROL® II controller:

When developing the ROTROL II controller it has been important to provide a robust and user-friendly robot controller to the users which has sufficient reserves and convinces by high reliability and flexibility. These characteristic features could be realised due to a modular design, less subassemblies as well as the use of standard components. An industrial PC serves as central processing unit of the robot controller. The central processing unit, which is designed as multiprocessor system, has a considerably short interpolation cycle and guarantees high path accuracy of the robot and external axes even during synchronous operation with high processing speeds. There is space for up to 18 digital servos in the controller. The axes are driven and controlled by the servos which are connected to the CPU via CAN interface. The controller offers a lot of standard industrial interfaces in order to communicate with other machines. Excellent operation and programmability are outstanding features of the ROTROLII controller. On the one hand, the teach pendant with its touch-sensitive operating surface (touch screen) is an easy-to-learn and user-friendly interface between “man and machine“. On the other hand, the CAROLA operating system provides the necessary support to the operators and programmers enabling them to carry out programming quickly and easily.

Advantages and Benefits for the user:

 Multiprocessor system

 Separate digital controller

 Modular design due to use of standard components

 Teach pendant with touch-sensitive operating surface

 Operating system developed for welding


→ quality is ensured due to short interpolation cycles which guarantee high path accuracy

→ robot reacts quickly to corrective data from a seam tracking sensor

→ multitasking operating system

→ digital control of the robot axes guarantees trouble-free, application- specific control of the robot and external axes

→ all components have long service lives

→ modular design reduces downtime in case of maintenance work

→ considerable time and cost saving due to quick generation of programs

→ user-friendly and intelligent menu guidance due to 8“ colour display with a Microsoft Windows surface

→ functions are displayed by symbols, therefore the operator gets quickly familiar with the functions because he does not have to learn a programming language

→ easy to operate since the teach pendant has only 30 keys

→ inputs are carried out by touching the functions which appear on the display, therefore the entry of wrong commands is avoided

→ easy adaptation to varying welding tasks

→ welding parameters are entered by means of physical values

→ restart at the interruption point – with or without lap start – even after switched off controller

→ optimum communication between robot controller and welding machine

→ serial coupling of the QUINTO Profi (SD) welding machine enables complete programming of the welding machine via controller

→ rapid and easy optimisation of welding parameters during the process

Technical data of the controller:

Basic design of the control cabinet

Closed industrial PC feed for central processing unit and special multiprocessor design.

Connection possible via bus system for an input/output function in the control cabinet.

User memory

440 KByte battery buffered memory

Safety technology according to EN 775

Operating modes / selection of operating modes

Independently working monitoring computer controls the basic axes of the robot.

Control routines of set and actual values.

Interfaces (if required)

Printer connection

Serial control for welding machines


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