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24 Ton 24" Bed Bantam B224 NEW PRESS BRAKE - $12,450

Item Number: #00155461
24 Ton 24&quot; Bed Bantam B224 NEW PRESS BRAKE

24 Ton 24" Bed Bantam B224 NEW PRESS BRAKE
Stock Code:  160086
Price: $12,450

Press Brakes

Manufacturer:  Bantam
Model:  B224
Condition: Used

 New Atek Bantam 24 Ton x 2' Pneumatic Press Brake

Model: B224    MADE IN THE USA




Bed Width: 2'

Ram Height: 8"

Max Back Gauge Depth: 19 / 21.5"

(Note: Maximum back gauge depth is reduced by 2 inches when equipped with micro-adjustable gauge option.)

Max Speed @ Full Stroke: 20 SPM

Weight: 2,025 lbs





Adjustable Stroke Depth Control is provided by the screw stop for precise

repeatability.  Raise the adjustable bed and shorten the ram stroke to maximize

productivity while reducing air consumption and minimizing the pinch point for safer operation.


Accommodate a Wide Variety of Tooling...


Adjustable Die Space handles numerous tool sets and reduces or eliminates

the pinch point.  Per OSHA guidelines, a die space gap of 1/4" or less is not

a pinch point and provides the safest operation method.  Loosen the bed and

raise or lower it with the large bed elevating screws.  Leveling of bed to ram

is easily accomplished using this feature.


Select the Optimal Speed...


Ram Speed Control via an infinitely variable valve allows instant adjustment of

air flow to the dual cylinders.  A minimum setting creates a creep mode for setup,

or select any other position to safely match ram speed with your job.


Give the Operator Full Command...


Safety Hooded Foot Pedal controls all ram motion.  Fully depress control petal

for down stroke.  Slightly release pedal to stop advancing ram.  Completely

release pedal at any time and the counter-balanced ram automatically retracts to

the top of the stroke.  For added safety, the ram retracts if air supply is removed.


The unique zero-backlash design with its +/- 0 position tolerance is more

accurate than any hydraulic press brake that uses switches, sensors, and valves

to stop ram motion.


Condition the Air Supply...


Modular FRL Unit is standard on all models to condition air supply to pneumatic

module with pressure gauge, adjustable flow lubricator module and a three-way

lockable shut-off valve.  The valve is vented to relieve downstream pressure in

the off position per OSHA guidelines.  Keyed padlock and lockout tag are



Select the Right Tonnage for the Job...


Variable Tonnage Control provided through the modular

filter/regulator/lubricator unit delivers twelve or twenty-four tons of ram force to

form up to 3/8" or 1/2" at maximum pressure.  Lower the pressure to suit the job,

reduce air consumption and preserve tooling.


Use it Years Longer...


Atek's Press Brakes are recognized worldwide as proven performers giving

more years of service in the field than any comparable unit.  The rugged lever

weldment absorbs torque generated by off center loads.  Bed deflection is less

than industry standards.  From the smallest shop to the largest corporation, the

Bantam name is known for dependable productivity.


Run Without Interruption...


Our fully Pneumatic Press Brakes require minimal service.  Designed for

simplicity, there are few moving parts to wear out- no motor, clutch or brake to

maintain or replace.


Details that Count...


Every Atek Bantam is designed and built with quality and attention to details.

Ram guides are simple to adjust and provide years of service.  All critical pivot

points are heat treated and equipped with grease fittings.  Special bushing

material is engineered for high loads to support the rocking lever pivot shaft.

  OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: face=Arial size=3 color=blue>for pricing)

Floor Stand

Digital Readout for standard rear adjust Y-Axis Ram Stroke Control

Front Adjust Y-Axis Ram Stroke Control

Front Adjust Y-Axis Ram Stroke Control w/DRO

Rear Adjust Pro-Gage Micrometer Back Gage, 0 - 4", Two units mounted on common crossbar

Front Adjust Back Gage w/DRO

Smart-Gage CNC Back Gauge for 12 Ton Press Brake, 0 - 12"

(1) Pro-Gage Micrometer Front gage w/Bed mount, rotary and vertical adjust, no bed t-rail

Bed T-Rail for Front Gauge face=Arial size=3 color=blue>of feet, price per foot plus $25 cutting charge)

Production parts counter

Two Hand safety control w/front workpiece support table

Front Workpiece support table

Large Sheet Support

Segmented Safety Clamp Ram

Additional Tooling space side frames


FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call Terry at 973-497-7612

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