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BAILEIGH Hydraulic Brake Press BP-7098CNC - $RFQ

Item Number: #00064677
BAILEIGH Hydraulic Brake Press BP-7098CNC

BAILEIGH Hydraulic Brake Press BP-7098CNC
Stock Code:  BP-7098 CNC
Price: $RFQ

Press Brakes

Manufacturer:  Baileigh
Model:  BP-7098 CNC
Condition: New


Need an industrial press brake that’s easy to use? You can learn how to program the BP-7098CNC’s 2-axis controller in 5 minutes. A heavy steel frame keeps this machine accurate.

Delivers 70 tons of pressure over its entire 98” length.
Long enough to bend 8-foot pieces of mild steel.
Runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.
Industrial-grade hydraulic system with a Vickers/Eaton® pump will last for many years at peak capacity.
Torque tube connects the 2 hydraulic cylinders, so they stay synchronized and parallel to the bending table at all times.
Chain drive linkage keeps hydraulic cylinders in time with each other, so the machine stays balanced and lasts longer.
Hydraulic cylinders are near the back of the machine for convenient fluid changes.

Accurate, User-Friendly Control System
Runs in single-bend mode or programmable mode.
Comes standard with 2 axes of control: stroke and back gauge distance.
Simple controller is so intuitive that you could train someone to use it in 5 minutes.
Programmer stores up to 40 programs with up to 25 bends per program, great for saving time on production.
Bending is accurate to +/- .01mm, ensuring that parts come out right the first time.
Main electrical components made in Germany by Weidmueller and Schneider® will give you years of trouble-free productivity.
Foot pedal brings the stroke up and down. Just input your specs on the controller, then press the pedal for each bend.
You can make a complete part without touching the controller. Push the metal in while pressing the foot pedal.
Choose between 2 speeds: a rapid approach and retract and a slow bending speed.
Speed option lets you reduce cycle time and make your shop more efficient.
Chain drive back gauge system uses tried-and-true technology that you can maintain easily.
The 23.62" back gauge can advance or retract according to programmed instructions.

Steel Plate Construction and Included Tooling
Fully-welded all-steel construction helps prevent deformation and minimize flex during the bending process.
Weighs a robust 9,251 lbs. for massive structural strength that ensures accurate results.
Includes support arms around 2 feet in length.
Comes standard with tooling: a multi-Vee bottom die and gooseneck punches.
Quick-release tool holders let you make changes easily. Just open a lever and it drops the top die out. No time-consuming cap screws!
Crowning adjustment dial gives you the option to deliver more pressure in the center of a bend for consistency all the way across.
Safety light curtains prevent the machine from bending when someone is too close.
Light curtains will swing open and get out of the way when you’re doing a tool change.

Fast Shipping and Lifetime After-Sale Care
This hydraulic press brake ships fully assembled. Just uncrate it, plug it in, and get started.
We keep machine handling to a minimum to reduce the risk of damage. The flatbed truck that leaves our facilities is the one that shows up at your door.
Replacement parts are in stock at our Wisconsin headquarters, so we can get them to you quickly.
We offer a 1-year parts warranty.
With lifetime technical support by phone, you can contact us any time and talk with service reps who have years of experience with industrial machinery.

Recommended for: Small-to-medium shops that want to improve the efficiency of their bending processes on a budget.

Maximum Pressure: 70 Tons
Table Length: 98.4"
Gauge Length: 23.62"
Return Speed: 2.36" / sec.
Throat Depth: 9.8"
Stroke Distance: 4.7"
Approach Speed: 2.0" / sec.
Back Gauge Motor: 1/2 HP
Bending Speed: .6" / sec.
Main Motor: 7 HP
Distance Between Housings: 80"
Distance From Table To Ram: 14"
Power Requirements: 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Dimensions: 107" x 52" x 85"
Shipping Weight: 9,251 lbs.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Data is provided by the manufacturer.


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This machine is listed for sale by Sierra Victor Industries located in Port Orange, Florida

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Sierra Victor Industries
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