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Plants & Businesses

Condition: Used

Late Model Complete Copper & Brass Rolling and Casting Facilities.
28 Million lbs Annual Casting Capacity
20 Million lbs Finished Product Capacity

Rolling Plant Casting Plant
3 Rolling Mills 2 1998 Coil Casting Lines
2 Traverse Winding Lines 2 Melting Furnaces
2 Cleaning / Pickling Lines 4 Holding Furnaces
3 Slitting Lines 750Kw Stand by Generator
5 Annealing Furnaces Cooling Tower
Tooling for all related equipment Tooling for all related equipment

1987 Achenbach 4-High Cold Reversing Mill

.004" - .125" Thickness Range, 2000 FPM, 18.5" Strip Width,
Hydraulic Screw Downs, 5-1/2" Dia Work Rolls, 22" Dia Back-up
Rolls, Positive and Negative Roll Bending, 600 KW Mill Drive,

150 KW Reels, Vollmer Gauges, AGC, GE Fanuc PLC Controls, Spare Rolls.

Chavanne - Brun 4-High Cold Reversing Mill

.010" - .250" Thickness Range, 800 FPM, 28" Strip Width, 11" Dia Work
Work Rolls, 36" Dia Back-up Rolls, 300 DC HP Reels, 800 HP DC Mill
Drive, Vollmers Gauges Screw Down Positioning Feed Back Controls,
Spare Rolls, Chocks & Bearings.

(2) 16" Ruesch Traverse Winding Lines

Model 3159 / 59, Horizontal Uncoilers, Guild Shear & End Welders,
Hobart Power Supplies, Techmet Laser Scanning, Tension Bridles,

Oscillating Recoilers, Digital Controls with Tension Regulatos,
2 Lines Available.

1987 36" Achenbach Coil Cleaning / Pickling Line

Line Speed 300 FPM, 15,000# Mandrel Uncoiler, Peeler, Hold Down
Roll, Stitcher, Sulfuric Acid Bath, Squeegee Rolls, Cold Water Rinse,
Brushing Unit, Hot Water Rinse, Gas Fired Drying Oven, S Type Tension
Bridle, Edge Guide System, 100 HP DC Recoiler, 16" & 20" Dia Drums,
Saftronics AC Vector Drives.

1987 26" Reusch Precision Double Loop Slitting Line
with (2007) Tension Leveler

1000 FPM Line Speed, 15,000# Coil Capacity, Mandrel Uncoiler with DC
Drag Generator Brake, 2007 Machine Concepts Cassette Type Tension Leveler
for Shape Correction, Edge Control System, Slitter Head with Shimless
Tooling, 3" Dia Arbors, 40 HP DC Slitter Drive, Tension Stand, Recoiler
with 6", 10",12", 16", 20" Dia. Downlayer, 30" Conveyor.

18" x 10,000 Reusch Slitting Line

Littell Uncoiler, Hold Down Roll, 3" Dia Arbors Reusch Slitter Head,
Shimless Tooling, Edge Guides 40 HP DC Drive, 2 Recoilers, 16" Dia &
16" Dia Drums, Recoiler and Slitter have a Common Drive, Exit
Turnstile, Downlayer, 30" Exit Conveyor, Complete Line.

24" x 5,000# Yoder Slitting Line

1000 FPM Line Speed, 5" Dia Arbors, Coil Car, Mandrel Uncoiler,
75 HP DC Slitter Drive, Pit Cross Over Table, Tension Stand,

Recoiler with 100 HP DC Drive, Scrap Winder, Tooling Electrics,

Hydraulics, Controls.

2000 Radcon Bell Type Annealing Furnace

54" Dia x 80" High, Nitrogen Atmosphere, 2 Covers, 2 Bases, 1550
Degrees F, Programmable Temperature Controls with Digital Readouts,
GE Fanuc PLC Controls.

1997 Radcon Bell Type Annealing Furnace

132" Dia x 66" High, Nitrogen Atmosphere, 2 Covers, 2 Bases, 1550 Degrees F,

Air Cooled, Cooling Hood, GE Fanuc PLC Controls, with Digital Readouts.

1990 Radcon Bell Type Annealing Furnaces

132" dia x 66" High, Nitrogen Atmosphere, 2 Furnaces, 5 Bases, 5 Covers,
1400 Degrees F, Programmable PLC Controls, Allen Bradley Readouts.

1986 Radcon Bell Type Annealing Furnaces

66" Dia x 66" High, Nitrogen Atmosphere, 1400 Degrees F, 3 Bases,
3 Covers, Air Cooled, PLC Controls with Digital Readouts.

1997 Onan 750 DHA Standby Diesel Generator Set

750Kw w/Cummins QST30-62-6 Cylinder Diesel Engine - 1,200 HP at 1,800 RPM
Klein Fuel Tank Base and Full Enclosure - 900 Gal. Cap.

(2) (1997) Evapco Exterior Platform Mounted Cooling Towers

1000 Gal. Cap. Chill Tank, (4) Polaris S-141g15 Heat Exchangers,
(2) 40 HP Pumps & (2) 7-1/2 HP Pumps

(2) Keller Dust Collector Systems

Platform Mounted w/Cyclone Separator, Fines Collector, Vacuum Blower

1997 Kirk & Blum Exterior Furnaces Fume Collection System

Dropout Box, 2 Dust Collectors, 125 HP Draft Blower, 50' Steel Stack

Lab & Testing Facility

Universal Tensile Tester, Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester, Olympus
Binocular Microscope, Micro Computer for Beta-Backscatter Testing,
Conductivity Meter, Metal Test Kit, Lieder 3X Microscope, Antonik Micro
Hardness Tester, Metal, Shear, Computers, Printers Etc.

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This machine is listed for sale by National Machinery Exchange Inc located in Newark, New Jersey

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National Machinery Exchange Inc
  158 Paris Street
NJ 07105
United States
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