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Ingersoll 5 Axis, 5-Face CNC Plano Miller - $RFQ

Item Number: #00024419
Ingersoll 5 Axis, 5-Face CNC Plano Miller

Ingersoll 5 Axis, 5-Face CNC Plano Miller
Price: $RFQ

Planer Type Millers CNC

Distance between houses118.11"
Year of Manufacture:  1985
Manufacturer:  Ingersoll
Model:  Masterhead
Condition: Used

-----INGERSOLL 5 axis & 5 side CNC Plano Miller---

1.Table Side ; 2,500X9,000mm

2.Stock No.7003

3.Maker :Ingersoll

4.Year :1985

5.System :Fanuc-15M

6.Between Column :3,000mm

7.Height between table and spindle : 425mm ~ 2,850mm

8.Table Working area

Width : 2,500mm

Lenth : Front-4,000mm, Rear-4,000mm

Bed Lenth : 18,500mm

9.ATC ;120ea

10.Max table load ;120tons


X - 9,450mm, Y - 4,875mm , Z - 974.6mm , W - 2,450mm

12.B, C axis - 360 degree, 8rpm

13.ATC, AAC ( 11 stations )

* (11) x Auto Angle-Head Change(AAC) SPEC ;
- (1) x Nutator. (5 Axis head)
- (1) x Heavy Duty Straight.
- (1) x Heavy Duty Right.
- (1) x Long Right.
- (1) x Offset Right.
- (1) x Long Thin Right.
- (1) x Straight EXT.
- (1) x Straight EXT.
- (1) x Straight EXT.
- (1) x Speed Up (1:2) : 5,000 RPM High Speed Angle Head.
- (1) x 60 Taper Straight.

1. Price (Requst for Price): Exe. GM Motors Mansfield Stamping Factory in Ontario City Ohio
A. Down Payment (Contract) : 50% by cash
B. Balance Payment (Disassemble) : 50% by cash

2. Additional Information
A. Condition is clean and neat. Because it is managed by property maintain policy of GM Motors.
B. It works better in parts machining of ship build, wind energy, large mold or die, atomic energy, engine block, aeroplane parts and defense industry.
C. Also it is possible to provide more AAC pictures by email.

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