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Bowden/Ransahoff Liquid Turbo-Charger Parts Washer - $RFQ

Item Number: #00067749
Bowden/Ransahoff Liquid Turbo-Charger Parts Washer

Bowden/Ransahoff Liquid Turbo-Charger Parts Washer
Price: $RFQ

Parts Washers / Cleaners

Year of Manufacture:  1992
Manufacturer:  Bowden-Ransohoff
Model:  11603009
Condition: Used

Liguid Turbo-Charger Parts washer, used but in good condition.

"The 'liquid Turbo-Charger'TM vigorously agitate the cleaning fluid to accelerate and enhance the detergent action and to prevent oil contamination of the fluid surface. The powerfully agitated fluid 'scrubs' all surfaces of the parts to remove oil and chips quickly and thoroughly. the detergent action keeps contaminates suspended in the fluid until it passes through the calm fluid section of the tank. In this section the oil rises to the surface where it accumulates until it is removed by the tramp oil skimmer. As a result of this interaction of the patented 'Liquid Turbo-Charger'TM and the proprietary cleaning fluid, the surface of the fluid remains 'clean' and the parts emerge from the fluid without being recontaminated. Skimming the oil from the fluid prolongs the viable cleaning power of the detergent. The machine 'Automatically Cleans the Cleaning Fluid While the Cleaning Fluid Cleans the Parts'."

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