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WOOJIN 32 Tons Per Hour Rebar Rolling Mill Stock # 14200 - $RFQ

Item Number: #00170719
WOOJIN 32 Tons Per Hour Rebar Rolling Mill Stock # 14200

WOOJIN 32 Tons Per Hour Rebar Rolling Mill Stock # 14200
Stock Code:  14200
Price: $RFQ

Miscellaneous Machinery

Manufacturer:  Woojin
Condition: Used

32 Tons Per Hour Rebar Rolling MillStock # 14200Specification of ReBar mill plant1.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Capacity of Equipment.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Product item.D10&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; D13&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; D16&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; D19&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Average26ton/hr.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 32ton/hr.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 33ton/hr.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 33ton/hr.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 31ton/hr.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Product capacity &ndash; 186,000ton/year, (31ton x 20hr x 25days x 12mon.).&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Material &ndash; Billet 120sq.x 3,000mm, 125sq. &times; 3,000mm.2.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; History&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Maker - Woojin, Haeduck, Kuangnam, - Korean manufacturer&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Date of origiinal manufactcuring&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; -&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Feb. 2001&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Remodeling &ndash; 2005, 2009&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Desmantled &ndash; Jan. 2014&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Overhaul &ndash; Oct. 2014 ~ Feb. 2015&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Currently kept inside warehouse3.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Reheating Furnace.*. NOT IN A CONDITION FOR SALE&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Billet receiving table - chain conveyor, spd.7.2m/min. 11kw.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Charging roller conveyor - chain driven roller, spd.15m/min., 5.5kw.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;. Reheating Furnace .. Furnace size - 22m &times; 3.5m.. Type - Hydraulic pusher..Capacity - 25ton/hr...Extraction temp. &ndash; 1,150℃ &plusmn;30℃..Buner &ndash; Bunke &ndash; C, inside mixing type.. Preheating zone &ndash; 120L/hr. &times; 2ea... Heating zone &ndash; 180L/hr. &times; 2ea... Socking zone &ndash; 300L/hr. &times; 3ea.. Pusher &ndash; Cylinder strocke &ndash; 210&Phi; &times; 1,200mm.Pump unit &ndash; 147L/min.Power - 78ton..End stopper &ndash; Hydraulic Cylinder, stroke &ndash; 120 &times;1,000mm, Power &ndash; 15.8ton.. Air blower &ndash; 75kw, 300m3/min. 750mmAq. 75kw, 450m3/min. 430mmAq..Front roller conveyor &ndash; roll - 216 &Phi; &times; 500L(mm), Size &ndash; 500B&times; 1,500L(mm), 7.5kw..Recuperator &ndash; Channel type &ndash; 13,720Nm3/hr.Channel type &ndash; 12.000Nm3/hr...Main Bunke C tank &ndash; 50,000L/ch...Service Oil tank &ndash; 1,000L/ch(light oil)..Elctric power cotrol &ndash; Mcc Panel, PLC &ndash; master K series, Temp.control, Temp.recorder..Serubber &ndash; Blower &ndash; 152kw, 480m3/min., 500mmAq., 1,920rpm .Gas temp. - 300℃.Veritical non seal pump &ndash; 5.5kw, 0.7m3/min. . Water tank &ndash; 6m3, stack.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Piping and Sub equipment4.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Roughing Mill.(3-HI/8pass)&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;. Mill Motor- Ac 1,300kw &times; 12p, 3,300V.. Flywheel &ndash; Size &ndash; &Phi;2,300 &times; 300w(mm), Bearing block.. Reducer &ndash; Power &ndash; 1,300kw, Gear ratio &ndash; 1/5.5714.Input speed &ndash; 589rpm, Output speed &ndash; 104.59rpm.. Pinion stand &ndash; Power &ndash; 1,300kw, Type &ndash; 3hi.. Roll stand &ndash; Type &ndash; 3hi Fiber open type, Sole plate.Roll size &ndash; &Phi;510 &times; 1,600L(mm), Spindle, Coupling.. Oil celler &ndash; Pump &ndash; 5.5kw, 140L/min.. Oil tank &ndash; 1,400L.. Kant table- Type &ndash; roll drive chain type, Power &ndash; 15kw, Speed &ndash; 3.6m/sec..Length &ndash; 19.7m, Width &ndash; 1.71m, Pass &ndash; 8.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Approach table &ndash; Type &ndash; Roll drive chain type, Power &ndash; 15kw, 11kw, 7.5kw.Speed &ndash; 3.8m/sec., 4.7m/sec., Length &ndash; 19.6m, Width &ndash; 1.49m, Pass &ndash; 8.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Flying shear &ndash; Type &ndash; Air clutch, Breake type, V-belt drive, Billet size &ndash; Max.60Sq(mm). 110kw, Material speed &ndash; Max.2.78m/sec. Cutting speed &ndash; 3.24m/sec.,Air pressure &ndash; 5.5kg/cm2(min).&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Piping and Sub equipment.5.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Intermidiate mill.(2-HI/10Pass)&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Snip shear &ndash; Billet size &ndash; Max.60Sq(mm), Air ctlinder type &ndash; 2ea.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.DC motor(T1,T2) &ndash; Power &ndash; DC 750kw.Divide reducer(T1,T2) &ndash; Power &ndash; 750kw, Gear ratio &ndash; 1/10.899, 1/8.108.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.DC motor(T3,T4) &ndash; Power &ndash; DC 750kw.Divide reducer(T3,T4) &ndash; Power &ndash; 750kw, Gear ratio &ndash; 1/7.487, 1/5.641&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.DC motor(T5,T6) &ndash; Power &ndash; DC 600kw..Divide reducer(T5,T6) &ndash; Power &ndash; 600kw, Gear ratio &ndash; 1/4.632, 1/3.474.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Roll stand(T1,T2,T3,T4,T5,T6) &ndash; Type &ndash; 2hi Fiber open type, Sole plate.Roll size &ndash; &Phi;320 &times; 800L(mm), Universal joint, Coopling.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Oil celler(T1,T2,T3,T4,T5,T6) &ndash; Pump &ndash; 7.5kw, 340L/min., Oil tank &ndash; 2,000L.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Flying shear &ndash; type &ndash; Air clutch, Air breke type, V-belt drive, Bellet size &ndash; Max.25Sq(mm). Air pressure &ndash; 5.5kg/cm2(min).-2sets&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Piping and Sub equipment.6.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Finishing Mill.(2-HI/6Pass)&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.DC motor(T7,T8) &ndash; Power &ndash; DC 500kw.. Reducer(T7,T8) &ndash; Power500kw, Gear ratio &ndash; 1/4.417, 1/3.250.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;. DC motor(T9,T10) &ndash; Power &ndash; DC 500kw.Reducer(T9,T10) &ndash; Power500kw, Gear ratio &ndash; 1/2.696, 1/2.043.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;. DC motor(T11,T12) &ndash; Power &ndash; DC 500kw..Reducer(T11,T12) &ndash; Power500kw, Gear ratio &ndash; 1/1.719, 1/1.406.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Oil celler(T7,T8,T9T10,T11,T12) &ndash; Pump &ndash; 5.5kw, 280L/min., Oil tank &ndash; 2,000L.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Roll stand(T7,T8,T9,T10,T11,T12) &ndash; Type &ndash; 2hi Ps bearing type, Sole plate.Roll size - &Phi;360 &times; 800(mm), Univeral joint, Coupling. Roll size - &Phi;360 &times; 1,000L(mm), Univeral joint, Coupling.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Rotary shear &ndash; Knife &ndash; &Phi;480mm, Power &ndash; 5.5kw, Meterial size &ndash; D10-D22. Meterialspeed &ndash; 12m/sec., Shearing speed &ndash; 12m/sec..&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Pinch roll &ndash; Air cylinder type, Roller speed &ndash; 9.3-13.5m/sec., 7.5kw, Material size &ndash; D10, D22.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Trumpet guide.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Piping and Sub equipment.7.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cooling Bed .&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Working size &ndash; 6.8m &times; 53m.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Run in table &ndash; 4 strain &times; 53m.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Kicker and brake &ndash; Air cylinder type.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.V shape table pitch &ndash; 1,000 &times; 4hi &times; 53 block(mm).&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Reform plate &ndash; 330w &times; 850L &times; 150h(mm).&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Moving/fixed knife &ndash; Walking type, Power &ndash; 75kw.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Alining roller &ndash; V-groove type.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Transfer-53m.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Gathering system &ndash; Air cylinder type, Lever lifting type.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Run out conveyor &ndash; roller driving, 8
&times; 850w &times; 1,000pitch(mm).&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Piping and Sub equipment.8.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cutting machine .&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Cold shear &ndash; Capacity &ndash; 300ton, Material size &ndash; D10-D32, Stroke length- 160mm. Air clutch, Breake type, Stroke &ndash; 150mm, Power &ndash; 37kw.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Pipeing and Sub equipment.9.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Bar handleing equipment.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Capacity &ndash; 2ton/ch., Roller &ndash; 10
&times; 920L(mm), Gauge table &ndash; 800w &times; 11,000L(mm). Roller table &ndash; 800w &times; 10,000L(mm), Pipeing and Sub equipment.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Binding machine &ndash; Binder material &ndash; Re bar, Round Bar, Binding weigh &ndash; 1,00kg-2,000kg, cycle time &ndash; 8sec.Binding wire &ndash; &Phi;5.5(Mild wire rod, Swrm8), Cotrol method &ndash; Electro-HYD. Control.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.Piping and Sub equipment.**Temporary Specifications Subject to Revisions****PRICE QUOTED AS IS WHERE IS SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE****ALL SPECIFICATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO BUYERS VERIFICATIONS**

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This machine is listed for sale by Machinery International Corp located in Woodbridge, Connecticut

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Machinery International Corp
  6 Punkin Patch Rd.
CT 06525
United States
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