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1.65” (42 MM) Crippa Model 1042E Electric 10-Axis Up & Down CNC Tube Bender - $RFQ

Item Number: #00163334
1.65” (42 MM) Crippa Model 1042E Electric 10-Axis Up &amp; Down CNC Tube Bender

1.65” (42 MM) Crippa Model 1042E Electric 10-Axis Up & Down CNC Tube Bender
Stock Code:  MCRIPX
Price: $RFQ

Miscellaneous Machinery

Year of Manufacture:  2013
Manufacturer:  Crippa
Model:  1042E
Condition: Used

No description providedMax. Mandrel Stroke755 mm / 29.72” Working Height1290 mm / 50.79” Machine Dimensions5853 mm X 2196 mm X 1804 mm (230.43” X 86.46” X 71.02” Height) Machine Weight4282 kg. / 9442 Lbs. Axis Identification and Characteristics: X-Axis: Head Horizontal Movement Speed50 m/min. (1968 IPM) X-Axis: Head Horizontal Movement Min. Stroke Limit173.1 mm / 6.81” X-Axis: Head Horizontal Movement Max. Stroke Limit-680.1 mm / -26.78” Y-Axis: Linear Speed85 m/min. (3345.6 IPM) Y-Axis: Linear Min. Stroke Limit-0.1 mm / -.0004” Y-Axis: Linear Max. Stroke Limit2600.1 mm / 102.37” Z-Axis: Head Vertical Movement Speed55 m/min. (2164.8 IPM) Z-Axis: Head Vertical Movement Min. Stroke Limit-745.1 mm / -29.33” Z-Axis: Head Vertical Movement Max. Stroke Limit245.1 mm / 9.65” B-Axis: Rotation Speed150 m/min. (5904 IPM) B-Axis: Rotation Min. Stroke Limit0 mm/ 0” B-Axis: Rotation Max. Stroke Limit360 mm / 14.17” C-Axis: Bending Speed40 m/min. (1574.4 IPM) C-Axis: Bending Min. Stroke Limit-.01 mm / -.0004” C-Axis: Bending Max. Stroke Limit188.1 mm / 7.41” U-Axis: Clamp Speed13.8 m/min (543.16 IPM) U-Axis: Clamp Min. Stroke Limit-5.1 mm / -.20” U-Axis: Clamp Max. Stroke Limit115.1 mm / 4.53” U1-Axis: Upper Pressure-Die Speed13.8 m/min. (543.16 IPM) U1-Axis: Upper Pressure-Die Min. Stroke Limit-1.5 mm / .06” U1-Axis: Upper Pressure-Die Max. Stroke Limit101.5 mm / 4.0” V1-Axis: Upper Slide Speed25 m/min. (984 IPM) V1-Axis: Upper Slide Min. Stroke Limit-.03 mm / -.012” V1-Axis: Upper Slide Max. Stroke Limit196.1 mm / 7.72” V2-Axis: Lower Slide Speed25 m/min. (984 IPM) V2-Axis: Lower Slide Min. Stroke Limit-0.3 mm / -.12” V2-Axis: Lower Slide Max. Stroke Limit196.1 mm / 7.72” V-Axis: Mandrel Extraction Speed19 m/min. (747.84 IPM) V-Axis: Mandrel Extraction Min. Stroke Limit-20.1 mm / -.79” V-Axis: Mandrel Extraction Max. Stroke Limit735.1 mm / 28.94” Max. Tube Diameter42 mm / 1.65” X .079” WT Min. Tube Diameter6 mm / .24” Max. Tube Length w/ Tube End into Positioner Collett2600 mm / 102.36” Max. Tube Length w/ Rod Movement4150 mm / 163.39” Max. Tube Length w/ Mandrel70 mm / 2.76 Max. Bending Radius170 mm / 6.69” Min. Bending Radius-- Max. Height of Upper Tooling210 mm / 8.27” Min. Height of Upper Tooling50 mm / 1.97” Max. Height of Lower Tooling210 mm / 8.27” Min. Height of Lower Tooling50 mm / 1.97” Max. Diameter Inside Carrier43 mm / 1.69”
<p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12pt;"><strong><span style="line-height: 107%;">EQUIPPED WITH:<br /></span></strong>Siemens 840D SL CNC Control. Crippa UII V5 Software with 3D Graphics on a 19&rdquo; LCD Touch Screen. 10-Controlled Axis Driven by Servo Motors. Multi-stack. Multi-radius Machine with Cross Movements Above, Below to the Right and to the Left of the Tube. Quick Changes of Work Planes. Left and Right Bends. The Clamp and Pressure-Die are Asynchronous when Upper Plane Moves Forward, Lower One Moves Back. Clamp and Pressure-Die Controlled by High Load Recirculation Ball Screws. Only 340 Hours.&nbsp;</span></p>

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This machine is listed for sale by Adams Machinery Company located in Lake Bluff, Illinois

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Adams Machinery Company
  601 N. Skokie Hwy, Unit D
Lake Bluff
IL 60044
United States
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