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UTMA AF801 CNC Automatic Dual Side Grinder - $RFQ

Item Number: #00044820
CNC Automatic Dual Side Grinder

UTMA AF801 CNC Automatic Dual Side Grinder
Price: $RFQ

Miscellaneous - Grinders & Grinding Machines

Manufacturer:  Utma
Model:  AF801
Condition: New


3 Axis CNC controlled grinding with AC servo motors
Interpolation for straight and form or profile grinding
Automatic Electronic Indexing system
Hydraulic saw blade clamping & saw carrier locking
Menu driven programming with memory for fast set up
Standard Program Capability:
1. No lift-off, straight up/down
2. Lift-off, move away at bottom of tip
3. Reverse lift-off, infeed at bottom of tip
4. Multi-pass with micro infeed (thin kerf)
5. Conical grind (scoring saws)
6. Radius & Polygon grind (barrel grind)
7. Top/bottom chamfer grind
8. Atlernated side grind (ex. Alternating flush to plate)
9. Cutters (ex. groovers, shapers) Standard Machine Includes:

Heavy flood coolant system with metal screen
2 grinding wheel flanges
2 hi-precision, low taper cup/cone clamping system for bores from 5/8 to 3-1/4” (19-85mm)
Small saw blade attachment for blades down to 3.1” or 80mm

Saw blade diameter 80-800mm (3.1 – 32”) (40” Option)
Maximum plate thickness 20mm (3/4”)
Hook angles -15 to +30 degrees
Radial clearance angles Virtually No mechanical limitation +/-
Tangential clearance angles 0 to +6 degrees
Tooth spacing 6 to 130mm (5.1”) optional to 7”
Grinding motors 4 HP total
Grinding wheel spec 100 (4”) x 20mm (3 & 5” option)
Voltage 220, 440V/3 phase/60 hz
Weight 1000kg (2,200 lbs)

AF801 Optional Accessories

Electronic handwheel for microadjustments
Full cabin enclosure (OEM order only) (requires mist extraction system)
MIST-Pac with AF801 installation kit
(for AF801 cabin enclosure mist extraction)
Large pitch index assembly to max 180mm/7”
(OEM order only – not retrofitable. Min. pitch 6mm)

Tool Holding

High precision cup/cone
Bores 19-55mm (5/8-2-1/8”)
High precision cup/cone
Bores 55-85mm (2-1/8-3-1/4”)
High precision cup/cone
Bores 85-110mm (3-1/4-4-1/4”)
Set of 8 Metric Bushings for Small Saw Attachment
(15, 16, 20, 30, 32, 45, 50mm)
Set of 6 Inch Bushings for Small Saw Attachment
(3/8, _, 5/8, _, 1, 1 _”)
Individual Bushings for Small Saw Attachment

4” Diamond wheel-side 4A1 220 grit C05026-02
4” Diamond wheel-side 4A1 180 grit C05025-02
5” Diamond wheel-side 4A1 180 grit C05033-02
Wheel flange set 20mm UTM-181
Grinding wheel guards (set of 2)* 75mm UTM-182
Grinding wheel guards (set of 2)* 125mm UTM-183
Pair of front nuts for wheel flange
(must order to use 75mm wheels) 75mm UTM-182-N

*Change of the Tangential Angle scale required when wheel size changes

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This machine is listed for sale by Colonial Saw, Inc. located in Kingston, Massachusetts

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Colonial Saw, Inc.
  122 Pembroke St
MA 02364
United States
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