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Amada|Laser CO2| LC3015F1NT IB|4000 watts - $RFQ

Item Number: #00149055
Amada|Laser CO2| LC3015F1NT IB|4000 watts

Amada|Laser CO2| LC3015F1NT IB|4000 watts
Stock Code:  12345610016
Price: $RFQ

Laser Cutters

Year of Manufacture:  2011
Manufacturer:  Amada
Model:  LC3015F1NT IB
Condition: Used

Origin: Japan
Year: 2011
Capacity: 4000 Watts

Cutting Capacities:

Stainless Steel: .500"(12.7 mm)CleanCut
Aluminum: .375"(9.525 mm)
Carbon Steel: .875"(22.225 mm)


Controller: AMNC-F
Driver Motors: Linear
Max Axis Positioning Speed:
4,724"/min. (6,681"/min, vector 45°)
(120m/min.(170m/min. vector 45°))
Max Speed z-Axi: 4,724"/min(120m/min)
Cutting Head: Type Cartridge
z-Axis Sensor: HS-2007 (Anti-plasma, noise resistant)
Cutting Head
x-Axis Travel: 3270 mm (128.74")
y-Axis Travel: 1550 mm (61.02")
z-Axis Travel:
100mm (3.94")
3070 mm (120.87")
Cutting Area:
550 mm (61.02")
100 mm (3.94")
Cutting Feederate: 0 to 60 m/min (0 to 196.8 fpm)
Max. rapid feed:
X-Axis: 120 m/min (393.6 fpm)
Y-Axis: 120 m/min (393.6 fpm)
Z-Axis: 120m/min (393.6 fpm)
CNC control Yes/No: Yes
Laser rated Output: 4000 Watts
Table Height: 940 mm (37.0")
Power Table: AC 3 Phases
HP/KW/KVA: 200 v 50/60 Hz 51 KVA
Voltage: 200
Dimensions: 80.7" x 29.5" x 46.3"
Weight: 28,660 lbs
Hours: 33,449
Oscillator: AF400I-B
Positioning Speed:
4,724"/min. (6,681"/min. vector 45°)
(120m/min.(170m/min. vector 45°))
CNC Controller
Model: AMNC-F
Display: LCD 15" Screen
Data Input Method: Touch Screen
Wireless Comunication
Floppy disk 3-1/2"
Standard Memory: 2 Mb
Hard Drive: 10 Gb
Operating Methods: Automatic

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