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Hydraulic Shears

Manufacturer:  Knuth
Model:  KHT H CNC
Condition: New

  KHT H 3006 CNCKHT H 3010 CNCKHT H 3013 CNCKHT H 3016 CNCKHT H 4006 CNCKHT H 4010 CNCKHT H 4013 CNCKHT H 6006 CNCKHT H 4016 CNC
Working Area
Plate thickness (max.)0.24 in0.39 in0.51 in0.63 in0.24 in0.39 in0.51 in0.24 in0.63 in
Working length121 in121 in121 in121 in161 in161 in161 in240 in161 in
Throat6 in
Cutting angle0.3 - 2 deg0.3 - 2 deg0.3 - 2.3 deg0.3 - 2.5 deg0.3 - 2 deg0.3 - 2 deg0.3 - 2.3 deg0.3 - 1.5 deg0.3 - 2.5 deg
Strokes per minute20 19 19 14 17 18 16 13 13
Hold-down13 positions16 positions16 positions18 positions20 positions20 positions19 positions29 positions20 positions
Hold-down capacity17.6 t22 t27.5 t44 t27.5 t27.5 t55 t38.5 t55 t
Table size131x19x31 in132x20x32 in132x22x33 in133x22x33 in172x20x32 in172x21x32 in173x23x33 in247x23x35 in173x24x35 in
Back Gauge
Rear stop39 in
Feed speed X-axis3.9 in/min
Front Support Arms
Number of support arms3 positions3 positions3 positions3 positions4 positions4 positions4 positions6 positions4 positions
Length of support arms35 in
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive14.8 Hp29.5 Hp40.2 Hp49.6 Hp14.8 Hp29.5 Hp40.2 Hp29.5 Hp49.6 Hp
Hydraulic tank volume40 gal66 gal66 gal92 gal40 gal66 gal66 gal66 gal92 gal
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)154x82x77 in155x84x84 in156x85x89 in158x87x96 in195x83x82 in196x86x91 in197x87x94 in272x86x93 in197x89x104 in
Weight15,400 lbs20,900 lbs25,300 lbs33,660 lbs21,340 lbs30,250 lbs36,080 lbs48,400 lbs50,160 lbs

These guided hydraulic plate shears with CNC-controlled back gauge, kerf and cutting angle combine high quality and reliability with a user-friendly design

Machine Frame

  • The very rigid and heavy machine frame has been welded to tight tolerances and annealed
  • The machine frame has been machined on a state-of-the-art 5-axis milling machine in one single setup to ensure more precise cuts and extended life
  • All components subject to tensile loads have been carefully constructed and designed with large radii to permanently eliminate the risk of cracking
  • The table features a bottom cutter mount and cutter bar and has been designed for minimal torsion and optimum load distribution
  • All components were treated in a modern paint and drying system and feature two coats of paint, each coat with a minimum thickness of 60 micron

Material Support

  • The large work table features roller balls and a rigid lateral angular stop for easy handling and safe plate alignment
  • Long, sturdy support arms safely hold large plates


  • Polished pistons on both hydraulic cylinders feature superior 2 micron surface grades, ensuring a long seal life
  • Cylinder bodies are forged from high-strength SAE 1040 material
  • The entire hydraulic system is reliable, low-maintenance and easy to service
  • During the cut, hydraulically regulated hold-downs ensure steady fixation of the sheet metal plate close to the cut-line

Back Gauge and Control

  • Length, thickness, and strength of the plate material can easily be entered by the user into the programmable control unit, which then automatically will select the appropriate positions for kerf, cutting angle and cutting length
  • The back gauge system is very robust and perfectly suited for rough production environments
  • Linear guides and preloaded ball screws are mounted in a protective enclosure


  • Electric components made by renowned manufacturers ensure problem-free operation and high availability
  • Upper and lower knives suitable for stainless steel
  • The machine is operated via a foot pedal with emergency stop switch, and

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    This machine is listed for sale by Blumberg Machinery located in Bannockburn, Illinois

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