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Italpresse "Estrema MX" 3-D Thermofoil Lamination Press - $RFQ

Item Number: #00017172
Italpresse &quot;Estrema MX&quot; 3-D Thermofoil Lamination Press

Italpresse "Estrema MX" 3-D Thermofoil Lamination Press
Price: $RFQ

Hot / Single / Multiple / Membrane Presses

Manufacturer:  Italpresse
Model:  Estrema MX
Condition: New

Laminating cabinet and fixture components with PVC and Kydex decorative films is easy and cost effective with the Italpresse ESTREMA 3-D Laminating Press. The robustly engineered ESTREMA uses positive air pressure and vacuum, with or without a membrane, to consistently produce beautiful results cycle after cycle.

The ESTREMA MX is equipped for 3-D lamination of decorative films using a silicone membrane installed in the machine. The standard machine has the capability of pressing in a full membrane mode, or using the membrane during the preheating step and working membrane-less during the pressure step, or removing the membrane and intermediate frame to work completely membrane-less. An optional extender for the tray frame is needed for working in a full membrane-less mode.

Time proven techniques have been engineered into the press cycle to assure consistently beautiful results cycle after cycle. The press utilizes both vacuum below the foil and positive air pressure above the foil / membrane to produce crisp definition of the foil in the profile areas and a reliable glue bond. Special program steps are included for films with special requirements such as thick, high gloss films and Kydextm.

Selecting a preset program file from the library of programs stored in the touch screen controller allows the machine to be switched from membrane mode to membrane-less mode. Laminating with the use of a membrane increases the quantity of heat delivered to the glue line. This feature provides an extra level of assurance that the film is securely bonded to the substrate while keeping the film at the optimum temperature for producing quality components with superior appearance. Use of the membrane also minimizes the corner fold effect on components with sharp or minimal radius corners.

Switching to the membrane-less pressure mode allows you to laminate components with deep or intricate profiles with ease. While still providing the benefits of heat transfer in this mode, the life of the membrane is significantly increased reducing your operational costs.

ITALPRESSE'S "Relieving Bed" technology is another significant advantage of the ESTREMA MX. The optional "PSS" pin support system eliminates the expense and hassle of pedestal panels and increases the potential output of the press. Setting the pins is quick and easy. There are no complicated electronics or pneumatic components to maintain. Just zip down one row of pins around each panel with a simple hand tool. That's all there is to it. Only the pins around the immediate perimeter of the part lower down to create enough relief for the foil to properly form to the bottom of edge of the panels. Leaving the rest of the pins in the up position minimizes the amount of stretch induced into the PVC foil. The pins are an integral part of the loading tray and tightly spaced together creating a solid pedestal underneath the part. This eliminates the danger of rupturing the PVC in the open spaces between pins. You can choose to have all of the pins automatically reset as the tray exits the press or leave them as set for the next cycle.

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This machine is listed for sale by Italpresse USA, Inc. located in Punta Gorda, Florida

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Italpresse USA, Inc.
  26520 Mallard Way
Punta Gorda
FL 33950
United States
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