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Italpresse "Mark/C" Through-Feed Hot Press for Lean Manufacturing - $RFQ

Item Number: #00014987
Italpresse &quot;Mark/C&quot; Through-Feed Hot Press for Lean Manufacturing

Italpresse "Mark/C" Through-Feed Hot Press for Lean Manufacturing
Price: $RFQ

Feed Through Presses

Manufacturer:  Italpresse
Model:  Mark/C
Condition: New
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The Italpresse Mark/C through-feed hot press features a unique combination of a load scanning system and an axis control system for the cylinder stroke that allows complete random loading of the press from load to load without any input from the operator. One load could be a large conference table top and the next a single drawer front. The machine adapts instantly to the components entering the press. The operator sets the thickness and desired laminating pressure. The scanning system reads the surface area and position of the parts in the press. A complex algorithm determines how much hydraulic pressure to feed to each cylinder. Each cylinder will receive a different pressure, which could be zero if no panels are positioned near that particular cylinder. The axis control system assures perfect parallelism of the platens even under full pressure during the laminating cycle. This allows complete random loading of the press. There is no need to "balance the load" or fill the press.

The Press Line Consists of:

Automatic Panel Feeder SP/160 with Heavy Duty Hydraulic Scissors Lift Table
Panel Cleaning Machine B/160
Four Roller Glue Spreader R4/160
Driven disc roller conveyor VDM/16-38 for receiving the glued panels from the glue spreader
Panel Indexing Device CM/160 to assist the operator in laying down the glued panels
Lay-up / In-feed Belt Conveyor NC/16-45/INV
Automatic through-feed hot press Mark C/16-38/5 Ultra Scan Plus Control System
100 kW Electrical resistance thermal oil boiler system to heat the press platens
Gravity roller out-feed conveyor SRF/16-40

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This machine is listed for sale by Italpresse USA, Inc. located in Punta Gorda, Florida

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Italpresse USA, Inc.
  26520 Mallard Way
Punta Gorda
FL 33950
United States
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