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10 H.P. Used Smog Hog Dust Collector (Cartridge Type), Mdl. FJL8-2H55, #A7125 - $19,500

Item Number: #00173395
10 H.P. Used Smog Hog Dust Collector (Cartridge Type), Mdl. FJL8-2H55, #A7125

10 H.P. Used Smog Hog Dust Collector (Cartridge Type), Mdl. FJL8-2H55, #A7125
Stock Code:  A7125
Price: $19,500

Dust Collectors

Manufacturer:  Smog-Hog
Condition: Used

The 10 H.P. Used Smog Hog Dust Collector (Cartridge Type), Model FJL8-2H55, is a specific model of dust collector designed to remove airborne contaminants, dust, and particulate matter from industrial environments

Here are some details about this particular model:

  1. Horsepower (H.P.): The dust collector is equipped with a 10 horsepower motor, which provides the necessary power to effectively capture and filter the airborne particles.

  2. Cartridge Type: The FJL8-2H55 is a cartridge-type dust collector, meaning it uses cartridge filters to capture and separate the dust from the air stream. Cartridge filters typically provide efficient filtration and can be cleaned or replaced as needed.

  3. Smog Hog Brand: Smog Hog is a well-known brand in the air pollution control industry, specializing in air filtration and dust collection systems. They are recognized for their high-quality products and reliability.

  4. Dust Collection Capacity: The specific dust collection capacity of the FJL8-2H55 model may vary depending on factors such as the size and type of particles being captured, the filtration efficiency of the cartridge filters, and the operating conditions. It is important to check the manufacturer's specifications or consult with the seller to determine the dust collection capacity of this particular model.

  5. Industrial Applications: Dust collectors like the Smog Hog FJL8-2H55 are commonly used in various industrial applications where dust and particulate matter are generated, such as woodworking shops, metalworking facilities, manufacturing plants, and other environments that produce airborne contaminants.

When considering the purchase of a used dust collector, it's important to assess the condition of the equipment, including the overall performance, filter condition, and maintenance history. It's also advisable to inquire about the availability of any documentation, user manuals, and spare parts. Consulting with an experienced technician or a representative from the manufacturer can provide further insights into the suitability of this specific model for your dust collection needs.

NO. Of Filters
Supra-Net Filter Area
2080 Sq. Ft
NO. Of Hopper Outlets
2,500 Lbs.
Dimensions (L x D x H)
120" X 46" X 115"


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This machine is listed for sale by Sterling Machinery Exchange located in South El Monte, California

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