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Cincinnati 18" x 72" Mod. DE Universal Hydraulic OD Grinder - $RFQ

Item Number: #00050027
Cincinnati 18&quot; x 72&quot; Mod. DE Universal Hydraulic OD Grinder

Cincinnati 18" x 72" Mod. DE Universal Hydraulic OD Grinder
Stock Code:  PT-00663
Price: $RFQ

Cylindrical Universal Grinders

Year of Manufacture:  1972
Manufacturer:  Cincinnati
Model:  DE
Condition: Used

Grinding Wheel
Swivel Range:
Lower swivel, right and left 90º
Upper swivel, right and left 30º
Grinding wheels regularly supplied
(D x W x Hole) 14” x 1.5” x 5”
14” x 1.0” x 5”
Cross Feed
Automatic infeed at table reversal
(dia. reduction) Low .0002” to .005”
High .0005” to .0125”
Pick Feed selections:
Right end only, left end only Yes
Right and left ends Yes
Wheelhead movement per turn of crossfeed
handwheel: Low .050”
High .250”
Minimum infeed increment in terms of
diameter reduction .000050”
Headstock and Footstock
Taper hole in headstock and footstock
spindles No. 10 B. & S.
Number of work rotation speeds Infinite
Range of work rotation speeds, rpm 25 to 200
Footstock center retraction by hand lever
Headstock spindle nose, American Lathe
Standard 6”
Headstock swivel:
Toward weheelhead 90º
Away from wheelhead 30º
Table Traverse
Number of table traverse speeds Infinite
Range of table traverse speeds, ipm 3 to 220
Minimum movement required to reverse table 3/32”
Accuracy of table reversal at all traverse rates .004”
Independent right-hand and left-hand tarry
adjustment, seconds 0 to 5
Mechanical hand table traverse per revolution
of handwheel: Rapid 15/16”
Slow 0.2”
Power Requirements (Electrical equipment included with machine)
Wheelhead motor 5 hp
Hydraulic pump motor 1½ hp
Headstock motor 1 hp
Internal grinding attachment motor 2 hp
Cutting fluid pump motor ¼ hp

Specifications applicable to 18” x 72” length machine
Maximum swing over table 18-15/16”
Maximum diameter machine will grind with full
size wheel 18-15/16”
Minimum diameter machine will grind with either
full size or worn out wheel 0
Nominal distance between centers 72”
Distance from floor to centers 44-3/8”
Swivel table graduated to an angle:
Toward wheelhead 7º
Away from wheelhead 2º
Swivel table graduated to taper per foot:
Toward wheelhead 3”
Away from wheelhead 1¼”
Floor space required 72¾” x 237¾”
Net weight, approximate, including all motors 12,100#
Gross weight, domestic 15,300#

Machine tooling and accessories included (to be confirmed during inspection)
4 ID spindles w/ arbors
2 Faceplates
1 6” 3-jaw chuck
1 10” 4-jaw chuck
1 6” magnetic chuck
1 10” magnetic chuck
7 Steady rests (various sizes)
1 Collet closer w/ collets
2 Grinding wheels; one new & one used
2 Wheel flanges
Large quantity of drive dogs
Large number of centers
Digital Readout on wheel infeed axis

Note: All specifications of machine shown herein were taken from literature supplied with the machine. Inventory of tooling and accessories listed herein is approximate. Inspection of all items available with prior notice. Machine is currently under power. Purchaser to confirm specifications and inventory of included items prior to purchase.

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