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12" Swing 20" Centers Toyoda GE4P-50M, 2015, 3,399 HOURS, CNC CYL GRINDER, Toyoda GC50B CNC Control, 16" x 4"W Wheel, - $RFQ

Item Number: #00152701
12&quot; Swing 20&quot; Centers Toyoda GE4P-50M, 2015, 3,399 HOURS, CNC CYL GRINDER, Toyoda GC50B CNC Control, 16&quot; x 4&quot;W Wheel,

12" Swing 20" Centers Toyoda GE4P-50M, 2015, 3,399 HOURS, CNC CYL GRINDER, Toyoda GC50B CNC Control, 16" x 4"W Wheel,
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Cylindrical Grinders - Plain

Year of Manufacture:  2015
Manufacturer:  Toyoda
Model:  GE4P-50M, 2015, 3,399 HOU
Condition: Used

12.6" x 20" Toyoda CNC Plain Cylindrical Grinder


Model: GE4P-50M  S/N: RCB-1232   Mfg: 2013/Installed in 2015



General Specifications


Max. Work Swing: 12.6"

Max. Distance Between centers: 20"

Max. Supportable Weight: 330 lbs.



Work Speeds, Infinitely variable: 10 - 500 rpm

Center taper: #4 Morse

Workhead Spindle: live spindle




Travel Distance: 9.843"

Rapid Traverse Rate:  393.7" inch/min

Programmable Feed Rate: 0.00001 - 200 inch/min

Straight: 0 degrees fixed

Wheel spindle bearings: Toyoda Stat Bearings




Work center taper: #4 Morse

Quill travel distance: 0.787"

Taper Compensation:  0.002

Quill advance/retraction: Hydraulic power


Grinding Wheel

Size (OD x width x ID): 16" x 3"W x 5"

Max. Grinding Wheel Width:  4"

Minimum Grinding Wheel O.D.:  11"

SFPM surface speed: 6,500 - 4,475 SFPM




Travel Distance: 30.315"

Rapid-Traverse Rate: 393" inch/min

Programmable Feed Rate: 0.0001" - 200" inch/min

Swivel of Taper Adjust: 0 to 12.5 Degrees

Way Construction: ground, vee and flat pressurized



Wheel Spindle: 5 hp T.E.F.C.

Work Spindle: 1.0 hp AC servo

Wheelhead feed motor:  1.15 hp AC servo

Table feed motor:  1.75 hp AC servo

Wheel Spindle Lube: 1/3 hp



Machine Dimensions and Construction

Dimensions: 58"W x 76"D x 74"H

Centerline of workpiece, height from floor: 41"

Weight: 8,800 lbs.

Construction: Cast Iron



Tank Capacities

Way lubrication oil tank: 3.17 gallns

Wheel spindle lubrication tank: 3.17 gallon



Wheel Spindle: Recirculating Hydraulic Oil

Ways: Recirculating Lube Oil

Ballscrews: Recirculating Lube Oil

Workhead Spindle: Permanent grease packed

Footstock: Recirculating Hydraulic Oil



Electrical Specifications

Standard Voltage: 220 volts, 3-phase, 60 Hertz, AC




Toyoda RC-50BCNC Control Specifications:

Manual pulse generator

Full linear and circular contouring and positioning

Digital and AC servo systems

Direct RPM programming or constant surface feet per minute

Built-in diagnostics

Color LCD display

Macro subroutines

Decimal point programming

Absolute/Incremental programming

USB Port, Computer Interface



Machine Features & Equipment

Cast iron machine base

Vee & flat pressurized way system

Combination live & dead spindle workhead

Workhead, dual "live" & "dead" spindle option

Toyoda "Stat" grinding wheel spindle bearings

Hydraulic power operated tailstock

Fine taper adjustment of tailstock

Presenly has a 16" X 3.5"W Grinding Wheel, with 4" wheel guard capacity

Coolant system with "Barnes" magnetic separator

Dial indicator for table swivel adjustment

Center in workhead


Toyoda GC50B CNC Control:

"A USB port has been added to the control pendant, allowing for simple

 program uploads and downloads. This expanded data storage is designed

 to minimize the need for frequent data back-up and replacement.


"The GC50 is composed of hardware and software based on the

 latest PC technology," said a spokesperson. "Because Toyoda's conversational

  software can now run on top of the standard Windows XP, it is capable

  of performing many calculations at very high speeds. The PLC

 (Programmable Logic Controller) has been integrated into the

  software, eliminating the need for specialized diagnosis programs.

  GC50 simplifies the amount of hardware and software, providing

  faster processing speeds and interpolated movements.


"A 12.1-inch full-color LCD touch screen makes it possible to display

  more processes at once, reducing the need to change screens often.

 This design reduces the number of operations on screen and the amount

 of data and time required for production preparation. It also reduces

 the number of hard push buttons on the display by 30 percent,

 minimizing maintenance requirements.


"A simplified on-screen touch pad eliminates the need for an

 alpha-numeric keypad and makes it possible for the operator to work

  without having to memorize the instruction manual.


"The GC50 has a series of enhanced functions, including automatic

 work speed and feedrate calculation, photo-enhanced maintenance

 instructions and moveable pop-up windows for running position location."




** Control shows 3,399 "Run Hours" **


** Inspect Under Power in our Harrison, NJ Warehouse **

** Excellent Condition & Appearance - Original Paint **


FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call Andy at 973-497-7600

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