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USED KEYENCE HANDHELD CMM MODEL XM 1200, Stock# 10943, Year: 2019 - $RFQ

Item Number: #00166639
USED KEYENCE HANDHELD CMM MODEL XM 1200, Stock# 10943, Year: 2019

USED KEYENCE HANDHELD CMM MODEL XM 1200, Stock# 10943, Year: 2019
Stock Code:  10943
Price: $RFQ

Coordinate Measuring Machines

Year of Manufacture:  2019
Manufacturer:  Keyence
Model:  XM 1200
Condition: Used

Brand: KeyenceModel: XM 1200The Keyence XM-1200 coordinate measuring machine is a handheld, probe-based dimensional analysis device with a 4-megapixel CMOS image sensor. Keyence XM-1200 handheld probes operate via position detection technology, allowing for more freedom and range of movement than a Faro arm and enhancing measurement precision. The Keyence XM Series camera captures near-infrared light from 100 LED lights embedded in seven markers on the probe, achieving a repeatability of &plusmn;3&mu;m. An augmented reality display is generated on the Keyence XM-1200's 15" LCD monitor, which allows users to visualize the recreation as well as element name and number in real time. Test reports with images are automatically created for you with by your Keyence XM CMM.Specifications:&nbsp;


Camera - Image pickup device
4 megapixel CMOS image sensor

Camera - Wavelength at light receiving center

Measuring range
600mm &times; 300mm &times; 200mm (23.62" &times; 11.81" &times; 7.87")

Min. display unit distance

Min. display unit angle
0.0001 degrees

Measurement accuracy - Repeatability
Stage locked: &plusmn;3&micro;mStage unlocked: &plusmn;4&micro;m

Measurement accuracy - Indication error
Stage locked: &plusmn;8&micro;mStage unlocked: &plusmn; (10 + L/100)&micro;m

Stage - Withstand load
25 kg

Stage - X-axis movable range
&plusmn;100 mm (&plusmn;3.94")

Stage - Rotation range



Marker light source
Near-infrared LED (870 nm)

Probe connection port
2 inputs

Console input
Dedicated console

External remote input
Non-voltage input (with and without tangent point)

USB 2.0 Series A: 3 ports

15" LCD monitor (1024 &times; 768)

Ambient temperature
+10 to +35 &deg;C (50 to 95 &deg;F)

Relative humidity
20 to 80 % RH (No condensation)

Power supply voltage
Supplied from controller

Connector type
Dedicated connector

Head: Approx. 39.6kg (including camera and cable)Console: Approx. 150g (including cable)


Probe/camera-based measuring machine, no Faro arm
Near-infrared wavelength at light receiving center
4-megapixel CMOS image sensor
600 mm &times; 300 mm &times; 200 mm measurement range

Equipped with:Handheld CMM controllerM6 base plate2mm stylus

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This machine is listed for sale by Westbrook Engineering located in Warren, Michigan

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