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BAILEIGH Tungsten Carbide Saw CS-70NC - $RFQ

Item Number: #00064715
BAILEIGH Tungsten Carbide Saw CS-70NC

BAILEIGH Tungsten Carbide Saw CS-70NC
Stock Code:  CS-70NC
Price: $RFQ

Cold & Carbide Saws (Non - Ferrous) - Metal

Blade diameter11"
Manufacturer:  Baileigh
Model:  CS-70NC
Condition: New


This fully automatic cold saw, our smartest model, is accurate to .002”. The touchscreen controls, hydraulic vise, and infeed table with sensors make large-scale production fast and easy.
2.75” round tube maximum capacity.
Includes 11” blade with tungsten carbide inserts that improve cut quality.
Tungsten carbide dissipates heat, helping blades last longer and stay sharp.
Inverter-driven variable speed ranges from 17 to 200 rpm.
Designed to cut tool-grade steel, heavy wall tubing, solid high alloy, carbon, and non-ferrous materials accurately and efficiently.
Mighty 10 hp blade motor runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.

Automatic System:
Fully automatic hydraulic system, controlling the feed, vise, and coolant, allows for fast, easy production.
Hydraulic infeed table automatically lifts one piece of stock at a time and loads it to the feeding vise.
Once you load material, a sensor detects the stock, feeds the bar to the cutting vise, and squares the end up before cutting.
19-foot table can hold up to 5,500 lbs. of material.
User-friendly touchscreen controller handles all of the saw’s functions. Just about anyone can learn how to use it.
You can program multiple part sizes within the same run.
Controller alerts you about potential problems during the cutting process.

Structure, Maintenance, and Service:
Heavy-duty steel construction: carbide saw blade is mounted to a rigid blade containment system, tied to a robust hydraulic pivot system.
Rugged containment system and pivot minimize vibrations, so you can reliably make large amounts of clean, burr-free cuts.
Misting flood coolant system prolongs blade life and allows the machine to last longer.
Coolant system helps produce the highest tolerances and the best surface finish.
Oiler system lets you lubricate the saw and keep it moving smoothly.
Hydraulic material chute moves from left to right every time a part is produced to prevent material buildup.
Self-cleaning auger system in the waste cabinet pushes scraps together towards the bend.
Built-in vacuum system captures shavings and particles, so your shop stays clean and safe.
Safety interlocks protect the operator and everyone in your shop.
Replacement parts are in stock for fast shipping from our Wisconsin headquarters.
We cover this automatic cutoff saw with a 1-year parts warranty.
You can count on lifetime technical support by phone. Call up our team of reps, all with hands-on machine experience, whenever you need help.

Recommended for:
Shops that cut large amounts of solid material to length before machining.
High-production industrial applications, especially in laboratory or nuclear contexts.

Country of Manufacture: Taiwan
Max. Blade Diameter: 11"
Operation: Automatic with Magazine Feeder
Head Miter: None
Round Solid at 90°: 2.75"
Rectangle Tube at 90°: 2.36" x 2.36"
Square Tube at 90°: 2.36" x 2.36"
Round Tube at 90°: 2.75"
Coolant System: Yes
Vice Style: Single Action with Hydraulic Feed
Max. Vice Opening: 3.5"
Head Style: Column
Arbor Size: 1.26"
Motor: 10 HP
Blade Speed: Inverter Driven, 17 - 200 (rpm)
Power: 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Dimensions: Crate 1 - 195" x 44" x 64", Crate 2 - 135" x 90" x 102"
Shipping Weight: 5,800 lbs.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Data is provided by the manufacturer.


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This machine is listed for sale by Sierra Victor Industries located in Port Orange, Florida

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