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55" x 59" - 236" SHARP® CNC Big Bore Lathe - $RFQ

Item Number: #00086429
55&quot; x 59&quot; - 236&quot; SHARP&#174; CNC Big Bore Lathe

55" x 59" - 236" SHARP® CNC Big Bore Lathe
Stock Code:  STA-55
Price: $RFQ

CNC Flatbed Lathes

Manufacturer:  Sharp
Model:  STA-55
Condition: New


This is a high precision CNC flat bed lathe with FANUC Oi-TD control. The STA series is available with option of 6", 9", 12" or 15" spindle bore, 55.9" swing over bed and 59" to 236" distance between centers. The bed width is 24" and the spindle motor is available up to 60 HP
The CNC Big Bore Lathes feature a unique design of one piece casting base that allows heavy cutting with high precision. The hardened and ground bedways are made from high quality Meehanite castings with internal ribbings for vibration dampening, heat distortion prevention and long lasting stability. There are 4 levels of geared spindle speeds to deliver full torque under various speeds. Change of each level is commanded by M code, operated hydraulically. Bedways and ballscrews are centrally lubricated with low level alarm. Headstock is equipped with heat exchanger to disperse heat and maintain spindle accuracy. Full length chip conveyor and enclosed splash guard are all standard accessories.

FANUC Oi-TD Controller
Spindle 4-steps speed auto. change
XZ-axes auto. lubrication system
XZ-axes with Turcite-B
XZ-axes C3 ball screw
Rear chain type chip conveyor
Manual tailstock MT#6
Steady rest 16"
Coolant system
Full enclosed splash guard
Heat exchanger
Dead center (2 piece set)
Tools & tool box
Operational manual
Packing pallet
Tailstock interference protection
Electronic hand wheel (MPG, Manual Pulse Generator)
Alarm lamp for working & cutting finish
Work lamp
Level pads
RS-232 interface

Max Swing Over Bed: 55.9" (1420)
Swing Over Cross Slide: 41.7" (1059)
Distance Between Centers:
59" (1500), 78.7" (2000), 118.1" (3000), 157.5" (4000), 196.8" (5000), 236.2" (6000)

Width of Bed: 24"
Length of Bed:
133.86" (3400), 153.54" (3900), 192.91" (4900), 232.28" (5900), 271.65" (6900), 311" (7900)
Bed Way: 2 V, 2 Flat Ways

Spindle Bore: 6" (Opt: 9", 12", 15")
Spindle Nose: A2-11 (Opt: A2-15, A2-20)
Spindle Speed: 6-500 rpm (Opt: 9", 12", 15", 350 rpm, Varies with HP/chuck size)
No. of Spindle Speeds: 4 steps/Hydraulic
Spindle Taper: MT 6

X-Axis Travel: Hydraulic Turret: 23.62", H4-600mm
Z-Axis Travel:
59" (1500), 78.74" (2000), 118.11" (3000), 157.48" (4000), 196.85" (5000), 236.22 (6000)
Diameter of X-Axis Ball Screw: 32 mm
Diameter of Z-Axis Ball Screw: 63 mm

X,Z-axis rapid: 196.85"/min (5000 mm/min)
X,Z-axis feed rate: 118.11"/min (3000 mm/min)

Turret Type: OP: Hydraulic Turret 4 tools (H4), 8 tools (V8), 12 tools (V12), VDI (coolant access)
Tool Shank/Numbers: 1.23" x 1.23" (32 x 32), Opt: 1.57" x 1.57"
Tool Holder Bore Diameter: 1.97"

Quill Diameter: 4.92" (125)
Quill Travel: 11.8" (300)
Quill Taper: MT6
Body Movement: Carried By Saddle
Body Lock-Type: Manual (OP: Hydraulic Type)
Quill Movement: Manual (OP: Hydraulic Type)

Spindle Motor: 30 HP ( std, Fanuc Alpha 22), Opt: 40HP or 60 HP
X-axis Servo Motor: 4 HP (Fanuc AC servo)
Y-axis Servo Motor: 10 HP (Fanuc AC servo)
Hydraulic Pump: 2 HP (1.5 kw)
Coolant Pump: 1.7 HP (1.275 kw)

Control: Fanuc Oi-TD

Transformer 55KVA
Transformer 60KVA
3-jaw scroll strong chuck (direct mounted) A2-11-20" (500mm)
3-jaw scroll strong chuck (direct mounted) A2-11/15-25" (630mm)
Hydraulic 3-jaw wedge type through-hole power chuck 18"
Hydraulic 3-jaw wedge non through-hole power chuck 18"
4-jaw independent chuck 32" (810mm, A2-11)
4-jaw independent chuck 40" (1000mm, A2-11)
4-jaw independent chuck 50" (1250mm, A2-11)
Face plate with 4-jaw, A2-11-32"
Face plate with 4-jaw, A2-11-40" (grip range 150-900mm)
Face plate with 4-jaw A2-11-50" (grip range 150-1150mm)
Steady rest 16" (bearing type, grip range 60mm-400mm)
Steady rest 24" (bearing type, grip range 380mm-600mm)
Follow rest (grip range 30-150mm)
Boring attachment for bar diagram 120mm
Spindle oil chiller 12000BTU
Hydraulic turret 4-way turret H4 (Square dia. 250, tool shank 32x32mm)
Hydraulic turret V-8 tools - boring toolholder 50mm-3 pcs, facing toolholder 32x32-1 pcs, 40, 32, 20, 16, 12, 10mm to fit boring toolholder
Hydraulic turret V-12 tools - boring toolholder 50mm-3 pcs, facing toolholder 32x32-1 pcs, 40, 32, 20, 16, 12, 10mm to fit boring toolholder
Tailstock with hydraulic quill
Tailstock base hydraulic with lock bolt
Air conditioner

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
NOTE: Data is provided by the manufacturer.

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This machine is listed for sale by Sierra Victor Industries located in Port Orange, Florida

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Sierra Victor Industries
  610-B Oak Place
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United States
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