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Item Number: #00154376

Stock Code:  16172
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CNC Combination Lathes

Manufacturer:  Knuth
Condition: New

<p></p><div class="additional-attributes-wrapper table-wrapper table-responsive">

<table class="data table additional-attributes"><caption class="table-caption">Working Area</caption><tbody><tr class="mer_aabghd"><td>X axis, including pick-up distance</td><td>260 + 1.050 in</td></tr><tr class="mer_aabghe"><td>?Swing? ¯</td><td>18 in</td></tr><tr class="mer_aabghf"><td>Z axis</td><td>15 in</td></tr><tr class="mer_aabghg"><td>Chuck ¯</td><td>8 in</td></tr><tr class="mer_aabghh"><td>Workpiece weight</td><td>66 lbs</td></tr></tbody></table><table class="data table additional-attributes"><caption class="table-caption">Feed</caption><tbody><tr class="mer_aabgic"><td>X axis rapid feed</td><td>1,181 in</td></tr><tr class="mer_aabgid"><td>Z axis rapid feed</td><td>1,181 in</td></tr><tr class="mer_aabgie"><td>Feed speed</td><td>197 in/min</td></tr></tbody></table><table class="data table additional-attributes"><caption class="table-caption">Workpiece storage</caption><tbody><tr class="mer_aacdaf"><td>Workpiece storage stations</td><td>8 positions</td></tr><tr class="mer_aacdag"><td>Workpiece length (max.)</td><td>6 in</td></tr><tr class="mer_aacdah"><td>Maximum workpiece weight</td><td>66 lbs</td></tr><tr class="mer_aacdai"><td>Workpiece diameter</td><td>8.27 in</td></tr></tbody></table><table class="data table additional-attributes"><caption class="table-caption">Spindle</caption><tbody><tr class="mer_aabghi"><td>Spindle speed</td><td>4,500 1/min</td></tr><tr class="mer_aabghj"><td>Power s1 / s6</td><td>11 / 18,5 Hp</td></tr><tr class="mer_aabgia"><td>Spindle torque S6 -30%</td><td>2,885</td></tr><tr class="mer_aabgib"><td>Spindle torque S6 -30%</td><td>4 in</td></tr></tbody></table><table class="data table additional-attributes"><caption class="table-caption">Tool Turret / Block Tool</caption><tbody><tr class="mer_aabgif"><td>Tool stations</td><td>12 positions</td></tr><tr class="mer_aabgig"><td>Mount</td><td>25x25/ ¯ 40 in</td></tr><tr class="mer_aabgih"><td>Tool selection system</td><td>Random </td></tr><tr class="mer_aabgii"><td>Tool-change time</td><td>1 sec</td></tr></tbody></table><table class="data table additional-attributes"><caption class="table-caption">Drive Capacity</caption><tbody><tr class="mer_aabjah"><td>Z axis feed motor with brakes</td><td>5 Hp</td></tr><tr class="mer_aacdae"><td>Z axis feed motor with brakes</td><td>195</td></tr><tr class="mer_aabjai"><td>Y axis feed motor</td><td>5 Hp</td></tr><tr class="mer_aacdad"><td>Y axis feed motor</td><td>195</td></tr></tbody></table><table class="data table additional-attributes"><caption class="table-caption">Tank Capacity</caption><tbody><tr class="mer_aabgjd"><td>Coolant tank</td><td>42 gal</td></tr><tr class="mer_aabgje"><td>Oil tank</td><td>8 gal</td></tr></tbody></table><table class="data table additional-attributes"><caption class="table-caption">Measures and Weights</caption><tbody><tr class="mer_aaaaac"><td>Overall dimensions (length x width x height)</td><td>138x119x115 in</td></tr><tr class="mer_aaabai"><td>Weight</td><td>15,400 lbs</td></tr></tbody></table> <table class="data table additional-attributes" id="product-attribute-specs-table">
<td class="col" scope="row">Part No.</td>
<td class="col data" data-th="Part No.">180625</td>
</p><div class="col-xs-12 product attribute description">
<div class="value">
<p style="font-weight: bold;">Highlights</p><ul><li>Mineral-casting bed with roller guides</li><li>Autom. Workpiece loading and unloading via main spindle</li><li>Workpiece storage with palleting function</li><li>Spindle speed 4500 rpm</li></ul><ul><li>Extremely rigid machine structure</li><li>High axis dynamics combined with simple use</li><li>The concept of vertical machining applied to turning</li><li>This design ensures a totally unobstructed fall and complete removal of chips</li><li>Made with modern, future-oriented materials, like this mineral-casting machine bed</li><li>Minimal operator intervention all the way to completely intervention-free production systems</li><li>No need for separate handling systems</li><li>Customized feeders that are adapted for the workpiece and type of machining are available</li><li>With C-axis and driven tools workpieces can be milled and drilled both radially and axially in just one set-up</li><li>Modules for expansions all the way up to complete production lines with turn-over stations (turns the workpiece from 1st to 2nd side) are available.</li></ul><p style="font-weight: bold;">Standard Equipment of this Machine</p><ul><li>Base bed made of mineral-casting provides 6x better vibration damping</li><li>C-axis and VDI40 tool changer with 12 stations for driven tools</li><li>2 driven VDI40 tools (90¡ and 180¡)</li><li>VDI40 tool holders</li><li>All axes with linear roller guides and special preloading</li><li>Coolant reservoir 42 gal</li><li>145 psi coolant system, including cartridge filter</li><li>Chip conveyor Ð with an ejection height of 47 inch</li><li>Workpiece storage with 8 stations</li></ul> </div>
<p></p><p></p><div class="col-xs-12 product attribute steuerung_description">
<div class="value">
<p style="font-weight: bold;">Fanuc 0i TF control</p><ul><li>Easy programming and operation, short learning curve</li><li>User-friendly graphics display for visual verification of parts programs</li><li>Use of existing programs without reprogramming requirements</li><li>High-speed machining and standard nano-interpolation</li><li>Fixed cycles and custom macro B for simplified parts programming</li><li>State-of-the-Art functionality, like jerk limitation, nano smoothing, and Al Contour Control ll - compatibile with previous version series 0 and series 0i models A, B, C and D</li><li>Series 0i Model F are the successor models of the Series 0 and Series 0i, which are the most popular CNC controls worldwide with over 700,000 installations.</li><li>With up to 4 simultaneously controlled axes, the CNC Series 0i provides the best controls for highly demanding machine tools.</li></ul> </div>
<p></p><p></p><div class="col-xs-12 product attribute standardequipment">
<div class="value">
<ul class="supplies"><li>fanuc 0i-TF (1) control with Manual Guide 0i</li><li>C-axis and VDI40 tool changer with 12 stations for driven tools</li><li>2 driven VDI40 tools (90¡ and 180¡)</li><li>one set VDI 40 tool holders</li><li>enclosed work space</li><li>hydraulic 3-jaw chuck 8 inch with through-hole</li><li>chain-type chip conveyor</li><li>automatic central lubrication</li><li>coolant system</li><li>electronic hand-wheel</li><li>work lamp</li><li>operating tools</li><li>operator instructions</li></ul> </div>

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This machine is listed for sale by Blumberg Machinery located in Bannockburn, Illinois

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  2201 Waukegan Rd Suite 250
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