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Item Number: #00154366
KNUTH &quot;Roturn 400 C&quot; CNC INCLINED BED LATHE

Stock Code:  16162
Price: $RFQ

CNC Combination Lathes

Manufacturer:  Knuth
Model:  ROTURN 400 C
Condition: New

<p></p><div class="additional-attributes-wrapper table-wrapper table-responsive">

<table class="data table additional-attributes"><caption class="table-caption">Working Area</caption><tbody><tr class="mer_aabaai"><td>Workpiece length (max.)</td><td>17 in</td></tr><tr class="mer_aaaebb"><td>Center height</td><td>8 in</td></tr><tr class="mer_aaaagd"><td>Turning diameter over bed</td><td>16 in</td></tr><tr class="mer_aaaagf"><td>Turning-¯ over support</td><td>10 in</td></tr></tbody></table><table class="data table additional-attributes"><caption class="table-caption">Travels</caption><tbody><tr class="mer_aaacih"><td>Travel X-axis</td><td>8 in</td></tr><tr class="mer_aaacij"><td>Travel Z-axis</td><td>18 in</td></tr></tbody></table><table class="data table additional-attributes"><caption class="table-caption">Headstock</caption><tbody><tr class="mer_aaaahf"><td>Speed range</td><td>50 - 3,000 rpm</td></tr><tr class="mer_aaacfj"><td>Spindle mount</td><td>A2-6 </td></tr><tr class="mer_aaacfb"><td>Spindle bore</td><td>2 in</td></tr><tr class="mer_aaaghg"><td>Spindle bore with draw tube</td><td>1.8 in</td></tr></tbody></table><table class="data table additional-attributes"><caption class="table-caption">Tool Head</caption><tbody><tr class="mer_aaaacb"><td>Number of tool stations</td><td>8 positions</td></tr><tr class="mer_aaadfb"><td>Tool shank dimensions</td><td>1x1 in</td></tr><tr class="mer_aaaafd"><td>Boring bar mount diameter</td><td>1.6 in</td></tr></tbody></table><table class="data table additional-attributes"><caption class="table-caption">Rapid Feed</caption><tbody><tr class="mer_aaaaid"><td>Rapid feed X-axis</td><td>630 in/min</td></tr><tr class="mer_aaaaif"><td>Rapid feed Z-axis</td><td>787 in/min</td></tr></tbody></table><table class="data table additional-attributes"><caption class="table-caption">Tailstock</caption><tbody><tr class="mer_aaabje"><td>Tailstock taper</td><td>MK 5</td></tr><tr class="mer_aaahej"><td>Tailstock quill diameter</td><td>3 in</td></tr><tr class="mer_aaabjg"><td>Tailstock quill stroke</td><td>3 in</td></tr></tbody></table><table class="data table additional-attributes"><caption class="table-caption">Drive Capacity</caption><tbody><tr class="mer_aaageg"><td>Main motor rating</td><td>15 / 11 Hp</td></tr><tr class="mer_aaabgd"><td>Motor rating coolant pump</td><td>0.2 Hp</td></tr></tbody></table><table class="data table additional-attributes"><caption class="table-caption">Measures and Weights</caption><tbody><tr class="mer_aaaaac"><td>Overall dimensions (length x width x height)</td><td>102.76x75.98x70.87 in</td></tr><tr class="mer_aaabai"><td>Weight</td><td>6,160 lbs</td></tr></tbody></table> <table class="data table additional-attributes" id="product-attribute-specs-table">
<td class="col" scope="row">Part No.</td>
<td class="col data" data-th="Part No.">470512</td>
</p><div class="col-xs-12 product attribute description">
<div class="value">
<ul><li>Heavy machine frame with inclined bed ensuring high rigidity and easy chip removal</li><li>Precise linear guides in X and Z for high stability and accuracy even at highest loads</li><li>The enclosed work space is easily accessible through a large sliding door</li><li>Future-proof: the Siemens 828 D Basic control meets all requirements for advanced control technology</li><li>The 8-station tool turret ensures a large work area and quick and precise tool changes</li><li>A powerful 20 HP headstock motor delivers high torque across the entire speed range</li></ul><p style="font-weight: bold;">Proven record:</p><ul><li>Easy, dialog-guided user interface</li><li>Complete bandwidth of technology cycles</li><li>High performance and precision</li><li>Hydraulic 8 in 3-jaw chuck with through-hole</li><li>Tailstock with hydraulically operated quill with a maximum stroke of 3 in</li><li>Automatic central lubrication system ensures reliable lubrication of guideways</li><li>Chain-type chip conveyor and high-performance coolant system included in standard equipment</li></ul> </div>
<p></p><p></p><div class="col-xs-12 product attribute steuerung_description">
<div class="value">
<ul><li>Compact, rugged and maintenance-free operator-panel CNC with dedicated system software for turning, milling and grinding technologies</li><li>High-quality, rugged, magnesium die-cast operator panels with degree of protection IP65</li><li>Maintenance-free operator panel front, e.g. no fan, battery or hard disk</li><li>Highest machining precision with 80-bit NANOFPaccuracy</li><li>New user interface SINUMERIK Operate Ð same look and feel as SINUMERIK 840D sl</li><li>ShopTurn/ShopMill (option): Very fast programming time in the production of individual parts and small batches</li><li>Advanced Surface: Innovative, high-performance CNC functions provide top quality of workpiece surface with minimum machining times</li><li>Technology package SINUMERIK MDynamics with the new function Advanced Surface: Perfect workpiece surfaces and very fast machining times in molded part production</li><li>programGUIDE: fastest machining time and maximum flexibility for large series productions</li><li>Unique spectrum of technology cycles Ð ranging from the machining of any turning and milling contour with residual material detection to in-process measurements</li><li>G-Tech is a grinding package with an extensive scope of CNC functions ranging from the low-cost entry-level model up to highly productive machines</li><li>Animated Elements: Unique operating and programming support with moving picture sequences</li><li>modern data transfer options via USB stick, CF card and network (Ethernet)</li><li>SINUMERIK Integrate for production Access MyMachine /Ethernet permits remote diagnostics from anywhere in the world</li><li>Easy Message: Integrated mobile radio modem for optimum process monitoring and maximum machine availability via text messages (SMS)</li><li>Easy Extend: Flexible handling of machine units, e.g. an A axis/parts machine</li><li>Maintenance scheduler: Signaling of pending maintenance tasks in accordance with specified maintenance intervals</li></ul><h2 style="font-weight: bold;">Functions</h2><ul><li>Operator panel variants for horizontal or vertical operator panel housings</li><li>Proximity/clearance sensor for smart display control</li><li>Integrated QWERTY full CNC keyboard with short-stroke keys</li><li>Additional Ethernet interface at the rear of the CNC for connection to factory network</li><li>Additional USB interface at the rear of the CNC for machine control panel</li><li>Integrated PLC based on the SIMATIC S7-200 command set with ladder logic programming</li><li>I/O interface based on PROFINET for the connection of PLC I/O devices and a machine control panel</li><li>Up to 5 axes/spindles</li><li>1 analog spindle</li><li>1 machining channel/mode group</li><li>Integrated tool management with tool life monitoring</li><li>Configurable user screens with SINUMERIK Integrate for engineering Run MyScreens (Easy Screen)</li><li>SINUMERIK Integrate for engineering Run MyRobot /EasyConnect for simple interfacing of robots and handling systems</li><li>Integrated data archiving procedure for simple data updates</li></ul> </div>
<p></p><p></p><div class="col-xs-12 product attribute standardequipment">
<div class="value">
<ul class="supplies"><li>Siemens 828 D control</li><li>Hydraulic 3-jaw lathe chuck, ¯ 8 inch with bore</li><li>hydr. tailstock</li><li>Automatic central lubrication</li><li>hinged belt conveyor</li><li>Heat exchanger for electric control cabinet</li><li>enclosed work space</li><li>LED work lamp</li><li>coolant system</li><li>compressed air gun</li><li>coolant gun</li><li>operating tools</li><li>operator manual</li></ul> </div>

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This machine is listed for sale by Blumberg Machinery located in Bannockburn, Illinois

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Blumberg Machinery
  2201 Waukegan Rd Suite 250
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