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4" Fermat WFT 11 CNC T-Type Horizontal Boring Mill - $RFQ

Item Number: #00071165
4&quot; Fermat WFT 11 CNC T-Type Horizontal Boring Mill

4" Fermat WFT 11 CNC T-Type Horizontal Boring Mill
Price: $RFQ

Boring Mills - Horizontal Table Type CNC

Spindle diameter4"
X axis travel118"
Year of Manufacture:  2014
Manufacturer:  Fermat
Model:  WFT11
Condition: New

Fermat WFT 11 CNC T-Type Horizontal Boring Mill
Spindle Diameter (110) mm
Spindle Taper / Tool Standard ISO 50 / DIN
Spindle RPM 10 - 3000 rpm

Working range
Table Travel (X-axis) 3000 mm
Headstock Travel (Y-axis) 2000 mm
Column Travel (Z-axis) 1 250 mm
Spindle Travel (W-axis) 730 mm
Operation Feed All Axis 4 – 4 000 mm/min
Rapid Feed X-Axis, Y-Axis 8 000 mm/min
Rapid Feed Z-Axis, W-Axis 8 000 mm/min
Max. Axial Force X-axis, Y-axis 20, 20 kN
Max. Axial Force Z-axis, W-axis 20, 10 kN
CNC Rotary table
Table Dimension,1 400x 1 600mm
Table Rotation (B-axis) 0 – 2; Continuous, 360° rpm
T-slots - Size (Standard) 22H8 mm
Max. Table Load 8 000 kg
Coolant System
Low pressure aggregate out coming value 6 bar

High pressure aggregate out coming value 20,

High pressure aggregate reservoir 220 l
Hydraulic and Pneumatic System
Nominal pressure in the hydraulic aggregate 9 Mpa
Nominal pressure in the lubrication aggregate 3 Mpa
Tool Clamping Force 24 +/- 15% kN
Tool Clamping System hydro-mechanical
Electricity (According to Local Requirements) INFORMATIVE!
Maximum Power Consumption 50 kVA
Operation Voltage (Allowance 5%) 3 x 400 V
Operation and Control Voltage 24 V
Operation Voltage Frequency 50 Hz
Maximal Noise Level at the Operator’s Location 72 dB
 Operator shield
 ATC 40 tools
 Chip conveyor all units to be double speed and 45°
 Automatic Lubrication System
 Hydraulic System
 Headstock Oil Chiller
 Work Lamp on the Headstock, column top
 Remote Diagnostics
 Leveling Bolts & Seal Pads
 Work and Tool Probe Included
 Preparation for manual heads (orthogonal)
 UL Rated Components for Electrical Cabinet and Wiring
 CE Standard with TŰV Certificate, EC Declaration of Conformity, Electro Revision Certificate (safety fence is an option)
 Installation by Lucas Precision

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