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Q150-E5, Q150-E8 Line Boring Equipment - $RFQ

Item Number: #00035289
Q150-E5, Q150-E8 Line Boring Equipment

Q150-E5, Q150-E8 Line Boring Equipment
Price: $RFQ

Boring Machines - Portable

Model:  Q150-E5, Q150-E
Condition: New

Q150-E5: Rebores holes in-line 1.75 to 5.5 inches (140mm) diameter.
includes Milwaukee Magnetic Drill Press with manual feed.
Q150-E8: Rebores holes in-line from 1.75 to 8 inches (200mm) diameter.
includes Milwaukee Magnetic Drill Press with manual feed.

Q150-E5 comes with:
1.50" dia x 72" long Boring Bar - made from highest quality chrome hardened and precision ground 100,000 PSI tensile strength alloy steel. The chrome resists burrs and scoring to still fit the bearings use after use. Cutting Bit mounting holes are spaced 5 inches apart. 3/4 shank with 3 flats for solid gripping by the mag drill chuck.
1.50" dia x 36" long Boring Bar- for easy close hole boring.
1 Milwaukee Portable Magnetic Drill Press - with 3/4" chuck, 11" stroke and variable speed.
1 Drill Base Adapter with built-in bearing - Important safety device to hold the magnetic drill press in case of power failure. The built-in bearing takes the load of the boring shaft to prevent overloading the internal drill press bearings. Includes mounting hole for BOA-408-AMT bore welder.
3 Self-aligning Bearings - the I.D. of the bearings have a perfect fit between bar and bearings, which insures holes can be bored to near zero TIR runout.
3 Bolt-on Bearing Mounting Plates and 4 pairs of Standoffs - 3/4 inch thick for easy weld on and vibration free machining. Easy to unbolt for measuring or welding. Black oxide coated to prevent rust. One of the Bearing Mounting Plates is extra long for use at the end of a boom or to mount the optional bore welder.
2 Centering Sleeves - for concentric alignment of the boring bar and bearings in small holes.
2 Centering Cones - for concentric alignment of the boring bar and bearings in holes up to 5".
7 Carbide Cutting Tools - 3 types of boring and 1 facing. Held in the boring shaft by heavy set screws, modifiable cutters are long to rebore up to rebore 5.5" diameter.
1 Digital Electronic Caliper - measures 0" to 8" with digital readout to .001"
1 Caliper Jaw Extensions - Extend the jaws of the Digital Caliper to easily measure holes.
1 Telescoping Bore Gage Set - To measure the diameter of your holes.
1 Elastic Bunge Cord - Use as power feed to pull drill handle or to dampen boring bar vibration.
1 Solid Wood Case - padlockable, with 2 handles, and dolly wheels.
Q150-E8 is same as E5 but also comes with:
1 Adaptor to bore up to 8 inches (200mm) diameter - heavy duty solid steel. Holds carbide cutter out far enough for reboring holes up to 8 inch diameter.
3 Extra wide bolt-on Bearing Plates - to bridge over 8" diameter holes.
2 Centering Cones - for concentric alignment of the boring bar and bearings in holes up to 8".

Optional BOA-408-AMT Bore Welder Attachment:
Optional 18" long extra short bar for single hole boring:
Optional Q88A 7/8" x 29" Boring Bar Kit for use with Q150 equipment - bores holes from 1" to 1.5" diameter up to 16" apart:
Optional Dial Indicator Bore Gage (measures 2"- 6" within .001"): (see below)
Optional Ajustable measuring/centering tools: these mount inside boring bar
Optional Cutting Tool Positioner: - this adjusts the cutter height within .001"
Optional Cutting Tool Dial Indicator & Bracket: - set your cutter height within .001"
Optional Honing Tool : - includes 220 grit & 100 grit honing stones
Optional Facing-Sanding Tool : - includes 6 coarse & 3 medium sanding discs
Extra Cutting Tools: (minumum purchase is quantity of 10)

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