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BAILEIGH Industrial Rotary Draw Bender RDB-125 - $RFQ

Item Number: #00063004
BAILEIGH Industrial Rotary Draw Bender RDB-125

BAILEIGH Industrial Rotary Draw Bender RDB-125
Stock Code:  RDB-125
Price: $RFQ

Benders - Pipe Tube & Bar

Manufacturer:  Baileigh
Model:  RDB-125
Condition: New
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Tired of your exhausting manual bender? This hydraulic rotary draw bender will increase your productivity.
Requires only 110-volt, single-phase power for easy plug-in almost anywhere.
Handles a maximum capacity of 2.5” OD tubing, 2” OD Chromalloy, 2” square tubing, and 2” schedule 40 pipe.
Maximum centerline of 8”, depending on material’s OD.
Bends up to 200°, allowing for true 180° bends without having to re-pin the die set.
Takes only 4 complete pushes to reach 180°.
Built-in anti-spring back mechanism lets hydraulic cylinder retract without losing its place in the bend.
Covered by a 1-year parts warranty.
Comes with lifetime technical support from our knowledgeable team.
Use this draw bender machine for: Economical one-off bending of hand railing and automobile chassis
Why choose the RDB-125 over comparable machines?
Low-pressure industrial-grade hydraulics make bending quick, quiet, and safe, even at full capacity.
Quick-release counter die positioner makes loading and unloading material more time-efficient.
Accepts user-friendly drop-on tool sets from Baileigh to increase the options for your applications.
You can call in for support and advice on projects from our seasoned representatives throughout the machine’s many years of productivity.

Country of Manufacture: United States
Minimum CLR: .5"
Minimum OD: .25"
Mild Steel Solid Rod: 1.25"
Mild Steel Pipe Schedule 40: 2"
Mild Steel Round Tube Wall: 2.5" (.125)
Mild Steel Square Tube (Wall): 2" (.125)
Stainless Steel Pipe Schedule 40: 1.5"
Stainless Steel Round Tube Wall: 2.375" (.125)
Chromolly Round Tube Wall: 2" (.125)
Aluminum Round Tube Wall: 2.5" (.156)
Maximum Center Line Radius Clr: 10.5"
Power: 110V
Special Notes: tooling not included, contact Sierra Victor Industries 386-304-3720 for correct sizing.
Shipping Dimensions: 42" x 22" x 42"
Shipping Weight: 546 lbs

B-LUBECP: Biodegradable Bend Lube: 8oz
B-LUBEPT: Biodegradable Bend Lubes: 16 oz
B-LUBEQT: Biodegradable Bend Lubes: 32 oz
ORG-3600: Outside Radius Gauge
IRG-3600: Inside Radius Gauge
AF-360D: 360 Degree Digital Angle Finder
AF-360D-Holder: Clamp and Holder for AF-360D Angle Finder
RT-1B: Round Tube Die Package
RT-2B: Round Tube Die Package
RT-3B: Round Tube Die Package
RT-4B: Round Tube Die Package
RT-5B: Round Tube Die Package
RP-1B: Round Pipe Die Package
RP-2B: Round Pipe Die Package
RP-3B: Round Pipe Die Package
ST-1B: Square Tube Die Package
ST-2B: Square Tube Die Package

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Data is provided by the manufacturer.


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This machine is listed for sale by Sierra Victor Industries located in Port Orange, Florida

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Sierra Victor Industries
  610-B Oak Place
Port Orange
FL 32127
United States
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