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36" OLIVER, No. 273D, woodworking, jig saw, 1983, Like New - $RFQ

Item Number: #00048583
36&#034; OLIVER, No. 273D, woodworking, jig saw, 1983, Like New

36" OLIVER, No. 273D, woodworking, jig saw, 1983, Like New
Stock Code:  1680
Price: $RFQ

Bandsaws Vertical - Metal

Manufacturer:  Oliver
Condition: Used

Maximum height under guide 10" (with 18" blade)
Maximum thickness of material 10" (with 18" blade)
Usable length of blades 10" - 18"
standard saw blades with pins
in each end are used
Blade stroke 2-1/2"
Distance between saw and column 36-1/2"

-All moving parts are carefully guarded to assure operator safety
-Saw blades are easily inserted. A device in the crosshead holds
lower end of saw blade; a slide block in the upper guide-way
provides a rapid, convenient method to insert the saw blade
-Unique tension device insures a steady, quiet running, vibrationless
machine producing finest work
-Table is turned 45 degrees to increase capacity so that stock of
any length may be worked
-Foot pedals control the running of the machine-one to start, the
other to stop and apply the brake
-Surfaces and holes are planed and bored in line for greater ease
of operation, durability and accuracy
-Blades are driven by motor through a crankplate, Pitman unit and
a hardened steel lower slide which is oil lubricated from
an integral oil reservoir
-A dumping device in the table (in front of and around the saw)
consists of a slide with a knob on the underside. It can
be drawn back to permit small cuttings automatically to
drop through the hole in the machine. It is not necessary
to stop the machine and use a hand pick to remove cuttings
in intricate scroll work to make room for the saw blade
when work is turned around.
-An effective, continuous air blast is directed to the front of
the saw blade.

The upper saw slide and the tension device form a self-contained
unit. It is adjustable up and down to accommodate varying
lengths of saw. The coil springs provide tension. They
are independently adjustable, and designed to give ample
tension with a limited motion, practically eliminating vibration.

A hand lever, conveniently placed, enables the operator to take
tension off the saw blade when changing it.

The strap is made of the best grade saw steel instead of leather
frequently used on other machines

The pump is directly connected to the tension spring shaft and
provides a smooth and effective air blast directly at the
cutting edge of the saw blade

The column is a one-piece rigid casting carrying the table,
motor,pitman, crosshead and gibs, and starting and
stopping device. It is arrange for simple connection
to the blow pipe system

The cast iron table is strongly ribbed, planed and ground perfectly
true. It is mounted at 45 degree position relative to the base.
It is 34" square and 39" from the floor. The table is mounted on
rockers to tilt 30 degrees to the right and left of the saw blade,
and can be locked in any position by a clamp screw. The table has
rounded edges and corners to prevent interference with large and
intricate scroll work.

There are two saw guides--one above and one below the table. The
lower guide consists of a glass hard adjustable steel rod.
The upper guide consists of an adjustable head supporting
a hardened circular adjustable plate and two hardened steel adjustable
angle plates. These two guides provide excellent support for the saw
directly below and above the work. The upper guide is adjustable up
or down, independent of the tension slide.

A direct motor drive is used. A 1 HP, 1200 rpm motor mounted on
a bracket and having the crank plate mounted directly on
the motor shaft, forming a very compact self-contained
motor drive arrangement.

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