New Twin Turret CNC Lathe From Germany

Spinner TTC 300 SMMCY CNC Lathe Specs

Quickly replacing mechanical production turning machines are CNC lathes. Most notably for turned part production due to their ease of use, efficiency and fine accuracy. German engineering has gone a step further by creating a computer controlled lathe with dual turrets and spindles.

German based company, Whitehouse Machine Tools, recently released a multi axis CNC Lathe with twin opposed spindles. The Spinner TTC 300 SMMCY twin opposed-spindle, twin-turret CNC lathe offers a number of new features which can increase product quality and production speed.

The CNC lathe is available in two models. The first is designed to process 42mm bar stock and the second can process 52mm bar stock.

  • Each turret is equipped with its own tool stations
  • Each tool station can hold 12 cutting tools
  • Uses 6,000 RPM tooling
  • Main spindle rating: Larger model – 6,000rpm / 12KW Smaller model – 5,000rpm / 19KW
  • Sub Spindle rating: 7,000rpm / 8KW for both models
  • Top turret has a Y-axis  of ± 40 mm
  • Cast iron bed
  • Top turret can adjust to 16 tooling positions
  • Maximum turning length: 400mm
  • Maximum turning diameter: 250mm
  • Machine Weight: 3.5 Tons
  • Dual Direct Drive Spindles with built in motors
  • Large preloaded ball screws offer efficient vibration absorption
  • Liquid cooling system built into each turret
  • Turret indexing time: 0.15 seconds
  • CNC System: SIEMENS 840D-SL or FANUC 31i. Both with a 15” LCD screen.

The size and configuration of these machine tools are becoming increasingly popular for milling complex turned parts with tight tolerances.

Advantage Of A Dual Opposed Spindle Lathe

Each spindle has its own built in motor which directly drives it and built in cooling systems which provide compact and efficient cooling of tools and material. The absence of a drive belt or gear chain offer lower vibration during operation, allowing this CNC turning center to produce turned parts with improved machining quality and accuracy.

The dual spindles are positioned opposite one another and the main spindle is positioned higher than the secondary spindle. Both spindles work together to simultaneously machine each part quickly and accurately.

The computer controlled direct drive feature offers increased acceleration and deceleration of each spindle. The result is increased productivity due to minimized part turning down time and a high quality finished product.

The turning machine is capable of making heavy cuts and hard part turning without sacrificing quality or damaging cutting tools. This feature increases productivity even further.

Spinner TTC 300 SMMCY CNC Turning Center Accessories

Optional features for the CNC lathe include a robotic loading and unloading system and a chuck part storage area.

All CNC lathes are designed to produce turned parts quickly, accurately and automatically; most accomplish this with a single turret. The added features of this twin turret, dual spindle turning center allow a single machine to turn parts almost twice as efficiently as single turret CNC lathe machines.

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