KOMATSU Introduces Environmentally Friendly Construction Equipment

Environmentally Friendly Construction Equipment

Heavy Machinery used in construction is constantly evolving. Along with the changes and improvements being made to construction equipment, we are seeing more powerful equipment, machines with more versatility, more features, and improved efficiency.

Komatsu America Corp., an industry leader, recently developed a new loader, known as the WA320-7 wheel loader, which offers many improvements including lower operating costs, lower emissions, and decreased fuel consumption among other things.

For the first time in construction machinery history, we are seeing improvements, which are aiming towards being more environmentally friendly or “Green”.

New Features Introduced With The WA320-7 Construction Loader

KOMTRAX® technology– Comes standard with the WA320-7 loader. This Tier 4 technology from Komatsu sends machine operation information such as location, fuel consumption, operating hours, and maintenance alerts wirelessly to a secure website.

Komtrax® is a registered trademark of Komatsu, Ltd.

Enhanced Machine Cab Environment– The cab is designed to be more comfortable and less noisy which allows for increased operator concentration for maximized productivity.

–       The dashboard has been redesigned and the front window lowered for increased visibility.

–       An operator console is mounted on the right side of the seat and equipped with a multi-function mono-lever with proportional control for the integrated 3rd spool.

–       An auxiliary input and two 12-volt ports have been added. The auxiliary input can be used to connect an MP3 player or other compatible device.

–       An LCD monitor that measures 7” offers a high-resolution display in 25 different languages for global support. It allows the operator to easily adjust settings, check operation records, monitor maintenance information, and view operation records.

–       Built-in back up camera provides a high resolution is always viewable from a separate monitor, which is mounted on the right side of the dashboard.

Improved Drivetrain Features – The Komatsu hydrostatic (HST) 3rd generation drive train is electronically controlled and offers new features including:

–       Pump capacity has been increased providing improved efficiency and responsiveness.

–       Self-braking feature slows down the machine whenever the accelerator is released which greatly reduces break wear.

–       Simplified traction controls manage machine operation on slippery and softer ground with 3 settings: MAX, AUTO, and S-Mode.


The Komatsu WA320-7 Wheel Loader Tier 4 Interim Engine Technology

–       Powered by the Komatsu SAA6D107E-2 engine together offering 165 HP which is EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage 3B emission certified.

–       Built on a Tier 3 engine platform designed by Komatsu to increase fuel efficiency by up to 10% as compared to previous models.

–       Replaces both previous loader models: WA320PZ-6 and WA320-6

–       Komatsu, being a hydraulic technology leader, developed a Komatsu Variable Geometry Turbocharger (KVGT), which is hydraulically actuated and an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve, resulting in improved precision and management of air including longer component life.

–       The integrated design of the Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter (KDPF) is designed to not interfere with normal operation but makes the machines status available to the operator at all times.

–       Machine Weight: 33,731 lbs / 15,300 kg.


This new model of wheel loader not only offers lower fuel consumption, improved efficiency, and improved maintenance systems which aim to lower operating costs while maximizing productivity. Environmentally friendly construction equipment also aims to improve operator comfort and system controls, which always important when on the job all day.

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