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Lewis(Stoelting)Ultrasonic,4-Sta.,25"x24",Agitate,Rinse,Infra-Red Dryer,Reblt,94 - $RFQ

Item Number: #00082319
Lewis(Stoelting)Ultrasonic,4-Sta.,25&#034;x24&#034;,Agitate,Rinse,Infra-Red Dryer,Reblt,94

Lewis(Stoelting)Ultrasonic,4-Sta.,25"x24",Agitate,Rinse,Infra-Red Dryer,Reblt,94
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Manufacturer:  Lewis
Condition: Used
Serial No. CDR-2524-SP-3434 New - 1994

This system is a (3) three tank Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine with a powered
infeed conveyor, auto basket indexer, lift mechanisms coupled with an
infrared conveveyorized dryer. A coalescing oil separator and a recirculating
filtration system is furnished for the wash stage.

The auto indexing mechanism and the three basket elevators are furnished
with their own pneumatic cylinders, valves and circuitry for individual
control of speed, timing and monitoring. This individuality enhances the

overall versatility of this system.

Once the cycle has "Timed Out", the indexer will move a basket from each
station to the next and off the rust inhibit elevator to the dryer. As the
basket enters the dryer it will pass under a high pressure air blow off. The
continual running conveyor will allow the basket to pass under an Infrared


Current Opening Configuration 12"L X 6.5"H
Opening Configuration - Maximum 18.5"L X 6.5"H
Total Number of Stations - Heated (4) Wash, Rinse, R.I. & Dry
Solution Type Aqueous Solutions
Tank Size - Wash, Rinse & R.I (3) 24"L X 23"W X 21"D
Ultrasonic Treatment Tanks Wash & R.I.
Ultrasonic Generator Types CX (Freq. Range 18.97-19.58kHz)
Ultrasonic Generator Units (4) 2000 Watts
Parts Carrier Type Basket: 11.25" X 11.25" X 2.75"
Basket Capacity 40 Lbs.
Agitating Stations Wash, Rinse & R.I.
Agitation Travel - Stroke 21.75" (3.25" Cylinder Bore)
Indexing Cylinder Travel 41.5" (2.5" Cylinder Bore)
Station to Station Centerline Distance 34.5" (Wash to Rinse to R.I.)
Station to Station Centerline Distance 24" (R.I. to Dry)
Floor to Top of Conveyor - Load Height 38"
Roll-In Live Roller Conveyor 60" X 11.75" (10 FPM)

Wash Tank 7.5kW (60-250 Degrees F)
Rinse Tank 7.5kW (60-250 Degrees F)
R.I. Tank 7.5kW (60-250 Degrees F)
Coalescing Tank (2) 3kW (60-250 Degrees F)
Dryer - Infrared 10kW (to 1500 Degrees Face Temp.)
Infrared Heater 21" X 24" Type V Panel
Dryer Zone 59" Long

In-Feed Conveyor Drive Motor 1/4 HP (1725 RPM)
Wash Tank Reciprocating Pump Motor 1 HP (3450 RPM)
Coalescing Tank Pump Motor 1 HP (3450 RPM)
Dryer Conveyor Drive Motor 1/4 HP (1725 RPM)
Dryer Pressure Blow-Off Motor 2 HP (1725 RPM)

Oil Separator - Coalescing Type 50 Gallons
Filtration - Bypass & Recirculation Pump (4) 2 X 50u & 2 X 20u (20" Long)
Electrics 480V / 3 Phase / 60Hz
Approximate Dimension - Floor Space 403"L X 94"W X 85"H
Approximate Weight 10,000 Lbs.

System: Manual / Automatic Mode
Manual Mode: Up/Down on Wash, Rinse & R.I.
Extend/Retract on Indexing Cylinder
Programmable Temp. Indicators: Wash, Rinse, R.I., Coalescing Tank and Infrared
Selectable Heaters on Wash, Rinse, R.I., Coalescing Tank and Dryer
Cycle Timer
Agitating Subasembly on Wash, Rinse and R.I.
Spray Bar on Wash and R.I. Tanks
Pneumatic Flow Control Valves on Agitating and Index Cylinders
Low Level Warning on Wash, Rinse, R.I. & Coalescing Tank
Level Control: Auto Fill on Wash, Rinse, R.I. & Coalescing Tank
(4) Lewis Ultrasonic Generators Type CX, 2000 Watts on Wash & R.I. Tanks
12" X 12" R.I. Solution Tank with Pulsatron Metering Pump
Conveyorized High Pressure Blow-Off with Infrared Dryer
Parts Roll-Out Gravity Roller Conveyor 120"L X 13"W

*Preliminary Specifications Subject to Verification.
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