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ANILAM, No. EAGLE 400, 1400, 5 HP, NST #40, 4000 rpm, Kurt drawbar, 1994 - $RFQ

Item Number: #00073877
ANILAM, No. EAGLE 400, 1400, 5 HP, NST #40, 4000 rpm, Kurt drawbar, 1994

ANILAM, No. EAGLE 400, 1400, 5 HP, NST #40, 4000 rpm, Kurt drawbar, 1994
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Vertical / Universal Millers CNC

Manufacturer:  Anilam
Condition: Used
Working surface 48" x 12"
T-slots (3) 5/8"
Table load (centered) 900 lbs.
Saddle width 40"
Throat clearance 15-1/2"
Spindle nose to table--minimum 3"
--maximum 19"
Way surfaces Hardened & ground square
way w/ Turcite "B"

X axis--controlled 29-1/2"
Y axis--controlled 15"
Z axis quill--controlled 5"
Knee (power, 1-1/2 HP) 16"

Motor 5 HP cont., A.C. motor
Spindle speed 70 to 4000 rpm
Spindle taper NST 40
Quill diameter 4.13"

Rapid traverse--X & Y 400 ipm
--Z axis 250 ipm
Feedrates 0.1 to 100 ipm
Resolution .0001"
Positioning repeatability +/- .0002"
Servo motors 4.5 NM / 40 in./lbs.
Drilling capacity 0.75" diameter
Milling capacity 5.0 cu. in./min.

Electrical--Machine 230/3/60/40 amps
Electrical--control (2) 117V / 15 amp
Floor area (H x W x D) 91" x 108" x 74"
Shipping weight 5,100 lbs.

Crusador Series 1400 control 1 piece head/ram const.
Power knee, 1-1/2 HP Steel way cover
NST #40 Taper M-functions
Automatic metered lubrication Power drawbar--Kurt
Steel ballscrew covers Coolant chip pan
Flood coolant Halogen worklight
RS-232 input/output Operation manual

Eagle 400 CNC Mill is made from "MEEHANITE" castings which contain heavy
duty rib designs at points of greatest stress. All mating surfaces are
precision ground or hand scraped to insure accurate alignment.

Assembly of Eagle 400 mill is done in the facilities of Anilam Electronics
by factory trained technicians. Testing of the complete three (3) axis

machine, including cutting test, is conducted prior to shipment.

The Series 1400 is a high accuracy, high performance control
designed specifically for milling machines and machining centers.

The control circuit incorporates the use of a PC system, which is
the wave of the future in CNC because of interchangability and
upgrade-ability. It utilizes high-speed 32-bit microprocessors,
with practical features such as advanced canned cycles, cutter
radius compensation, use of subprograms and user-macros, and
many other outstanding standard features.

The Series 1400 has been designed to be an easy to program
control, and at the same time, have inherent advance
capabilities for the more experienced programmer.

Rapid traverse, 3 axis linear, 2 axis circular, Helical,
3 axis spiral, 2 axis elliptical

Automatic and single step (by block or by motion) operation
Manual mode with multiple move MDI command line
Draw while cutting (real-time) graphics
Background programming/multi-tasking
Program name and number
Program file directory, unlimited number of programs
0.001 degree rotary resolution
S, M, T code outputs
Feed per minute and feed per revolution programming
Feedrate and spindle speed display
Automatic acceleration/deceleration
Exact stop and contouring modes
Active G and M codes displayed
Tool number, diameter & length display
Message display
Machine, program, target and distance to go zero display
Loop counter, timed dwell counter
In-position indicator, machine homing
State-of-the-art self-diagnostic routines
Machine parameters set through CNC keypad, with levels of security
Mid-program start/block search
Program run from hard disk or DNC
Block skip and selectable block skip
High speed dry-run and dry-run with no Z
Screen colors configurable
MDI teach-in mode

Program input mediums: MDI, RS-232, floppy disk
Decimal point programming
Inch/metric conversions
Absolute/incremental programming (on same block)
G-code programming
Mode sensitive help menus
Polar programming (polar to rectangular conversion)
Blueprint programming (multiple lines and arcs described w/
angles, radii, chamfers)
Plane select
Timed and infinite dwell, skip function
Zero-point setting
Work coordinate system setting
Coordinate system rotation
Scaling, mirror image
Modal corner rounding/chamfering
Programmable safety limits
Simulation (machine-lock), repeat loops
Subprograms, with repetition, and nesting to 10 levels

Math, trig, logical and comparative functions
Modifiers (force abs, inch, mm)
Parameters (variable) programming
Single and modal macro
Expressions (program math, trig, etc. on program block)
Conditional statements (If, Then, Else, While, Do, ... etc.)
Stock variable for tool radius
Plane rotation (allows arcs out-of-plane)

Drilling, peck-drilling, boring and tapping cycles
Bolt hole circle
Rectangular pocket
Circular pocket
Frame pocket
Hole mill
Mold rotation
Elbow milling, conical
Draft angle pocket

Full screen editing
Conversational help menu (non-mandatory) in edit mode w/ graphics
Insert/typeover mode, Page function
Move to end/start of block/program
Find word, next word
Change word
Restore, undelete line
Block operations: cut, save, paste, renumber, and write-to/
read-from program.
Automatic block numbering
Repeat key
Program utilities: create, delete, list, copy, rename, print,
undelete, check disk, floppy disk format
Sub-directories on hard disk
RS-232 communications with fully settable protocol

Interactive programming with icons. Moves shown as they are
being programmed.
Menu-driven drilling, contouring and irregular pocketing functions
Construction geometry
Tool compensation and interference checking
Feeds, speeds, coolant, etc. selectable
Absolute/incremental, inch/metric output
No knowledge of G-codes necessary

Rapid, feed, compensation moves color differentiated
Isometric, XY, XZ, YZ views
Automatic fit of part on screen
Window zoom
Static tool display
Show compensated tool path, uncompensated, or both
Set blocks to draw

CNC tool library with 99 tools
Diameter and length offsets
Diameter wear and length wear offsets
Z offset auto-input key
Leadscrew backlash compensation
Leadscrew pitch error compensation
Skew error compensation
Straightness compensation

386 16 MHz CPU
32 bit bus
20 megabyte hard drive
1.44 MB 3-1/2" floppy drive
2 serial, 1 parallel ports
IMB PC/AT compatible
80386 processor and 80387 co-processor
DS1287 real-time clock with internal RAM and battery
Computer UPS unit installed (un-interruptible power supply)
Fully shock mounted
Air conditioned computer / servo cabinet

Allen-Bradley SLC-150 with 32 I/O, expandable
Easy to use ladder diagram programming, through CNC keyboard
and CRT
High speed RS-232 data link
Real-time monitoring of PLC I/O

14" enhanced VGA high-resolution color monitor
Internally sealed, full alphanumeric keypad with "Positive Hit"
keys, including cursor keys, shift, clear, enter
10 function keys
Manual panel with axis select, feed & rapid override, continuous/
incremental jog, spindle override, spindle on/off, cycle
start/hold, servo reset, indicator lamps, and emergency stop
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