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JMT AD-R 30175 Press Brake - $RFQ

Item Number: #00084882
JMT AD-R 30175 Press Brake

JMT AD-R 30175 Press Brake
Price: $RFQ

Press Brakes

Manufacturer:  Jmt
Model:  AD
Condition: New
AD-R Series “Precision” Press Brakes (3-5 Axis CNC)

Real Innovation- Value oriented press brakes with large strokes, daylights, and gaps to allow cost effective production of simple to complex large shapes that require large dimensions for handling and removal, simple to use control reduces the required operator level.


3-5 Axis CNC
66-660 Tons
4′-20′ Bending Lengths + Tandem
Combination of performance, value and simplicity
Best performance/price ratio CNC press brake in the world
Easy to use CNC controller
Specially designed control unit and software provides simplicity and lean operations even for inexperienced operators.
Perfect bending results with easy angle input and operation of the machine
Robust construction, same solid foundation of all JMT Press Brakes
Working with an AD-R is easy and comfortable in all respects. Large daylight opening and large space enables the machine to be put to optimum use along its entire working length.
Designed and manufactured to meet the challenge of “cost down” manufacturing culture
Provides CNC control of standard 3 axes (Y1, Y2 and X) with manual R axis (optional CNC R axis available).

Standard Equipment

AD-R Series press brakes are manufactured with exceptionally large stroke/ daylight combinations as well as high speed ram and back gauge positioning. The production of deep boxes and other parts requiring large clearances are produced with ease.

3 axis CNC:
Y1, Y2 precision ram positioning*
X axis back gauge
Large trio of value:
Large open height
Large stroke
Large throat depth
Back gauge - motorized & linear guide & ball bearing system
Back gauge fingers - height adjustable
Delem DA-56 CNC control unit with 2D graphics
American/European section-style box punch clamps
American-only style punch clamp available at no charge
Quick-set sliding front sheet support arms with full-length linear guide, tilting stop and T-slot (front gauging squaring, etc.)
Protection covers (side and rear safety doors)
Rear work light
World-class hydraulic and electronic components that are easily replaceable (parts stocked by us or available off-the-shelf from your local supplier):
Hydraulic blocks and valves (Rexroth)
Electronics system (Siemens, Schneider)
High-yield plate construction
Automatic bend sequence determination
Automatic stretch length calculator for blank size determination
CNC Y1, Y2, X Axis with Back Gauge (R1, R2 Manual Back Gauge Finger Height)
Control Unit - CNC Delem DA 56 - 2D Color Graphics
Universal Wedge Style Punch Clamp for American or European Style Punches
Sliding sheet support Arms mounted on Linear Rail with T-Canal and Tilting stop
CNC controlled motorized Crowning (only on 20 ft. press brakes)
Large Open Height, Stroke, and Throat Depths Standard
World class Hydraulics blocks & valves
World class electronics system

Optional Equipment

CNC R Axis (Height of Back Gauge Fingers)
Safety laser with manual F.AKAS II M -FPSC-B-C + safety covers with switch
Safety laser with SICK C 4000 (only for tandem) + steel protection covers
DFS1 laser finger protection (for bottom beam)
Adaptive bending sensors
Top tool American or European
Bottom tool American or European
Hydraulic tooling clamping systems
Quick release clamping
Universal die blocks
Manual crowning
CNC controlled motorized crowning
40" back gauge - back protection with light barrier
Oil coolant
Very reasonable tooling packages available (multi-V tooling)
Hydraulic tooling clamping systems
Universal die blocks
Additional finger blocks
Additional sliding front arms
Profile-W offline software
Tooling packages
Tandem configuration
Manual Crowning
CNC Crowning
Akas Ram Mounted Laser Operational Guarding
39" X Travel Back Gauge
Hydraulic Tool Clamping
Many Options Available.

0.00 LBS
This machine is listed for sale by A R Tools & Machinery, Inc. located in Spokane Valley, Washington
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