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40" - 100" x 60" - 315" SHARP® Big Bore Lathes - $RFQ

Item Number: #00083144
40&quot; - 100&quot; x 60&quot; - 315&quot; SHARP&#174; Big Bore Lathes

40" - 100" x 60" - 315" SHARP® Big Bore Lathes
Stock Code:  45200M
Price: $RFQ

Precision Lathes

Manufacturer:  Sharp
Model:  45200M
Condition: New

M series hollow spindle lathe 6”, 9”, 12” spindle bore; 40”’, 50”’, 60”’, 70”’, 80”, 100” swing over bed; 60” to 315” between centers; 24” or 32” wide bed, 2 sizes bed width to choose from.
Over 100 sizes to choose from with combinations of different : Swing, spindle bore, bed width, and center distances. Only a few selections of models are listed with specifications, features, and accessories.
It is suitable for turning and cutting of large work pieces and steel rod materials for heavy industries like oil pipe network, aerospace and heavy-duty shaft processing.

One piece casting work with reinforced inner structure, extra 3rd support to be suitable for processing of large work piece and enhanced heavy-duty cutting ability.
The removable gap has built in reinforced structure and does not affect any cutting stability.

Bore 6 “, 16-step speed change, turbine speed change mechanism with no easy speed jumping and three point support for the box.
Fitted with adjustable, electromagnetic brake for easy braking adjustment according to different work piece materials and speed.
Gear and shaft are made of super alloy material with FAG bearings to offer durable cutting and low production noise.
Sealed oil bath lubrication system with enforced oil supply by mechanical pump to achieve better lubrication effects.

Gear Box: Metric / Inch gear box free from gear exchange to improve production efficiency. Speedy installation, forward and reverse movement, safety installation with automatic sealed oil bath lubrication system.

Feeding Device: Swift transmission, positive and negative rotation movement and safety device with auto sealed oil bath lubrication & cross rapid feeding.
Saddle: Anti-friction processed surface with regular oil injection, lubricated and friction endurable.

Tailstock: Two stage in-feed device, swing arm movement to have smooth and labor saving operation.

Electrical Control: 2 stage safety start-up device and overloading power cut system.

Castings: FC-30 steel is used for main structures like base, spindle, saddle and tailstock, which are annealed and have no deformation.
Processing: Base, spindle, saddle, slot surface of traveling plate, tool base sliding table, tail shaft pipe are high frequency treated, precision ground for extended service life.

Headstock: Gear and shaft are made of super alloy material with FAG bearings to offer durable cutting and low production noise, Turbine speed change mechanism with an easy speed jump. Three point support for the box.
Electric box: 2 stage safety start-up device, durable cutting and low production noise. Overloadng power cut System, Filtered with adjustable , electromagnetic brake for easy braking adjustment according To different work piece materials and speed.

Coolant Device
X, Z – axes Auto Lubrication System
X, Z – axes with Turcite-B
Steady Rest 16”, Bearing Type
Face Plate with 4-Jaw 40”
Dead Center
Center Sleeve MT#6
Toolpost Screw Wrench
Level Pads
Tools and Tool Box
Operation Manual
Lubricating Device for Headstock
Spindle Motor :30HP
Magnetic Brake
Metric / Inch Gear Box
Change Gear
Longitudinal & Cross Rapid Feeding

Swing over bed
45" (45200M)
80.31" (80315M)
Swing over cross slide
33" (45200M)
64.17" (80315M)
Distance between centers
200" (45200M)
315" (80315M)

Swing Over Gap
62.2" (45200M)
91.34” (80315M)
Width of Bed
24" (45200M)
32" (80315M)
Width of Gap (Spindle End Face)
22.44" (45200M)
23.43” (80315M)
Length of Bed
272" (45200M)
409" (80315M)

Spindle Bore Diameter:
6" (45200M)
( A2-11) 6" (80315M)
Numbered of Spindle Speeds: 16 steps
Range of Spindle Speeds: 4 - 420 R.P.M.
Spindle Nose: A2-11

Width of Carriage
31.5" (45200M)
34.65” (80315M)
Cross Slide Travel
23.6" (45200M)
27.56” (80315M)
Compound Rest Travel
14.57" (45200M)
15.75” (80315M)
Max. Size Cutting Size: 40 x 40 (1.57” x 1.57”)

Quill diameter
4.53" (45200M)
7.88" (80315M)
Quill travel: 12"
Quill taper: MT#6

Leadscrew diameter & pitches
Dia. 2.36” x 2 TPI (45200M)
1” x 2 T.P. I. (80315M)
Range of Metric pitches
1 – 120mm (62 Nos) (45200M)
62 Nox (80315M)
Range of Inch Pitches: 70 Nos (80315M)
D.P. Threads
1 – 120 D.P. (70 Nos) (45200M)
70 Nos (80315M)
M.P. Threads
0.25 – 30 M.P. (53 Nos) (45200M)
53 Nos (80315M)
Range of Index Pitch: 1- 120 mm ( 62 Nos) (45200M)

Feed rod diameter
1.26" (45200M)
60mm (80315M)
Longitudinal feeds: 0.0024 “ – 0.28” in/rev
Cross feeds: 0.0012” – 0.14” in/rev
Longitudinal Rapid Feeds: 82.68 IPM (45200M)
Cross Rapid Feeds:41.34 IPM (45200M)

Main Spindle Motor (220V or 440V, 60, 3): 30 hp
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