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1.1.2 Material characteristics and production capacity

Vertical Ingot Induction Heating Furnace

The Vertical Ingot Induction Heating ladle Furnace's capacity:

-Capacity : 10 tons

-Temperature : 1200C

-Heating capacity : 4,5 tons per hour

Vertical Ingot Caster

The Vertical Ingot Caster's capacity:

-Ingot dimension : 225x425x7000mm

-Capacity : 9 ingots of 5 tons per day

Hot Rolling Mill

-Ingot thickness : 225mm

-Hot coil thickness : 12-16mm in 8 passes for copper and 10 passes for brass


-Width : 450mm (option : 520mm)

-Productivity : 10 tons per hour


Leveling , flattening , milling

-Uncoiling coil box

-Leveling , flattening , both faces and edges milling

-Cleaning with chips scrap vacuum , filtration and compacting press

Cold Rolling Mill

-Strip width Maxi: 550mm

Mini: 350mm

-Strip entry thickness Max: 15mm Min: 11mm

-Strip exit thickness Max: 5mm Min: 3mm for soft copper alloys

3,6mm for hard copper alloys

-Coil weight : 5,5 Tons

-Coil diameter : 1450mm

-Rolling speed maximum : 31m/minute

-Productivity : 10 tons per hour

Manpower needed for production is as follow:

-For One shift of production

-Operators : 1 for the Ingot induction furnaces

1 for the caster

2 for the hot strip mill

2 for the milling machine section, tandem cold mill

and scrap press

-Maintenance schedule :

Hot Mill Roll change : every 2000T produced

Vertical edger rolls: once a year

Hot strip mill preventive program: 4 hours per months and 10 days per year


3.1- Two (2) Verticals Ingots Inductions melting Furnaces (INDUGA)

3.1.1Basic Design Data

2 Furnaces:

-capacity : 10 tons each

-temperature : 1200C

-Power : 2000 KVA

-Nominal Powel : 1700KW

-Frequency : 0.12 KHz

-Power coefficient : 0.98-1

-Tension Power : CC15KV 50Hz

-Auxiliary tension : CC400V 50Hz

-Central tension : CA220V 50Hz

3.1.2Operating Data

-Cu : 1200C4,5 t/h

-Cu : 1150C4,8 t/h

-Energy consumption : 360 KW/t

-Cooling water consumption : 25C

3.1.3Furnace description

-Ladle are mounted within a priority frame activated by hydraulic cylinders

-Induction heater is made of steel frame supporting induction coil which is

cooled by water

-Electric transformers are water cooled type

-System include cooling water

-Hydraulic Power Unit for hydraulic cylinders

3.2- Vertical Ingot induction Furnace loading hopper made of fabrication steel

Loading of the hopper is made of line and transferred toward furnace ladle

by electric motor. Furnace hood being installed door open; load is dropped

inside the ladle by vibration of the bucket, vibration being made through

electro-mechanical device installed in between the fix frame and movable


3.3- Vertical Ingot Caster

Molten metal is tapped into the mold. The mold is 300mm height. The mold is

water cooled to solidify the heat metal directly in contact with it. In the

mold after solidification the level of the dummy bar cast iron made and

closing the bottom of the mold is going down up to

7.6meters. The dummy bar position is chain actuated in order to follow ingot

solidification all along the ingot length.

Once the dummy bar is down up to seven meters. The ingot is withdrawn by

lifting the dummy up bar pushing the ingot to the level above the mold where

chains are placed around the ingot and the crane is used to complete


Carting speed can be adjusted by regulating the amount of metal in the mold.

-Mold heights for CuNi: 300mm

-Casting speed for CuNi : 110mm/minutes

3.4- Ingot automatic handling lift and carriage to storage area and ingot saw

After removing ingot one by one from caster, using chain and cable lifted by

the crane (once the demi bar is near top position). Ingot is delivered on two

wood made supports on floor level. Ingot inspection is made. Automatic lifter

pile up to six ingots on a carriage and then unloaded on roller table and

transferred to the saw. Roller table receive ingot which will have both end

cut by the ingot saw after rotating 180C by the lifting device. Then ingot is

delivered by transfer car to the final storage. Transfer car stroke 9 meters

and speed 6m/minutes.

-Ingot width : 520 mm

-Thickness : 225 mm

-Length before cutting : 5200 mm to 7600 mm

-Net length : 4700 mm or 7000 mm

-Maximum weight : 6T

3.5- Ingot saw

Ingot saw Wagner made is used to cut ingot both ends. Ingot is supported by

roller table. Saw design Data are:

-Power: 45KW

-Vertical Blade diameter : 1090mm

-Blade thickness : 7mm

3.6- Ingot saw chips vacuum and filtrations

Scrap chips produced during cutting both ends are vacuumed using air section

and filtrated through cyclone located outside saw building chips are collected

in a chips scrap bucket located under the cyclone.

3.7- Ingot external storage

After cutting both ingot ends with the saw, Ingots are transferred one by one

by a gear motor transfer car to the automatic storage building equipped with

loading and unloading crane. Buildings steels structure are to be dismounted

with the storage crane.

-Storage dimensions :50 meters length and 8 meters wide

-Storage capacity : 2000Tons

-Crane capacity : 5Tons

-Crane traveling speed : 1m/s

3.8- Ingot preheating and reheating furnaces

From ingot storage building, each ingot is transferred by the transfer car

back to the gas preheating furnace charging table. A set of 3 ingots are

loaded each time on threading table using local overhead crane and up ender,

each ingot is dropped into is individual furnace casing. Once ingot reach

300C, unloading is made by the local overhead crane which removes each ingot

from its gas furnace casing, and shift it toward electric furnace loading

ingot car driven by rack and pinion. After reaching 900C, unloading cars

remove heated ingots from the furnace, the overhead crane lifting fork and

load on the roller table by the up ender toward to hot strip mill.

3.8.1Natural gas preheating furnace capacity to 300C in 52 minutes

3.8.2Electric resistor reheating furnace capacity to 900C in 42 minutes

3.92Hi type hot rolling mill

3.9.1Roller table

From reheating furnace to Hot strip mill edger entry side, a 80m roller table

conveyer will bring ingot into the mill stand. The roller table is V shape

type with idle 162 mm and 500mm rolls 2 sets of vertical pinch rolls will push

ingot. The roller table is equipped with fix side guide and aprons.

3.9.2Mill stand equipment

- Mill stands equipment. Housing posts machined with separators to

interconnect the drive and operator side wear plates lines bronze screwed at

the inside faces of housing. Keeper plates axially lock the chocks within the

mill housing. Lubrication of the chocks plats manually with grease.

2 hydraulics roll force single acting cylinder: number provided: 2. Located at

the bottom of the mille stand area between roll chocks and housing, and

applying the required rolling force as well as compensation of roll diameter


-Operating pressure: 500 bar

-Total Effective roll force: 8000 KN

-Piston diameter: 320mm

-Cylinder stroke: 700mm

- 2 screws down system. Located at the top of the mill stand area and

use for setting a constant pass line after roll change.

-Screw diameter : 200 mm

-Vertical Stroke : 40 mm

- 2 sets rolls with roll chocks and oil film hearing

-Roll diameter: max 602 mm / min 540 mm

-Effective barrel length : 520 mm

-Overall roll length : 2030 mm

-Material : alloyed Forged steel

-4 Rolls Forged chocks (1set) : mounting bronze bush bearing oil film

- Mill stand entry and exit edger

To reduce ingot width a double vertical stand edger is installed on the

horizontal 2 Hi stand. Edger motors and gears boxes are located at mill top on


-Edger rolls diameter : 250 mm fix at spindle bottom

-Edger hydraulic rolling Force : 110 KN

-Edger installed Power : 4 X 18Kw

-Edger gear box ratio : 18/1

- Emulsion spraying equipment

A roll cooling system is installed on the 2 Hi mill with spray header and

recirculated emulsion A preparation system which include cooler, filtration,

recovery tanks and recirculating pumps is installed as a closed circuit with

emulsion temperature control.

A constant flow is used during rolling.

- Fume exhaust system

A fume exhaust hood with duct and filtration unit is installed on the hot

strip mill stand A fan driven by 3,7 Kw is installed to create air suction

- Mill stand drives

-Pinion stand gear type unit gear ratio 18,88/1

-Motors 2 X 800Kw

-Drives spindles slipper type

-Spindle supports

3.9.3Equipment at it side

-Delivery table length is 55 meters with 2 cooling sections of 19 meters

total length

-A 150m3/h recirculating system with a 15Kw pump is installed and water to

water cooler of 1500000Kcal is used for cooled water recirculation

-2 set of driven vertical pinch roll is used to bring the strip up to the end

of the roller table

3.9.4Fluid systems

-Oil lubrication systems is used for the gear box cooling and lubrication

capacity 110l/mn with 4kw electric motor

-A dedicated high pressure unit is installed for roll chock bush bearing


-Hydraulic Power unit is installed for gauge control and moveable table

located at mill entry and exit of the mill stand

3.10Uncoiling, head and tail crop shear , Leveling, flatling, milling coil

face and edge with vacuum for chips scrap removal with filtration and

hydraulic chips scrap press, as well as the grinder for milling tools and

strip cleaning section

Once the ingot has been rolled into a hot coil and cooled on the hot strip

mill run out table. In Griset's plant a coil box is located at the run out

table exit s
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