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3Ga Thickness 3" Leg Length Grit by Fein GXR Pipe Notching Attachment NEW NOTCHER, Works with the model GX-75 Belt Grinders - $1,735

Item Number: #00018898
3Ga Thickness 3&quot; Leg Length Grit by Fein GXR Pipe Notching Attachment NEW NOTCHER, Works with the model GX-75 Belt Grinders

3Ga Thickness 3" Leg Length Grit by Fein GXR Pipe Notching Attachment NEW NOTCHER, Works with the model GX-75 Belt Grinders
Stock Code:  142711
Price: $1,735

Notching Machines

Maximum thickness3"
Leg length3"
Manufacturer:  Grit By Fein
Condition: New
GRIT model GXR Pipe Notcher Attachment
Designed to work with Model GX-75 Belt Grinder

Grinding exact radii on pipes is a question of the right machine:
By attaching the GXR module, a GX 75 2H basic unit belt grinder
converts into a professional radii grinding machine in just a few
steps - standard-equipped with depth stop, traverse carriage, and
quick-clamping. Grinding down for precision fitting becomes so easy
  - and much more user-friendly.

It makes no difference whether pipes, profiles, or solid material is
being ground - the radii grinding module GXR is optimally suited for
that. And that is a standard feature: for example with a traverse
carriage that is precisely and quickly set to the required angle as
well as a vice with stainless steel clamping jaws and unique fast
clamping*. That guarantees precise and sure grinding.
(* patent applied for)


Custom fit contact rollers 
Pipes sized Ø 16 - 75 mm and an attack angle of 30° to 90° can be
ground to a perfect fit with the pipe notching module. The extensive
GRIT contact roller selection reliably covers all usual pipe diameters.

With length stop for production in series
The retrofitable length stop for the GXR pipe notching module ensures
consistently precise results in series production. It can be attached
later and can be set along a length of 1,000 mm.


For precise grinding of profiles and pipes from Ø 16-75 mm
For angles of
30° to 90°
30° / max. Ø 37,5 mm
45° / max. Ø 53,0 mm
60° / max. Ø 64.5 mm
90° / max. Ø 75,0 mm
Precise and user-friendly working by integrated depth stop and vice
with fast-clamping for round and square pipes as well as solid material.
Contact rollers are available in all common sizes
Vice with stainless steel clamping jaws
In combination with GX 75 2H: Low speed (1,500 rpm) optimal for
processing stainless steel. Less burrs and tarnish.
Easy handling by four easy-to-steer transport casters
Can also be combined with the GI programme (GI 75 / GI 75 2H). The
adapter 6 99 02 186 00 0 is required for this.

  - Diameter pipes               Ø 16 - 75 mm
  - Dimension profiles / flat material max.        75 × 75 mm
  - Belt size                 75 × 2250 mm
  - Weight                 54 kg
Order number:      9 90 01 001 00 0

Equipped with:
1 contact roller Ø 42.4 mm
1 contact roller Ø 48.3 mm
1 grinding belt 75 x 2,250 mm, grain 36 Z
1 dust collector
This notching device requires a model GX-75 Belt Grinder -
as shown in the last two photos above.
these come in two versions, a single speed model and a
2-speed model.   They are our reference numbers 142708 and
142709.   They can be seen on our web site, 
look there for additional information and pricing.

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