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Corrugated Cardboard Making Machine (Whole plant equipment) - $RFQ

Item Number: #00065820
Corrugated Cardboard Making Machine (Whole plant equipment)

Corrugated Cardboard Making Machine (Whole plant equipment)
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Cardboard Equipment

Condition: New
Mill roll stands​: ​ (Specification: 1400mm~~2500mm) Equip with two rails of the based paper, which were placed under the machine on the both sides, save manpower to carry. It can also associate with Automatic Splicer that can produce high speed splicing, reduce wastage, without stopping operation to save time.

Automatic splicer​: (​Specification:​ 1400mm~~2500mm )​ ​This machine is used a very high sensitive tension electronic controller and connect with a precise machinery to maintain a best condition after splicing at a short time, also make the base paper can reach the normal speed of the machine

Pre-heaters​: (​Specification:​ 1400mm~~2500mm) This machine is exclusively used for preheating paper napkin. Steam heating manner is adopted as the heat source for this model.​ ​We also ​ ​offer Triplex Pre-heater​ for selection.

Single facers​: This machine is exclusively for the formation of fluting paper and laminating of single facer. ​ (We offer various models with different specification for choice)

Pre-conditioners​: (​Specification: ​ 1400mm~~2500mm) ​ ​Used for conditioning and preheating raw paper napkin. Steam heating is the manner of heat source.

Overhead Bridge Conveyors ​: (Specification:​ 1400mm~~2500mm) ​ ​ ​
​ Specially used for single, double, triplex wall(3-5-7-layer). The stand of the conveyor is installed on the top of the mill roll stand & facer, purpose for the laminating of the single face corrugated board which shall be drawn to the triplex pre-heather with storage paper function, flexible to regulate the different kind of machines when they can't able to operate synchronously.

Suction brake stands:(Specification: 1400mm~~2500mm)
Used for cardboard tension. Vacuum suction creates tension of single-sided paper. Double layer mechanism. Two sets of electronic slight adjustment for width size, the top and bottom cylinder operation.

Glue machines ​: ​ (​Specification:​ 1400mm~~2500mm) ​ ​This machine is for two single facers and a liner to form double wall(5 layers) cardboard, which is set between triplex pre-heater and double facer, powered by front of drive machine.

Double facers ​: ​(​Specification: ​ 1400mm~~2500mm)​ ​
(a). Steam: It is especially for triple or five layers cardboard machine, which is made of single facer and liner with glue.
(b). Cold section: Reduce the temperature of the fixed cardboard, keep it flattened, avoid warped.

​Slitter scorers​ : ​(Specification: ​ 1400mm~~2500mm)​ ​ This machine is the newest model. Two operations offered by motorized or computerized control system.
The orders changed of size in about 3-7 seconds to get pre-setting position. Save time to stop machine when order changed. Provide 99 memory sets of ordering size.

Cutting machines ​: ​(​Specification: ​ 1400mm~~2500mm)​ ​​Operated by computer parameter selection. We could enter and save 99 sets for ordering size to circulate before using. The machine could cut triple layers, five layers and seven layers. The length of cutting from 300 mm to 9999 mm. Inaccuracy below 1 mm

Sheet stacking conveyors ​: ​(​Specification: ​ 1400mm~~2500mm)​ ​
NC cutting machine conveys cardboard slowly to stacker after cutting. Then, collecting sheet transports cardboard to packing machine. Sheet stacking conveyor can be divided into two parts: stacker unit and collecting unit.​

Computer counting for paper collection is used. Its advantages are: 1. Save man-made cost 2. Efficient collection of paper 3. Be compatible with high-speed production 4. Accurate count, stacked neatly. The paper collection is controlled by the PLC. Its function can satisfy the requirements for high production speed in an economic and practical fashion

Single face cutters​ : ​ (​Specification:​ 1400mm~~2500mm) ​ Especially for cutting the single face cardboard. After cutting, the single wall (3 layers) combined with cardboard and colorful cardboard, it also could be packed for shockproof goods.

The machine includes single cutter and stacker. It can cut into a half and for edging. Ability of cutting is from 300~1450mm, inaccuracy below 2mm by PIV.

Glue Facility Machines ​: ​(Specification:Customer choice)

Glue facility machine includes glue stirrer, barrel of storage glue, shelf and glue pump.
Customers could require what they need according to specification and quantity.

For more information please visit manufacturer web site: http://www.lr-corrugator.com/product/bridge-conveyor-bc.html

Price for reference only. Please contact us for quotation.
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