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13" x 18" BAILEIGH® Single Miter Semi-Auto Bandsaw - $RFQ

Item Number: #00065865
13&quot; x 18&quot; BAILEIGH&#174; Single Miter Semi-Auto Bandsaw

13" x 18" BAILEIGH® Single Miter Semi-Auto Bandsaw
Stock Code:  BS-20SA
Price: $RFQ

Bandsaws Horizontal - Metal

Width capacity13"
Height capacity18"
Manufacturer:  Baileigh
Model:  BS-20SA
Condition: New

The BS-20SA semi-automatic band saw offers a great floor plan with a heavy duty in feed table and out feed table. This band saw can be adjusted to miter from zero degrees to 60 degrees in seconds by simply lifting the lock down mechanism, there is no adjustment required to the vise clamping area. The saw cutting head swivels, while the vise and base stay stationary.
The BS-20SA horizontal band saw requires a 1" band saw blade, making it an extremely accurate and fast cutting saw. Blades for this model can be sourced from your local industrial distributor. We recommend good quality replacement blades manufactured by Lenox®, Starrett®, or Wikus®.
Semi automatic bandsaws like the BS-20SA hydraulically clamp the metal prior to the saw head that hydraulically descents when cutting through the material. After the cut is complete the blade stops and the head is hydraulically lifted, and the vise opens awaiting the next cut.
This horizontal band saw comes standard with a variable speed drive. This allows the user to fine tune the proper speed for different materials like mild steel, bronze or aluminum.
The hydraulic descent pressure can be adjusted by the operator achieving faster cut times and longer blade life, depending on what material the operator is cutting. The return position of the metal cutting head can be altered to achieve faster cycle times between cuts, when cutting smaller dimensioned pieces.
This machine has an industrial grade wet coolant system with powerful streams before and after the piece of metal being cut. A powerful blast of synthetic coolant cools the blade teeth for the next cut, lubricates the blade, and blasts away metal chips that all contribute to longer blade life and a straighter cut. A typical synthetic cutting coolant comes in a five gallon container and usually requires a 1 to 10 mixture with water, meaning you can produce up to 50 gallons from one five gallon container. This coolant can be purchased locally at any industrial distributor.
All Baileigh band saws come with a precise liquid filled blade tension gauge that allows for perfect tensions every time. This drastically improves blade and bearing life.
The BS-20SA has a maximum cutting capacity of 13 x 18 inches. It is perfect for cutting tubing, angle iron or solids like steel or aluminum at miter angles or perfect 90 degree cuts.
The best thing about this semi automatic band saw is how user friendly it is for the operator. The design has slowly evolved over the past twenty years into this perfect metal cutting machine that allows miter angle changes to happen in seconds instead of minutes with older designs. The heavy duty roller table before the blade makes advancing heavy pieces of metal a breeze. The discharge table after the blade has a drop height of 1/8 inch that decreases blade twist and tooth damage increasing increasing blade life. The clamping area of this industrial band saw has a serrated plate and powerful hydraulic clamp that ensures there won't be any movement of the metal to be cut, this decreases blade damage. Baileigh Industrial horizontal band saws are built to the highest quality standards on the market and will offer any fabrication or machine shop decades of precision sawing.

Capacity Round (90°/45°/60°): 13” / 11” / 6.3”
Capacity Square (90°/45°/60°): 13” / 11” / 6.3”
Capacity Rectangular (90°/45°/60°): 13” x 18” / 13” x 11” / 10” x 6.3”
Blade Size (H/W/L): 1” / .035” / 162.59”
Blade Speed (fpm): 92/137/198/256
Blade Guide: Carbide / Roller
Miter Angle: 0 – 60 deg
Miter Adjustment: Swivel Head
Table Height: 30.5
Descent Control: Pressure Assist Hydraulic
Return: Hydraulic
Drive: Belt/Pulley
Motor: 3 hp
Power Requirement: 220v / 3 phase
Dimensions (L/W/H): 80” / 37” / 63” & 66” / 32” / 26”
Weight: 2,300 lbs

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Data is provided by the manufacturer.

This machine is listed for sale by Sierra Victor Industries located in Port Orange, Florida
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