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How To Properly Inspect a Hydraulic Press

Used thousand ton stamping press

We have all been there. Whether looking through print classifieds or online postings, we finally come across that specific piece of machinery that is so desperately needed. As we review the product information, it comes to us Is this deal to good to be true? When it comes to making a final decision and determining […]

Woodworking – Hobby to Career

If you love working with wood, you can certainly turn this hobby into a satisfying and lucrative career. The main function of any woodworker is to create and repair crafts made from lumber. Carpenters will be required to use hand and power tools to build, remodel and repair anything made from wood. In addition, the […]

Machinery International Corporation to Sell Copper Tube Plant in Tunisia

Copper Tube Plant in Tunisia

Machinery International Corp | April 17, 2015 Machinery International Corporation (USA) has been selected to sell the plant and machinery of the Profil Desnoyer Copper Tube Plant in Tunis, Tunisia. This will be the 15th copper tube plant to be liquidated by Machinery International in the last 30 Years. Profil Desnoyer is a full service copper tube […]

The Best Ways to Sell Farm Equipment

farm machinery

Regardless of whether you’re trying to sell your used farm equipment for a new machine or simply trying to unload your old equipment for good, trying to find a buyer can be a very long and drawn out process. Luckily, because of a farm machinery’s life expectancy, many farmers are continually trying to find the […]

Metal Fabrication in 2015 and Beyond

2015 will bring change to a variety of industries, and metal fabrication is no exception. With the proliferation of 3D printing technology and the improved economy, it’s very likely that metal fabrication will see both renewal and change in the upcoming years. Improving Economy Sees Resurgence in Metal Fabrication A continually improving domestic economy is […]

Comprehensive Guide to CNC Mills

Horizontal CNC Milling Machinery

A milling machine is used when a detailed design is required to be cut into a certain type of material. A special rotating tool is used and it moves back and forth, cutting thick layers into the material with each pass. A CNC (computer numerically controlled) milling machine has the ability to cut 3D objects. […]

Top 5 Excavating Safety Tips

Trenching and Excavation Safety

Following correct safety protocols when excavating is critical. According to a report by Osha, two workers are killed every month due to trench collapse. Keeping the crew safe should be a priority, but often safety protocols are overlooked or ignored for convenience or deadline completion. In this article we will take a look at the […]

Lift That Heavy Object!

industrial cranes lifting

Lifting heavy objects is a fundamental part of human life.  Some humans can lift more than others while a few train to lift incredible loads. Eventually, the weight that needs lifting – or the demands of doing so repetitively – exceeds the abilities of one man (or even a group of men). That’s where mechanical […]

The Woodworking Art of Dovetailing

Connected dovetailed wood pieces

When examining cabinets, frames and other wood furniture that would require interlocking joints, you may see dovetails. Dovetailing is one way to secure two pieces of wood together (without the use of nails), while at the same time adding a creative touch to your projects. Dovetailing means that corner joints fit together like a jigsaw […]

How Machining Works in the Manufacturing Industry

CNC Lathe in action

The manufacturing sector relies heavily on CNC machining as a part of their automated production lines. CNC machining is a computer- controlled process used to control machine tools. CNC machining is a more sophisticated version of computer control because it utilizes unique software in combination with a console control panel to control a variety of […]

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